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Civica Digital - Single View of Customer

Obtain a single version of the truth for your customer data.

Civica Digital will use its expertise in master data management to identify, validate, and rationalise your data sources, delivering a trusted single customer view that introduces efficiency into business processes and prevents the use of duplicate or incorrect data.


  • A single trusted, complete and consistent view of Customer data
  • Integrates Customer data from multiple heterogeneous data sources
  • Shares and consistently updates Customer data across your operational systems
  • Delivers a single view in support of various business initiatives
  • Supports ongoing master data stewardship and governance requirements
  • Agnostic to the business application landscape in which it resides
  • Defines your master data management roadmap
  • Support for compliance with privacy legislation
  • Provides a single source of truth for Customer data
  • Vendors: VisionWare, Informatica, SAS, Talend, Microsoft


  • Provides a common data backbone for transformation initiatives
  • Ensures accurate data is leveraged in all business processes
  • Provides the primary data stewardship mechanism to maintain data quality
  • Breaks down operational barriers, enabling greater enterprise agility
  • Improved compliance with privacy legislation
  • Improves decision making through more accurate data
  • Deliver a consistent experience for citizens and your partners
  • Contributes to reducing fraud and citizen debt
  • Increased employee productivity, reduced costs
  • Improved operational risk management


£195 to £1450 per person per day

Service documents

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Civica UK Limited

Civica UK Limited

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Planning service Yes
How the planning service works The Civica Digital Delivery Manager (DM) utilises a proactive ‘Agile’ approach to planning the implementation of cloud hosting or software services. Civica’s approach to delivering the service is as follows: During initiation the DM will meet with the customer team and undertake desk study and research to: Identify - scope, terms of reference, roles and responsibilities, environment, outcomes, checkpoints, timescales, constraints, issues and risks. The outputs are combined with Civica Digital’s knowledge and experience of planning the implementation of cloud hosting or software services across 2,000 major customers. This ensures that Civica’s planning service takes into consideration all factors and they are assessed, planned for and recorded. Manage - regular project reviews compare progress against the plan with any issues or risks identified and mitigating actions monitored. This iterative approach ensures emerging issues are incorporated into the plan and that progress is maintained across all elements of the plan. Realise - the plan is managed through to project completion to ensure the benefits of the cloud hosting or software services are realised. Lessons Learnt are fed back to the customer and future planning service projects.
Planning service works with specific services No


Training service provided Yes
How the training service works Both Data Governance and Data Quality Management training
Training is tied to specific services No

Setup and migration

Setup and migration
Setup or migration service available Yes
How the setup or migration service works Ivica Digital has a proven five step process to support organisations migrating workload to the cloud or transitioning from one cloud hosting service to another. The Civica Digital Delivery Manager (DM) is responsible for the setup or migration service and utilises a proactive ‘Agile’ 5-step process. Discovery – confirmation of scope, roles and responsibilities, terms of reference, business drivers, timescales, analysis of existing ICT environment, identification of components or applications to be migrated, confirmation of boundaries and interfaces, assessment of any constraints. Calibration – assessment of current environment to provide the baseline against which improvements can be measured. Assessment may include performance, costs, resources, outcomes and is recorded in a baseline set. Optimisation/Migration – planning and implementation of the changes including data conversion and migration to the new cloud platform. Progress managed against plan with timescales, milestone and checkpoints. Validation – testing against the baseline to ensure functional equivalency and to assess productivity improvements. Deployment – Switchover to include training, data migration, service and system integration and testing. This step is focussed on ensuring the successful adoption of the service and realisation of the benefits.
Setup or migration service is for specific cloud services No

