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  • MetaCompliance Enterprise Cloud Portal

    MetaCompliance Ltd

    MetaCompliance Enterprise is your one stop shop to cyber security awareness, compliance and privacy obligations. It encompasses all of MetaCompliance's suite of products including MetaPhish, MetaEngage, MetaLearning, MetaPrivacy and MyCompliance.

  • MyCompliance Advantage Policy Management

    MetaCompliance Ltd

    MetaCompliance® Advantage is a policy management software that enables organisations to automate and manage the key tasks associated with user awareness and engagement for information assurance, including risk assessment, the measurement of organisation wide IT security posture and policy management.

  • MyCompliance Cloud Cyber Security Awareness Portal

    MetaCompliance Ltd

    MyCompliance is your one stop shop to cyber security awareness, compliance, and policy obligations. MyCompliance provides customers with a fully integrated and multi lingual suite of cyber security awareness and compliance capabilities. It encompasses all of MetaCompliance's suite of products including phishing, eLearning, policy, privacy, and incident management.

  • MetaPhish Phishing Simulation Software

    MetaCompliance Ltd

    MetaPhish is a phishing simulation software that allows the administrator to orchestrate phishing simulations and ransomware attacks to directly target their staff and management. Ultimately, this will keep staff safe from phishing scams through automated training that increases their vigilance and identifies the need for additional cyber awareness training.

  • MetaPrivacy

    MetaCompliance Ltd

    MetaPrivacy is a cloud-based privacy lifecycle management system that delivers an automated approach to data privacy compliance. The platform has been designed to increase stakeholder engagement by providing graphically rich, interactive assessments incorporating video instruction, as part of the personal data information gathering phase.

  • MetaLearning Fusion Cyber Security & Compliance eLearning Library

    MetaCompliance Ltd

    MetaLearning Fusion combines creativity, expert knowledge and innovative software to deliver effective and engaging cyber security awareness eLearning content that helps businesses stay secure and compliant. Using stories, realistic scenarios and narratives for context, MetaLearning Fusion provides animated and lifelike eLearning courses.

  • MetaEngage

    MetaCompliance Ltd

    MetaEngage is an automated compliance solution that addresses the challenge of demonstrating legislative requirements and providing due care to third party auditors and regulators. MetaEngage provides an account of compliance awareness levels, and detailed management reports to enable organisations to pinpoint key areas that present risk to data security.