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  • iClarity e-Learning and Training Cloud Software

    Horizon Software Solutions

    Educational and training services benefit from automated content distribution, scheduling, testing and data analytics. iClarity e-Learning software delivers content to chosen targets through white labelled mobile application. iClarity feeds real-time training information and materials, and records feedback. Targeted campaigns, rewards and gamification are delivered based on training levels and behaviour.

  • iClarity CRM, Campaigns and Loyalty Software

    Horizon Software Solutions

    iClarity Cloud CRM software delivers integrated marketing solution that keeps track of customers’ history and vendor relationship, enhances customer experience, automates and manages data across all departments. iClarity allows marketers to create automated, customer-focused campaigns based on customer segmentation and buying behaviour, then deliver them via customers’ preferred communication channels.

  • iClarity Tourism Cloud Software

    Horizon Software Solutions

    Tourism planning benefits from careful collection and analysis of data and business engagement. By combining Analytics and Campaigns iClarity helps engage businesses and improve the local tourism experience. The mobile app for tourists enables real time data collection about their visit to help plan and improve the whole experience.