Smartway2 Limited

Smartway2 - Room and Desk Booking Software

Smartway2 is a cloud-based resource management tool for booking meeting rooms, desks and other space types built on AWS.
The system integrates with Outlook, 365, OWA, and Skype for Business
Apps are available on iOS and Android for tablets and smartphones to book Room and Desks on integrated floor-plans.


  • Room Booking
  • Desk Booking
  • Visitor Management
  • Meeting Room Panels
  • iOS and Android Mobile Applications
  • Digital Signage
  • Active Directory Integration and Single-Sign-On
  • Outlook Integration
  • Floor Plan Integration
  • Catering and IT Services


  • Improve Meeting Room Utilisation
  • Support Agile Working
  • Flexible and Scalable Cloud Solution
  • On Demand Booking using panels, kiosks and mobile apps
  • Reduce no-shows
  • Quick and Easy to Configure and Deploy
  • Zero Footprint Installation
  • Streamlines the Visitor Experience
  • Integrate with existing systems using our bi-directional API
  • Create a more collaborative office environment


£25 to £330 a unit a year

Service documents

Request an accessible format
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G-Cloud 12

Service ID

2 8 4 0 5 9 4 9 4 8 0 5 9 1 5


Smartway2 Limited Martin Hiles
Telephone: 01494 230039

Service scope

Software add-on or extension
Cloud deployment model
Private cloud
Service constraints
System requirements
Internet Access

User support

Email or online ticketing support
Email or online ticketing
Support response times
Application support is provided Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 17:30 by telephone and email
Users can log issues 24/7 on our Smartway2 portal
The response time is dependent on the type of risk. Questions on email and via the portal will be addressed as follows
Critical – respond within 2 business hours
Medium – respond within 4 business hours
Low – Within 1 business day
Issues raised via telephone will be addressed immediately
Infrastructure and Monitoring support is provided 24/7
User can manage status and priority of support tickets
Phone support
Phone support availability
9 to 5 (UK time), Monday to Friday
Web chat support
Onsite support
Yes, at extra cost
Support levels
There are three levels of priority:

This means the product’s primary features have ceased to function and is having a critical business impact.
Response time within 2 business hours.
Support personnel will be available to work through the problem until the issue is resolved or a suitable workaround is in place. Where a permanent fix requires code changes, these will be provided through a hotfix where appropriate.

This means the product’s secondary features have ceased to function and is not having a critical impact on the business.
Response times within 4 business hours
Smartway2 aim to provide a solution to the problem within 2 working days. Code changes required for a permanent fix will be included in the next service pack.

Any issue that does not cause a system failure and has no detrimental affect on the customer’s ability to use the product.
Response time within 1 business day.
Any fix for verified defects will be included in normal maintenance releases.

This is our standard SLA and it forms part of the clients normal subscription package, at no additional cost.
A Technical Account resource who has product knowledge will address the problem directly with the customer.
Support available to third parties

Onboarding and offboarding

Getting started
Smartway2 is a zero footprint solution, app and web based which is easy to deploy. We have a simple on-boarding service as follows;

Stakeholder Workshop
• Demonstrate key functionality
• Agree Scope of Implementation
• Define workflow
• Identify users & roles
• Specify Rules and Restrictions
• Discuss integration with AD,
• SSO and Exchange with IT representatives
Data Collection
• Client populates data collection template
• Meeting Room Information (capacity, equipment etc.)
• Desks and Floorplans
• Users / User Groups
• Hours of operation
Remote Configuration by Smartway2
• Remote configuration of database
• Configure Categories & Colours
• Population of resource data
• Configuration of Business Rules
• Enable Notifications
• Catering & Other Services
• Approval Process
Validation and Testing
• Demonstrate configured system to stakeholders
• Make final adjustments
• Gain acceptance of configured system
• Training – Admin / Users
• Plan Go-Live
• Post On-Boarding Check Up
Training Services
• Training services can be provided remotely or on-site
• Administrator and end-user training are provided
• Smartway2 will issue training document to support roll-out
Service documentation
Documentation formats
  • PDF
  • Other
Other documentation formats
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Powerpoint
End-of-contract data extraction
A suitably authorised user can export all data easily to excel.

