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TBT Cloud Project Management


TBT assists customers in managing cloud-based solutions helping you coordinate management of a single or a portfolio of projects. We help define, establish and maintain project management governance structures by adopting best practice methods. Our programme management services enable you to improve productivity, increase capacity, manage spending and reduce costs.

TBT Cloud Procurement Strategy


TBT specialises in providing procurement strategies for public and private organisations. Customers access a range of services when needed, allowing them to make informed business decisions on best cloud strategy. Our consultants help business managers to define their cloud strategy, return on investment, optimal purchasing route and implementation strategy planning.

TBT Cloud Architecture Design


TBT assists in evaluating all the costs and potential issues associated with your proposed move to a cloud-based solution before work commences. We have the expertise to guide you on the likelihood of the successful delivery of your proposed project, and to assist in identifying any potential risks.

TBT Cloud Business Case Development


TBT provides consultancy solutions to develop business cases when clients are looking to develop cloud solutions for the first time, transitioning from non-cloud based solutions to cloud services or enhancing existing cloud services. We also consider alternative procurement options to achieve operational objectives, for example, increased efficiencies or service improvement.

TBT Cloud Transition Strategy Development


TBT offers comprehensive transition services to consider the change programme required to transition public services to cloud based services. Often transitions to cloud require more thought, rationalisation and planning as each environment will have specific needs which present challenges in delivering a consistent service to the public or internally.

RIVIAM Digital Care - Mobile Community Service

Targett Business Technology Limited (TBT)

RIVIAM's Mobile Community service allows clinicians to access clinical information on the move using a mobile device and then provide outcome information back to clinical systems via RIVIAM. RIVIAM provides a bridge between the customer's clinical systems and mobile clinicians. Provides work allocation and diary management for clinics.

RIVIAM Digital Care - Mobilisation

Targett Business Technology Limited (TBT)

Provides support to customers in the setup and mobilisation of RIVIAM Digital Care Cloud Software services

RIVIAM Digital Care - Core Care Record

Targett Business Technology Limited (TBT)

RIVIAM’s secure platform is built to deliver a health and care collaboration by enabling partnerships and new models of care - integrating people and organisations. This service provides the core SaaS offering that all RIVIAM's services are built upon. This secure hosting service is available 24x7.

RIVIAM Digital Care - Pathway Hub (Workflow)

Targett Business Technology Limited (TBT)

RIVIAM's Pathway Hub (Workflow) service allows providers to co-ordinate the delivery of care across multiple pathways from the receipt of referrals, through to allocation, delivery of care and discharge. Designed to work in community and primary care service centres / single points of access.

RIVIAM Digital Care - Secure Referral Forms

Targett Business Technology Limited (TBT)

Secure Referral Forms allow referrers (GPs, Health and Social Care Professionals) and self referrers to safely and securely send sensitive information into RIVIAM Digital Care's platform. Information entered on the online form appears in RIVIAM within seconds of the user submitting the information.

RIVIAM Digital Care - Contact Management

Targett Business Technology Limited (TBT)

RIVIAM's Contact Management service allows providers to manage the contacts they have with patients, service users, carers and professionals. Provides contact management solution designed for health and social care service centres and single points of access.

RIVIAM Digital Care - GP Connector

Targett Business Technology Limited (TBT)

RIVIAM's GP Connector provides integration with GP Clinical Systems (EMIS Web and TPP Systm1). Provides real-time integration with GP systems and RIVIAM to enable collaborative and co-ordinated care. Allows GP System users to automatically log into RIVIAM and work interactively or works standalone on gateway machines.

RIVIAM Digital Care - GP Digital Document Delivery Service

Targett Business Technology Limited (TBT)

API and Web service that allows PDF and Word documents to be delivered directly into TPP Systm1 and EMIS Web GP Systems. Real-time service, with no additional software or hardware required. Documents received into GP systems are tagged with patient demographics for auto matching.