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Basho Riak TS Enterprise

Basho Technologies

Basho Riak TS Enterprise delivers an Enterprise grade distributed NoSQL database designed for time series data. With smart data co-location, optimized range queries, built-in aggregations and SQL-like language + 24/7 support with updates&patches, Riak TS makes it easy to store, query, and analyze high velocity time, sensor and location data.

Basho Riak KV Enterprise

Basho Technologies

Basho Riak KV Enterprise provides a distributed NoSQL key/value database that is highly scalable, available, fault tolerant and operationally simple. Its multi-cluster replication guarantees reads and writes should hardware or network partitions fail. It comes with integrated Solr search, Redis and Spark support, advanced metrics, 24/7 support, updates&patches.

Basho Riak S2 Enterprise

Basho Technologies

Basho Riak S2 Enterprise is a highly available and scalable object store database for public, private or hybrid clouds. It is more cost-effective than traditional storage and is compatible with Amazon S3 for easy integration into existing production workloads, It comes with 24/7 support, updates & patches.

Basho Riak Professional Services and Trainings

Basho Technologies

Basho’s Professional Services Team help you design, customize and implement a solution that satisfies your system requirements and goals with a wide range of services that can be purchased separately or bundled together to ensure your success at every phase. Our engineers have extensive experience and are there to help.