Please note that any data on our services will be deleted within 30 days.
End-of-contract process
The customer can gain access to their data and export it via the reporting tool prior to contract closure. Upon subscription lapse, access will be removed to the customer. Data remains available from termination for 30 days upon which access to the client’s data can still be made available upon request. Data will be removed from our servers within 30 days

Using the service

Web browser interface
Supported browsers
  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari 9+
  • Opera
Application to install
Designed for use on mobile devices
Differences between the mobile and desktop service
The user-experience is exactly the same
Service interface
What users can and can't do using the API
Smartway2 is delivered with a fully documented JSON Web Services API, complete with Code Examples.

The API provides a speedy method of integrating with other systems and services, such as Video Conferencing, Catering, Visitor Management , HR and Accounting systems.
API documentation
API documentation formats
  • Open API (also known as Swagger)
  • HTML
  • PDF
API sandbox or test environment
Customisation available
Description of customisation
Smartway2 has an admin console allowing authorised users to Create or Modify;
• Custom Fields
• Business rules
• Email and In-app notifications
• Reports
• Approval Workflows
• Services and Lead-times
• Meeting Categories and Colours
• Look and Feel (Branding)
• Hierarchy
• Access Rights
• Resource Types
• Floor Plans


Independence of resources
Smartway2 is hosted internationally by Amazon Web Services (AWS), which provides load balancing and auto scaling services in order to compensate for variable levels of demand.


Service usage metrics
Metrics types
Access to metrics is via the reporting module in Smartway2
Users can report on bookings at specific locations and date range.
Reports include;
• Utilisation
• Services, quantities and Costs
• No-Shows
• Custom Fields
• Inventory
• Requests and Approvals
• Audit Log

The end user can create their own custom reports, and users have the ability to import data from other sources - eg. sensors
Reporting types
  • API access
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Regular reports
  • Reports on request


Supplier type
Not a reseller

Staff security

Staff security clearance
Conforms to BS7858:2012
Government security clearance
Up to Security Clearance (SC)

Asset protection

Knowledge of data storage and processing locations
Data storage and processing locations
  • United Kingdom
  • European Economic Area (EEA)
User control over data storage and processing locations
Datacentre security standards
Managed by a third party
Penetration testing frequency
At least once a year
Penetration testing approach
Another external penetration testing organisation
Protecting data at rest
  • Encryption of all physical media
  • Other
Other data at rest protection approach
Data is stored in an encrypted RDS instance in AWS to AES-256 standard
Databases and PII within the data is also encrypted
Data sanitisation process
Equipment disposal approach
A third-party destruction service

Data importing and exporting

Data export approach
This is easily done via the reporting module into Excel
Data export formats
Data import formats

Data-in-transit protection

Data protection between buyer and supplier networks
TLS (version 1.2 or above)
Data protection within supplier network
TLS (version 1.2 or above)

Availability and resilience

Guaranteed availability
Smartway2’s client systems are in commercial (AWS) data centre environments. The systems are designed to provide a high level of reliability and recoverability. This includes failover, redundant power, redundant network, data backup and disaster recovery.
Globally we use Amazon Web Services (AWS) for both production and DR.
DR testing for both environments should be performed annually.
Minimum system uptime for Production Systems is 99%, measured monthly.
Systems are also generally available outside business hours, with the exception of scheduled maintenance. Scheduled maintenance is carried out after giving clients at least one week’s notice.
A DR event, such as a major disaster is treated outside of the production systems availability SLA, but has a maximum outage time (RTO) of 8 hours.
Approach to resilience
We provide load balancing architecture - details can be made available upon request.
The application leverages AWS load balancing and dynamic routing components to ensure lowest latency and highest availability.
Application servers are split between two (at least) availability zones within each region to ensure continuity of service should one availability zone become unavailable.
Elastic load balancers distribute the traffic across the available servers.
Servers are grouped under auto scaling groups which allows for the increase in processing capability if the application is put under stress.
Outage reporting
Email alerts will be sent for Planned Maintenance Works. Email alerts are sent to Client Administrators and Technical contacts, to advise of plans, remedies and general communications. If the client has an outage, a ticket will be raised following an email, portal log or telephone call

