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Jigsaw24 - Apple Cloud Consultancy Services


How we use technology is evolving, this includes the devices, but the environment in which we use those devices. With over 20 years experience in building bespoke solutions, Jigsaw24 is able to help advise upon integrating, managing, deploying and making the best use of devices in varying environments including cloud.

Jigsaw24 Active Directory Apple Integration Cloud Services


Jigsaw24 provide cloud integration of your on premise Active Directory (AD) system with our cloud Apple Management Service to ensure that AD drives all the policies and controls that I.T. have defined. With integration in place the management suite defines applications, content delivery, support and control of end user devices.

Jigsaw24 Tech Bar Services


The Tech Bar is a walk in technology service center, focused on delivering a great user experience to our customers and improving employee productivity, collaboration and ultimately customer satisfaction through a walk up solution for the end users.

Jigsaw24 Cloud Apple Audit Service


The Cloud Apple Audit Service is for collection of Apple asset information to verify and confirm devices and software. A Jamf Pro (formerly Casper) management suite running in inventory mode to collect information of all Apple devices connected to the network.

Jigsaw24 - App Development Services, Management & Deployment


We look at business processes that a custom app would streamline. We then provide a prototype to help the internal justification process and the investment case. Once the App is accepted and developed, we provide technical support for the deployment of the app. All Apps are cloud deployed and managed.

Jigsaw24 – Hosted Apple Management & Jamf Cloud


Our hosted Apple Management Service comprises a full Cloud hosted Apple management suite allowing application and content delivery, support and control of end user devices. The service is focused on delivering great user experience, improving employee productivity and ultimately customer satisfaction through a fully managed cloud solution.

Jigsaw24 - iPhone & Apple Watch Managed Services for Cloud Solutions


If you’re looking to implement iPhone, iPad or other mobile devices, we can help with every stage of the rollout, from supply, configuration, installation, cloud management, training and support, ensuring minimal downtime and a positive experience for new users – all without putting strain on your internal tech team.

Jigsaw24 - Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams CCT - Value Incentive Plan (VIP)


You can download the most up to date versions of all the key Creative Suite apps, save projects in cloud storage, share them with clients to speed up approvals and sync content between all your devices. It lets you purchase, manage, and assign permissions via an easy to use portal.