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  • Patient Consultation Recording Portal

    IGspectrum Ltd

    This service allows patients to access sound recordings from their hospital consultation appointments thus providing information to better understand their treatments and lifestyle adjustments required as part of their care plan. It seeks to improve outcomes and patient safety standards. Access to the recording for patients is via the web.

  • Pseudonymisation Service

    IGspectrum Ltd

    Enables data extraction and sharing of patient confidential data (PCD) pseudo-anonymised or anonymised at source which meet the requirements for compliant, safe, ethical and secure sharing of data enabling information to be shared legally. A supporting product, IGautopseudo, is installed on user’s own servers and automatically pseudonymises files containing PCD.

  • Subject Access Requests Service

    IGspectrum Ltd

    Facilitates access to Medical and Care Records as a result of a Subject Access Request (SAR) under Freedom of Information (FOI) via an IG compliant secure web site link. The portal can also be used by clinicians and referrers who require access to records but cannot access main hospital systems.