Identity and authentication

User authentication needed
User authentication
  • Identity federation with existing provider (for example Google Apps)
  • Username or password
Access restrictions in management interfaces and support channels
Access is controlled as follows;
• Multi-factor authentication for named admin users to the hosted environment
• Support Portal - dedicated client users with username and password
• An email alert goes to the support agent with a unique ID
• Access levels are reviewed periodically
Access restriction testing frequency
At least once a year
Management access authentication
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Identity federation with existing provider (for example Google Apps)
  • Username or password

Audit information for users

Access to user activity audit information
Users have access to real-time audit information
How long user audit data is stored for
Access to supplier activity audit information
Users contact the support team to get audit information
How long supplier audit data is stored for
At least 12 months
How long system logs are stored for
At least 12 months

Standards and certifications

ISO/IEC 27001 certification
Who accredited the ISO/IEC 27001
British Assessment Bureau
ISO/IEC 27001 accreditation date
What the ISO/IEC 27001 doesn’t cover
ISO 28000:2007 certification
CSA STAR certification
PCI certification
Other security certifications

Security governance

Named board-level person responsible for service security
Security governance certified
Security governance standards
Other security governance standards
Please note we are working towards and expect to have ISO/IEC 27001 certification by July 2019.
Information security policies and processes
The security officer enforces compliance to internal stakeholders. Smartway2 currently follow our internal ISMS Processes and Procedures which address the following areas;
• Data Loss Protection
• Password Policy
• Production Servers Policy
• Classification of data
• Secure Development Lifecycle
• Security Policy for AWS
In addition, we expect to be ISO 27001 Compliant by July 2019

Operational security

Configuration and change management standard
Supplier-defined controls
Configuration and change management approach
Smartway2 operate a thorough Change Request Process, and once a change request has been raised, it is documented and discussed as part of weekly triage. The request is placed on our CR system. The enhancement is addressed as follows;
• Evaluation
• Development
• Code Review
• Quality Assurance
• Deploy

Security needs to be considered at various stages. This translates into security gates throughout the process, at follows;
• Secure Requirement Review
• Risk Test Planning
• Secure Design Review
• Code Review
• Penetration testing
Changes are deployed as part of our normal deployment methodology.
Vulnerability management type
Supplier-defined controls
Vulnerability management approach
Security and event monitoring is in place on the hosted environment to capture all privileged activity, in addition to the automated alerts that are configured.

When a vulnerability is identified, the issues will be weighed according to the rules outlined in the Risk test planning section.
Based on the Exposure obtained from this classification, the vulnerability or risk will be ranked
Tests will be designed to be integrated to the regression tests (either automated or manual depending on the case) for future iterations.

Patch deployment - Not critical - within next maintenance window
Critical within 30 days following successful testing
Protective monitoring type
Supplier-defined controls
Protective monitoring approach
Automated alerts go to relevant parties in Smartway2. In the case of an availability or performance metric alert, the support team will be notified. In the case of an intrusion or intrusion attempt, the security officer and team will be notified. A triage will take place to classify, prioritise and assign the incident. Classification will fall into one of four categories.
Critical, Significant, Minor, Negligible
Checks are performed automatically on the application, and automated alerts are dispatched to the team in case of availability events.
Not critical are patched within next maintenance window. Critical within 30 days following successful testing
Incident management type
Supplier-defined controls
Incident management approach
Application Issue -
For every incident a ticket is always raised via the Portal, Email or Telephone. These tickets are categorised – Critical, Medium or Low. The issue is addressed as per our SLA. A Root cause analysis is carried out for critical issues and communicated back to the customer

Hardware Issues -
Hardware supplied by Smartway2 will be covered by their subscription plan. Faulty units should be returned to Smartway2 for assessment. Where appropriate, replacements will be returned to client within 5 working days of receipt of faulty unit, subject to availability.

Secure development

Approach to secure software development best practice
Conforms to a recognised standard, but self-assessed

Public sector networks

Connection to public sector networks


£25 to £330 a unit a year
Discount for educational organisations
Free trial available
Description of free trial
We offer trials from 2 weeks to 1 month.
Access to all parts of Room and Desk Booking are provided.
Link to free trial

Service documents

Request an accessible format
If you use assistive technology (such as a screen reader) and need versions of these documents in a more accessible format, email the supplier at Tell them what format you need. It will help if you say what assistive technology you use.