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Egress Discovery and Classification


Egress Discovery and Classification enables organisations and end-users to classify document and email content using visual and system identifiers. Fitting into existing workflow by seamlessly integrating into Microsoft Office, classification can be performed at the desktop or email gateway. Classification policies can also be centrally deployed and enforced.

eXVL - Extract Validator copy

Egress Group Ltd

eXVL™, Egress’ extract validation tool, is a Data Migration necessity. It enables organisations to validate the quality and format of extracts against the requirements of downstream processing in real time, saving time and significant cost. It can be deployed as part of an integrated Egress solution or licensed for use.

eDQM - Data Quality Manager

Egress Group Ltd

eDQM™ allows current RTT pathway performance to be monitored, down to specialty and consultant level. Any RTT data issues are automatically identified and allocated, based on priorities, for resolution by individuals within a data validation team. Dashboards provide instant monitoring of issue closure rate and a forecast of project completion.

eCFG - Configuration Manager

Egress Group Ltd

eCFG™, used during data migration projects, analyses legacy system data extracts against configuration held within the target system and reports any discrepancies. This is achieved without the need to actually load any data; thus reducing the project timeline and increasing the ability to improve load statistics.

eTST - Test Manager

Egress Group Ltd

eTST™ manages the production, allocation, tracking and completion of test scripts. This is achieved by maintaining all scripts within a single repository, in a consistent format and ensuring that project members conduct testing within the prescribed process. Enforcing a standard testing approach is vital to successful project delivery.

eSM - Spine Mini-Services

Egress Group Ltd

Quickly deployable Spine Mini-Services for gaining PDS spine connectivity. Enabling transactional (HL7) and batch NHS number retrieval and verification as well as demographic data validation. Use of NHS numbers is mandatory and eSM™ provides a rapid and cost effective solution to securing compliance, improving data sharing and patient outcomes.

Gooroo Planner copy

Egress Group Ltd

Gooroo is an online demand and capacity planning software for the NHS. Forecasts demand, activity, waiting lists, waiting times, capacity and money along complex patient pathways. Presents results week-by-week and patient-by-patient. Integrates elective, non-elective planning; seasonally optimises hospital capacity; can be automated; and analyses capacity productivity and patient scheduling processes.