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  • User Research

    Product Panda

    It's vital when designing and improving services to understand user needs and behaviours. Our highly experienced user researchers can provide insight from users at any stage of the process, from interviews and co-creation workshops in Discovery through to usability testing in Alpha and beyond.

  • Content Strategy

    Product Panda

    Clear, accurate, concise and well-structured content is fundamental to the delivery of successful services. Our consultants work with in-house subject matter experts to design content that meets user needs. We also help teams adopt a sustainable processes for creating and managing content after our engagement is complete.

  • Service Design and User Experience Design

    Product Panda

    We help teams design public services that work better for users and support organisational goals. Taking a collaborative, user-centred approach, we ensure we understand the nuances of current service delivery before designing a new service blueprint and the interactions and processes required to meet user-needs, within operational and technical constraints.

  • AI-Driven Automation


    AI-driven automation is eliminating mundane and repetitive work, freeing up people to focus on more value-adding activities in which humans excel. We are independent experts ideally placed to support your automation aspirations. Automation can be applied to augment human productivity across your organisation.