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Network Security Service

Net Consulting

Net Consulting’s Network Security Service identifies and remediates your firewall-associated security issues and demystifies your current solution to maximise your security investment. Net Consulting will review your firewall configuration, recommend improvements and, if required, implement changes to ensure that your firewalls provide the best protection for your digital assets.

WAN Optimisation

Net Consulting

Net Consulting’s WAN Optimisation Service improves the performance and delivery of business-critical data and enterprise applications across on-premise, cloud and SaaS environments. WAN Optimisation addresses inherent performance problems associated with bandwidth constraints, latency or protocol limitations.

End User Experience Monitoring (Aternity)

Net Consulting

End User Experience Monitoring provides visibility of all your applications, whether they run on a physical, virtual or mobile device. Net Consulting’s End User Experience Monitoring Service allows you to rapidly diagnose and resolve your end user issues and boost productivity within your ever technology-reliant workforce.

Cyber Security Risk Assessment Service

Net Consulting

BlueArmour is the perfect starting point for any organisation looking to improve its network security. BlueArmour is Net Consulting’s Cyber Security Risk Assessment technology, making vast networks understandable, providing a comprehensive visual map to identify all possible threats and access paths to your most valuable assets.

Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Net Consulting

Net Consulting’s infrastructure Penetration Testing service evaluates the risk of your IT estate being hacked. Conducted in the same manner as a malicious attacker attempting to hack your network, this service identifies weaknesses and produces a report identifying key areas for improvement and addresses critical issues with remediation advice

Infrastructure Performance Monitoring

Net Consulting

Net Consulting's Infrastructure Performance Monitoring Service combines industry- leading tools, tested approaches and years of experience to assess the health of your infrastructure and ensure that key services are performing in an optimum environment. Our Service can anticipate potential issues and set remediation in place before an outage occurs.

Infrastructure Services

Net Consulting

Net Consulting’s IT Infrastructure Services cover the foundations of maintaining your IT infrastructure, from patching to monitoring log files and alerts. We can also provide experienced consultants to help with the design of any new infrastructure needs or advise on which types of solution would best suit your business.

SIEM as a Service

Net Consulting

Net Consulting’s SIEM as a Managed Service, run from our SOC, provides a comprehensive incident monitoring solution without impacting your staff resources. Our SIEM technology supports real-time threat detection and security incident response through the collection and analysis of security events which is analysed to create meaningful security alerts.

Application Performance Monitoring

Net Consulting

Monitor the definitive measure of application performance: end-user experience. Rapidly detect divergence from normal end-user response times and identify the primary cause of delays. Net Consulting’s Application Performance Monitoring Service leverages Riverbed Technology to provide widespread end-user experience monitoring and network intelligence for complete visibility into applications.

Web Application Penetration Testing

Net Consulting

Net Consulting’s experienced consultants leverage their expertise, structured testing methodologies and the latest vulnerability data to provide a comprehensive Web Application Penetration Testing Service. By analysing the application for technical flaws, design weaknesses, and vulnerable code, the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data is assessed, and remediation advice provided

Data Security & Protection

Net Consulting

Net Consulting offers a range of Data Security and Protection services to help protect your data both in and out of the office, including email security, endpoint protection and mobile device management. Securing data, be it your company’s Intellectual property or your clients’ sensitive information, has never been more important.

Advanced Threat Detection and Response (ATDR) Service

Net Consulting

Net Consulting’s Advanced Threat Detection and Response (ATDR) Service utilises Palo Alto's Cortex technology to automatically detect threats with behavioural analytics and machine learning, revealing the root cause of alerts and simplifying further investigations. A cloud-delivered service that natively integrates network, endpoints and cloud data to stop sophisticated attacks.

Network Assessment Service

Net Consulting

Net Consulting’s Network Assessment provides insight into the condition of the network underpinning your business-critical services to ensure they can operate optimally. Using industry best practices every aspect of your network is surveyed to determine its health and output reports prioritising the information that is critical to your business.

Salesforce Cloud Consulting, App Development, Migration & Support

Syntel Europe Ltd.

