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5 results found

5 results found containing USMART AI in Cloud software in the category Operations management


UrbanTide Limited

USMART AI is built to generate predictive diagnostics and insights, allowing organisations to make informed real-time decisions. We have combined the latest machine learning libraries with our pre-trained AI algorithms to turn raw data into actionable insights that boost productivity and drive financial outcomes across your organisation.


UrbanTide Limited

USMART integrates ANY data from ANY source into our infinitely scalable, automatable and super secure platform. Drive real organisational benefits and transform data into actionable insights using superior visualisation, AI and advanced sharing capabilities, including API curation and open data publication. All designed to build smarter communities.

USMART Non Domestic Rates

UrbanTide Limited

USMART NDR increases local authorities revenue generation from Non-Domestic Rates using USMART our real-time data insights and innovation platform. Our AI automatically spots fraud and identifies missed revenue by analysing and integrating various open and closed data sources. Helping reduce FOI requests and improving transparency and productivity.

USMART Environment

UrbanTide Limited

USMART Environment integrates ANY data from ANY source including sensors to monitor air quality, noise pollution and waste monitoring. Our customisable AI modules generate repeatable insights enabling organisations to take the necessary action. Improving our places and advancing sustainability goals that ultimately unlock circular economy benefits.

USMART Housing

UrbanTide Limited

USMART Homes improves the health of tenants and facilitates predictive property management. USMART analyses data, from maintenance reports, location, position, weather and socioeconomic data. Combined with real-time IoT data to identify critical issues relating to the health and wellbeing of tenants as well as enabling predictive property maintenance.