Quality assurance and performance testing

Quality assurance and performance testing
Quality assurance and performance testing service Yes
How the quality assurance and performance testing works At Civica Digital, the goal of quality assurance is not to give testing (including performance) its own phase but to embed quality across each of the phases for setup and migration. Discovery and Calibration – comprehension of requirements, data, environments and effort into test approaches and plans that underpin and steer the testing work. Collate current and desired performance, load and concurrency metrics including different use profiles (for example, for spike and soak testing). Identify tools appropriate to the project (such as JMeter) to aid testing Optimisation/Migration – working closely with the migration phases, verification points are identified (to isolate issues as soon as they arise), and test cases/charters are formed around these points. For performance testing, create automated scripts to simulate use of the system through realistic and edge case scenarios. Validation – execute the test cases and/or perform session based exploratory testing against the test charters. Run performance tests with different parameters to simulate varying loads and use profiles. Use visualisations to compare trends. Collaborate proactively on defects as they arise. Deployment – the testing balance shifts from defect identification to acceptance testing (user and operational OAT). Regression suites are created to support future changes.

Security testing

Security testing
Security services No

Ongoing support

Ongoing support
Ongoing support service Yes
Types of service supported
  • Buyer hosting or software
  • Hosting or software provided by your organisation
  • Hosting or software provided by a third-party organisation
How the support service works Civica Digital covers the whole spectrum of cloud support service activities, from service desk support, through maintenance and management, to ongoing development and improvement. The Civica Digital support service ensures optimal levels of performance, availability, and security and delivers continuous improvement. Civica Digital’s Service Delivery Manager (SDM) leads support delivery and ensures the quality of the service delivered to customers. The SDM is the single point of contact for the service and is available to key stakeholders via phone, email, and mobile to respond to questions and offering assurance. The SDM works with the customer from the outset of the engagement, to plan, define, and confirm the structure of the support services. This ensures that the support infrastructure and processes are documented, understood and transition into live service is seamless. SDM is also responsible for; Annual formal SLA review, SLA changes under agreed Change Management procedure, Monthly Service Reports and Monthly Service Review meetings, Annual customer satisfaction survey, Requests for extensions to service. Once live, the SDM will manage the support team and act as a first point of escalation for any issues. The SDM is also responsible for continual service improvement.

Service scope

Service scope
Service constraints None

User support

User support
Email or online ticketing support Yes, at extra cost
Support response times Civica Digital offers two levels of Cloud Support, 24 x 7 or Working hours only. Response times depend on the severity of the incident and are as follows: Severity Level 1 - Critical 10 mins to acknowledge, 1 hour to respond, 4 hours to resolve; Severity Level 2 - Severe 10 mins to acknowledge, 4 hours to respond, 8 hours to resolve; Severity Level 3 - Disruptive 10 mins to acknowledge, 1 day to respond, 5 days to resolve; Severity Level 4- Minor 10 mins to acknowledge, 5 days to respond, 10 days to resolve.
User can manage status and priority of support tickets Yes
Online ticketing support accessibility None or don’t know
Phone support Yes
Phone support availability 9 to 5 (UK time), Monday to Friday
Web chat support No
Support levels Civica Digital’s Service Delivery Manager (SDM) ensures support delivery against service levels defined within the Service Level Agreement (SLA) as follows: Service Level 0: 1 week response intended for non-critical systems requiring a light support service. Typically under Call-off contracts Service Level 1: 8 hour response intended for standard non-critical systems Service Level 2: 4 hour response for semi-critical systems. Service Level 3: 2 hour response for business critical systems The SDM is supported by the Civica Digital Service Desk which provides support from 08.30 to 17.30 on UK working days. The Service Desk responds to questions depending on the Severity Level of the call as follows; Severity Level 1 - Critical - The reported problem causes a halt to the Client’s core business processes and no workaround is available. Severity Level 2 - Severe - The reported problem causes degradation of the Client’s core business processes and no reasonable work-around exists. Severity Level 3 - Disruptive - The reported problem impacts the Client’s operational environment but does not affect core business processes. A work-around is available. Severity Level 4- Minor - A non-critical problem is causing some disruption but with little or no impact on the Client operation.


Supplier type Reseller providing extra features and support
Organisation whose services are being resold Informatica, VisionWare, Microsoft

Staff security

Staff security
Staff security clearance Other security clearance
Government security clearance Up to Developed Vetting (DV)


Price £195 to £1450 per person per day
Discount for educational organisations No


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