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eCloud Hybrid - Private compute and community storage


eCloud Hybrid from UKFast is the cloud solution that offers the best of both worlds - private Cisco UCS hardware nodes for exceptional performance, and shared enterprise grade HP 3PAR SAN storage for elasticity. Benefit from maximum uptime, reliability and performance, with access to 24/7 expert support from UKFast.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)


UKFast's Disaster Recovery (DR) as a Service delivers enterprise-grade disaster recovery on your remote site with minimal cost or complexity. Built on a VMware-based architecture and compatible with Veeam and Zerto DR software, you will benefit from a fully-managed service to architect your DR requirements and assist with service launch.

eCloud Private - Private compute and storage


eCloud Private is UKFast’s most secure, high-performance cloud platform, built to meet your exact requirements. With single-tenant storage infrastructure and dedicated Cisco UCS blades, it provides reliability, assurance and redundancy. VMware virtualisation optimises infrastructure performance whilst saving money on a platform architected to CESG Cloud Security Principles.

Hosted Microsoft Exchange - business email


Hosted Microsoft Exchange from UKFast takes the hassle of running your own email platform out of your hands. Powerful mailbox features for business class email lets you focus on your organisation and services, providing real cost efficiencies. The solution provides flexibility, scalability, and can be tailored to your specific needs.

CDS Compute as a Service on UKFast


UKFast commodity-based services and CDS private cloud offers a secure, high performance and resilient dedicated private cloud hosting platform. Access to wholly-owned ISO-certified UK data centres with accreditation to Tier 1 “official sensitive”. Reliability assured with access to round the clock support and guaranteed service levels up to 99.99%.

SafeDNS® - DNS Management


Control your web domains quickly and easily with SafeDNS®, UKFast's DNS management system. SafeDNS® minimises any risks associated with hosting DNS, email and websites by giving you complete control of your DNS settings within one easy-to-access web portal. SafeDNS is built on enterprise-grade infrastructure, housed in UKFast’s UK-Based data centres.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)


UKFast’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) provides a global network of servers, allowing you to serve web content and media rapidly to customers, no matter where they are located in the world. This improves your end user experience, and reduces the load on your web servers.

Moodle-optimised cloud hosting for e-learning


Moodle is an eLearning platform and the world’s most widely-used learning management tool, developed for schools, colleges and universities to streamline the entire academic process. UKFast’s Moodle-optimised cloud hosting is a purpose-built solution, on either our eCloud Hybrid or eCloud Private platform, backed by a 100% uptime guarantee.

Monitoring as a Service


UKFast’s Monitoring as a Service solution saves your team valuable time and resource by leaving the monitoring of your infrastructure to UKFast. Our proactive monitoring service watches the key elements of your server and alerts us to any potential issues before they've had the chance to impact your solution's performance.

eCloud Secure VPN


Secure VPN provides a secure connection to UKFast’s eCloud Hybrid and eCloud Private cloud platforms using a Virtual Private Network based on CESG design for segregated remote access. Secure VPN enables Customers using eCloud to access workloads in a secure environment for site-to-site links and to support secure remote users.

Cloud Consultancy and Migration Services


With UKFast's Cloud Migration & Consultancy Service our experienced and certified cloud experts provide detailed advice and guidance to ensure the most efficient and effective cloud solution for your business - whether transitioning existing infrastructure to the cloud, or within existing cloud solutions.

Threat Monitoring and Threat Response


Threat Monitoring from UKFast enables you to continually monitor for malicious attempts to access your IT environment. We also offer an additional Threat Response service where our UK-base security experts will review and respond to alerts raised on your behalf.

FASTcloudbackup - Backup as a Service (BaaS)


FASTcloudbackup is a file and folder backup solution, based on UKFast’s award-winning eCloud platform and market-leading Commvault backup technology. FASTcloudbackup is designed to backup computers and servers running Linux, Windows and Mac operating systems, and stores your data securely in our 100% UK-based, enterprise-grade data centres.

eCloud Public - community cloud


eCloud Public is UKFast's flexible, scalable public cloud platform designed to get you up and running within seconds. Combining dedicated virtual machines within shared hardware nodes, eCloud Public gives you a secure private virtual environment with fully automated, elastic enterprise-grade cloud compute designed to meet any requirements large or small.

eCloud Vault - cloud-based object storage


eCloud Vault makes storing your data online as easy as a drag and drop. Based on Dell hardware and advanced Ceph storage software, eCloud Vault object storage is accessible, reliable and easy to use - you have the freedom to access your eCloud Vault from anywhere at any time.

DDoSX® - Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection


DDoS attacks are becoming increasingly common - flooding your server and firewall with fake requests in an attempt to cause a system failure. DDoSX® detects and prevents even the most sophisticated of DDoS attacks. Filtering out malicious traffic so it's business as usual, even in the event of an attack.

Software as a Service (SaaS)


UKFast SaaS enables the sharing and hosting of OFFICIAL/OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE information between HMG Departments and stakeholders via Internet and Private WANs (RLI/SMI, PSN, HSCN). UKFast provides a secure environment, accessible from a range of end-points. Our flexible technology platforms enable user-focused applications to be delivered in a secure and low-cost way.

Dedicated Physical Integration


UKFast’s eCloud Dedicated Physical Integration service is designed to streamline the transition to the cloud by providing physical dedicated server space for legacy systems within secure, cloud-enabled data centres, enabling you to connect seamlessly to your cloud solution for a complete end-to-end service.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)


A Web Application Firewall protects the application layer against attempted fraud or data theft; blocking suspicious activity. Inspecting every web request for cross-site scripting, SQL injection, path traversal and more than 400 other types of attack, this protective layer ensures that your data remains secure.

Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking


UKFast’s Penetration Testing is an essential tool to expose weaknesses before hackers do, ensuring your business remains safe behind security that works. Our team of security professionals simulate a full assault to test the ability of your systems/environment to withstand a cyber-threat, identifying any vulnerabilities that need to be secured.

FASTdesk - desktop as a service (DaaS)


FASTdesk is our desktop as a service (DaaS) product, based on our award-winning eCloud platform. It combines enterprise-grade infrastructure and hosting with market-leading Citrix desktop-virtualisation technology. FASTdesk is designed to security levels equivalent to Tier 1 OFFICIAL (IL0-2) and OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE (IL3-4) standards.

eCloud Flex - OpenStack Community Cloud


eCloud Flex (OpenStack Community Cloud) is the perfect add-on for organisations looking for burstable resources for large-scale projects or developments. Built on enterprise-level technology, eCloud Flex is a self-service, secure, open source cloud platform based on OpenStack technology. Flexible, powerful and ready in an instant.

Drupal Support Services

CTI Digital

CTI’s support service ensures high availability of your business-critical Drupal Application and Hosting infrastructure preventing faults proactively, and provides SLA (Service Level Agreement) based 24/7 expert response if issues occur. Technologies covered: Azure Soap Rest API CRM Amazon Web Services JSON Rackspace UKFast SAML


tmwk Limited

spa shows the value of care and support for vulnerable people using outcomes as evidence. It includes case and contact management, support planning, outcome monitoring and risk assessment. It is fully configurable, and used by Housing Associations and voluntary organisations on services for a wide range of client groups.

Magento Development Services

CTI Digital

Plan, Design, and Build a Magento 2 Commerce, Open Source License Ecommerce online store. Migrate, Upgrade from End of life Magento Community or Enterprise Edition to Magento2. Back office integrations with ERP, CRM and Account systems. WCAG accessibility, PCI compliant. Mobile first responsive, portal, international, multi-site, webshop, marketplace, online payment.