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TBT Cloud Project Management


TBT assists customers in managing cloud-based solutions. This will enable organisation to realise benefits, so driving a coherent improvement process. We help define, establish and maintain project management governance structures through adopting best practice methods. Our services will enable you to improve productivity, increase capacity, manage spending and so costs.

TBT Cloud Architecture Design


TBT assists in examining all the costs and potential issues associated with your proposed move to a cloud-based solution before work commences. We have the expertise to guide you on the likelihood of the successful delivery of your proposed project, and to assist in identifying any potential risks.

TBT Cloud Procurement Strategy


TBT specialises in providing procurement strategies for both public and private organisations. Customers use our services when key strategic decisions are being made such as at the definition stage of cloud business decisions but also extends to providing management support throughout the purchasing and implementation phase.

TBT Cloud Business Case Development


TBT provides solutions for the development of business cases to develop cloud solutions for the first time, transition from non-cloud based solutions to cloud services or enhance existing cloud services. We can look at the development of a business case and consider alternative procurement options to achieve the operational objectives.

TBT Cloud Transition Strategy Development


TBT offers transition services that considers the change programme required to transition public services to cloud based services. Transitions to cloud require more thought, rationalisation and planning. There is a need to define what services, applications or target environments are required.