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Greenstone is a global non-financial reporting solution, enabling government departments and agencies to measure, manage, plan, and report data relating to Environment, CSR Frameworks, Health & Safety and Supply Chain. Data and supporting information can be tracked at multiple organisational levels and the impact of carbon reduction strategies can be modelled. Greenstone can significantly reduce the burden of collecting and processing data across multiple sites and sources, enabling clients to focus on analysing the results and developing targeted reduction projects. The Environment module of the software includes a comprehensive range of emission sources covering energy, refrigerants, travel, freight, waste, water and ICT. All carbon emission calculations are processed automatically according to recognised international and national methodologies, including Defra (UK) and the GHG Protocol which enables organisations to meet the requirements of regulatory and voluntary reporting schemes such as CRC. The Greenstone solution is supported by a team of subject matter and IT specialists so our clients get on-going technical and content support included in their annual subscription. With an in-house development team, we ensure our software is reliable, accurate and constantly updated to include changes to emission factors and methodologies and to meet our clients evolving needs. Our team of experts supports clients from their first steps on their non-financial reporting journey from planning through to the delivery, measurement and tracking of complex strategies across the entire organisation. Greenstone is delivered as a web-based SaaS solution and can be accessed from multiple locations by unlimited users and pricing is based on an annual subscription fee with no cap-ex or hidden costs. It is currently deployed in over 100 organisations across 94 countries.