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  • L3C AIX (Unix) Cloud (IaaS)

    L3C Limited

    Cloud service for IBM AIX, HPUX and Solaris Unix environments. Public clouds such as AWS do not support AIX and Unix but with L3C AIX cloud services you can gain the benefits of cloud for your AIX/Unix workloads and we will integrate to your Public Cloud and on premise applications.

  • Intelligent Document Processing and Analysis

    L3C Limited

    L3C Intelligent Document Processing and Analysis provides a flexible, cost effective document processing solution for transcription, search, classification, information extraction and summary of handwritten and text based documents and forms. It allows the rapid analysis and mining of the data for business intelligence, whether handwritten or text documents.

  • L3C GPU / AI Deep Learning Cloud (IaaS)

    L3C Limited

    Cloud infrastructure with GPU technology for AI, machine learning and deep learning. Develop your models and Proof of Concepts with our GPU based cloud environment then decide on the most appropriate deployment model. Built with NVIDIA v100 Tesla GPUs optimised for image processing (xrays, scans etc) and large data models.