Have Silver Cloud Consulting Partnership; team of certified associates; CSAT score of 9.96/10. We offer: Salesforce consulting; Implementation of Salesforceproducts: SalesCloud,Service Cloud,MarketingCloud, AnalyticsCloud,Communities(Partner, Customer); Custom app development on platform (App Cloud); Existing CRM migration to Salesforce like Siebel,MS Dynamics,SugarCRM; Legacy modernization solns:migrating LotusNotes to Salesforce,Java/.NET apps to; Maintenance,support

Microsoft Services Technology

Solirius Consulting

Our Microsoft practice provides engineers and consultant skilled across the Microsoft suite of technologies including Office 365, SharePoint, Power BI, C#, .Net, IIS, SQL Server and Dynamics. They are experience across the range of Azure services and have a deep appreciation of the opportunities an integrated Microsoft ecosystem can deliver.

Cloud Software Development Service

Incepteo Ltd

Bespoke Cloud software makes running your business easier and more efficient because it works the way you work. We help develop wide range of software solutions. Web Sites & Applications, Mobile Apps, API and Data Interchange Strategic IT Consulting Database and BI Dev Ops Deployment Quality Testing Production Support

Business Case

Quantum1 Consulting Ltd

Quantum1 Consulting enables prospective customers to adopt a commodity-based approach in delivery of Cloud services. Quantum1 provides business case service development expertise. The service uses the HMT Green Book methodology for investment cases. Service specialisms for financial, economic, commercial cases as well as benefits and financial modelling is also available.

Cloud Readiness Assessment & Data Centre Rationalisation

Net Consulting

De-risk the transition of shared services to the cloud with application performance, end-user experience prediction and capacity analysis. Understand the interaction characteristics of applications and servers migrating to the cloud, so that expected performance levels can be maintained with the necessary mitigation actions.

Cloud Accelerator Service

Net Consulting

Accelerate the performance & delivery of your business-critical Cloud applications. This service is intended to achieve similar performance and business benefits with Cloud/SaaS-based applications as you have experienced from your local enterprise services — without the bottlenecks of application latency, protocol inefficiencies, and bandwidth restrictions of Internet or hybrid networks.

Application Performance Troubleshooting

Net Consulting

Identify the root cause of application performance problems. Deploy specialist troubleshooting tools, together with expert analytical skill to pinpoint the reasons for degrading application performance. Our Application Performance Troubleshooting Service provides the tools and expertise necessary to identify the root cause of performance issues, and radically accelerates problem resolution.

Cloud Projected Infrastructure

Net Consulting

Datacentre Infrastructure Projection via Private Cloud. Offer autonomous remote operation of services at the remote branch while managing maintenance & backup from within the datacentre. Eliminate the cost of providing branch infrastructure to remote sites via Cloud Projected Infrastructure.

Network Performance Monitoring

Net Consulting

Network Performance Monitoring is the proactive monitoring of your network infrastructure, identifying issues before downtime occurs to ensure business critical applications and services maintain high availability. Managing the performance of your network is critical, preventing slow services from impacting your business and, ultimately your financial success.

Network Modelling & Capacity Planning

Net Consulting

Validate proposed network designs and predict capacity requirements. Model the intended network infrastructure design to validate resiliency and predict traffic growth. Network Capacity & Scenario Planning is a structured approach to understanding current usage patterns and predicting future bandwidth requirements, based on factual evidence extracted from the live network.

Application Performance Management

Net Consulting

Application Performance Management provides the resources and technical capability required for critical application performance monitoring, alerting, trending, analysis and troubleshooting. We can help determine the impacts of changes by using before and after performance metrics with high-level, real-time application activity overviews, proactively help you to manage business critical applications

Managed Cloud Support Azure

Just After Midnight

The Microsoft Certified Engineers at Just After Midnight can design, deliver and integrate Microsoft Azure for you. We help businesses get the most from the Azure offering - hosting open-source to .NET based systems including Sitecore and Kentico to designing architectures for JAMStack / Headless applications.

Managed Cloud Support Google

Just After Midnight

The expert team at Just After Midnight can design, deliver and integrate your Google hosting platform. We help businesses get the most from the Google offering - hosting open-source to .NET based systems including Sitecore and Kentico to designing architectures for JAMStack / Headless applications.

