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Mazepoint Hosting Service

Mazepoint Limited

This service provides virtualized Windows machines using Hyper-V hosts, each on their own VLAN for security to support Mazepoint’s Software and Support services. Mazepoint servers are housed in secure, climate-controlled hosting facility in London run by Telehouse, a subsidiary of KDDI. A Cardiff based data-centre is used for offsite backups.

Mazepoint Data Services

Mazepoint Limited

This service assists customers with the collection of reliable, punctual data in the appropriate format to drive their reporting, analysis, planning, budgeting and forecasting. Deploying Mazepoint proprietary and third party toolsets (Jedox, Tableau, Pentaho, SSIS), Mazepoint works with customers to prototype, then move data processing and validation into production.

Mazepoint Support Services

Mazepoint Limited

Mazepoint’s support Services cover the design, specification, implementation and support of the Cloud Software and Hosting products listed on the G-Cloud 11 framework. The Mazepoint team of specialists covers all aspects of the delivery, and transfer skills and knowledge to users and administrators for as much self-sufficiency as they want.

Mazepoint Data Visualisation Services

Mazepoint Limited

This service offers a comprehensive choice of software tools to help organisations visualise and interpret data, including Mazepoint's Mazeview, Excel, Jedox, R, Tableau, Qlik and PowerBI. Configured with Mazepoint's business, software and graphic design Support Service skills this service delivers persuasive views of the past, present and future.

Mazepoint Guided Performance Insight Service

Mazepoint Limited

This service, called Mazeguide, identifies opportunities and best practice within your business or department, by navigating your key performance drivers through an automated diagnosis, clearly displaying the direction of travel, enabling insight into performance improvement opportunities. Mazeguide automation alleviates the need to review page after page of performance reports manually.

Mazepoint Analytics Modelling

Mazepoint Limited

This service assists customers with structuring their data in interactive analytical models. Using Excel, Jedox, R, Tableau, Qlik or PowerBI and SQL databases, automate KPI calculations, consolidations, reporting, ad hoc analyses, budgeting and planning, workflow, and create different scenarios for forecasting and trialing different business models.


Mazepoint Limited

Mazepoint's timesheet and project portfolio management application enabling timesheet completion by remote staff, managing them to a common timetable. Multiple projects are managed across different portfolios to ensure financial objectives are met. It provides vital management information for the monitoring of timesheets, expenses, time off in lieu, budgets and forecasts.

Mazetime Plus

Mazepoint Limited

The enhanced version of Mazepoint's timesheet and project portfolio management application, Mazetime, maintaining all the features of the core system while automating more processes and workflow, supplier and customer reporting, contract management and generally increasing the granularity of detail. See the Mazetime Service Definition for information about the core product.

Mazepoint Project and Action Tracking Service

Mazepoint Limited

This service, called Mazetrack, automates and streamlines the processes of organisational change. Full transparency for all stakeholders across all project and activity phases drives performance improvements. A management tool for the busy executive supervising multiple or single initiatives, it provides instant progress updates against agreed indicators, deadlines, responsibilities and risks.