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  • Smarter Integration SaaS

    W3Partnership Limited

    Smarter Integration is an innovative AWS-cloud offering from W3Partnership, designed to provide a fully managed integration capability for systems integration. Smarter Integration provides a faster, efficient, managed solution that offers customers a service which can be managed by W3Partnership or self-service via a GUI interface. A true cloud service.

  • Smarter Integration Platform IPaaS

    W3Partnership Limited

    W3Partnership’s Smarter Integration Platform is a solution that provides a set of pre-built patterns, common technical services and transport adaptors to allow clients to provision integration services in a consistent, repeatable manner either as a Cloud, or Hybrid solution with on-premise capability

  • W3Partnership nJAMS Business Process Monitor

    W3Partnership Limited

    nJAMS is a non-invasive process-oriented tool which focuses on the business side of your mission-critical processes. IT issues are managed in the context and scope of business processes so businesses departments can understand and manage the impact of errors and warnings.

  • W3Partnership - PGA Certified OFFICIAL IaaS from Amazon Web services

    W3Partnership Limited

    Our OFFICIAL IaaS has been built to meet demand for cloud infrastructure providing high security, enterprise-ready features and the ability to support mission and business critical workloads. The service is PGA certified OFFICIAL, offers a choice of both virtual and bare-metal infrastructure, per-hour billing options, and includes a 99.99% SLA.