SATIGO Technology Consulting Services


SATIGO is a premium technology consultancy partner specialising in government digital transformation. We have a unique and innovative expert solution called BENCH, that enables government bodies to engage security cleared SME’s on a expert on demand delivery model.

Cloud Software Development Service

Audacia Consulting

Audacia have a proven track record of designing, building and testing robust software applications that are fit for purpose. We deliver your solution into a cloud environment, offering tailored support packages to ensure that your application remains scalable and future proof in line with your organisations current and future needs.

Agile Cloud-Based Application Development

Amey Consulting

Amey are able to offer a wealth of experience to support the development of cloud based applications across a wide range of languages (Python, Rust, Kotlin, Scala, R, Swift, PHP, VBA. NET, Javascript, Java, C, C++, SQL, Oracle and others) on Web and Mobile platforms.

Agile Cloud-Based Application Development Training

Amey Consulting

Amey offer expertise around agile delivery and support for development of decision support applications in many languages (Python, Rust, Kotlin, Scala, R, Swift, PHP, VBA .NET, Javascript, Java, C, C++, SQL, Oracle and others). Through years of software development, we are well placed to support projects of any size.

FRG Technology Consulting – Nigel Frank International: Microsoft Dynamics & Stack Technologies

Nigel Frank International Ltd (UK)

Microsoft Dynamics & Stack Technologies

Quality Assurance Burp Suite Security Training

MDSec Consulting Limited

This course provides internal testers such as Quality Assurance Teams with the foundations to find vulnerabilities using Burp Suite. It is taught by the author of the Web Application Hacker's Handbook (WAHH). Delegates will be able to find 80-90% of the common Web Application vulnerabilities affecting typical applications.

Cloud Service Diagnostic

Actica Consulting

Actica will review your Cloud project or services to identify how improvements can be delivered. Working with your organisation, Actica will confirm that your project is aligned with strategic objectives and that arrangements are in place to ensure effective exploitation. Impartial action plans are produced to maximise the benefits delivered.

Cloud Strategy and Delivery

Waterstons Limited

We improve business performance through the pragmatic use of technology. Waterstons has a number of core services including: Transformation, Bespoke, Technology, Managed Services and Information Security Consulting. Waterstons operates in key sectors including Higher Education, Architects Engineering and Construction, Distribution and Transport and Manufacturing.

Technical Architecture and Service Design

Actica Consulting

This Actica service enables organisations to create, maintain and change the technical architecture and design of their digital ICT Cloud solutions including IaaS, PaaS and SaaS based services. We can undertake the full design scope or provide experienced architects and designers to support and strengthen your organisation’s existing team.

User, Business, System and Service Requirements Development (including URD, SRD)

Actica Consulting

Moving to Cloud offerings require understanding ‘why’, and selecting the most appropriate adoption route which secures maximum benefits depends upon fully understanding the underpinning user requirements, business requirements, system requirements, and service requirements. Actica can provide comprehensive requirements definition and acceptance documentation that fully articulates project scope and problem space.

Project Management and Programme Management Support

Actica Consulting

Adopting Cloud digital services is a significant technical and business change which requires effective Project Management and Programme Management (PM & PgM) controls and support to be in place. Actica provides expert client-side resources and support to implement necessary changes for a smooth transition to or between cloud-based service offerings.

Web Development for Cloud Services

Redrock Consulting Ltd

RedRock’s web development service helps public sector organisations deliver and integrate intuitive customer-centric cloud hosted digital services, using agile methodologies. RedRock works in collaboration with the customer providing expert multidisciplinary teams throughout the development lifecycle, adjusting the team composition to suit the needs of the project at each stage.

IT Business Cases

PA Consulting Services Limited (UK)

We develop both traditional and Agile business cases in line with HM Treasury guidance across all stages of the business case development gateway lifecycle, covering Strategic Outline Case (SOC), Outline Business Case (OBC) and Full Business Case (FBC), to secure approvals for cloud procurements, digital developments and broader transformations.

IT Business Cases (Defence)

PA Consulting Services Limited (UK)

We provide traditional and Agile business cases that fully comply with MOD Initial and Main Gate guidance to secure approvals for cloud procurement, digital development or transformation activity. Including developing the required financial models, options analysis and technical/ commercial artefacts that demonstrate deep understanding of the project or programme delivery.