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4 results found

tuServ Biometrics; mobile, efficient, and quality rated fingerprint identification

Black Marble Limited

With tuServ’s Biometrics module, officers can capture biometrics in two simple steps via two prints. Once captured and a quality rated established, a multiple system search will begin, resulting in matches with a confidence rating, providing assurance that the individual has been correctly identified.

tuServ - Collaborative Mobile & Digital Solution transforming Operational Policing

Black Marble Limited

Mobile policing platform, available on multiple device types, on both Windows 10 and Android, providing officers with access to accurate data while out in the field. Sharing digital evidence and gathering statements and information through real-time collaborative working offers quicker decision making, with no need to return to the station.

tuServ Electronic Notebook; a secure, multi-media information gathering tool for emergency services.

Black Marble Limited

tuServ’s Notebook is a unique, secure, multi-media collaboration tool for emergency services. Notebook allows you to create entries and add items, such as text, images, videos, audio, and drawings. Entries are synchronised to the server and made available on other devices. Each item can include signatures from the relevant individuals.

tuServ HoloLens Command and Control; portable, multi-screen incident management in Mixed Reality.

Black Marble Limited

HoloLens Command and Control offers a shared view of incidents without being restricted to the station. A portable device, transporting your station into any environment, to scale multiple screens to suit the space. Depiction of large amounts of data including, digital evidence and events in a user defined radius.