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Cyber Security Consultancy Services

Falanx Cyber

Falanx assists customers in defining their security needs and designing and assuring security of public, private or hybrid cloud services. Our expert consultants provide independent advice to clients on Securit and risk and also help achieve specific certifications and accreditations as required.

DPO as a Service - Privacy and Data Protection Services

Falanx Cyber

The Falanx Data Protection Officer Service (DPOaaS) assists clients on all matters relating to privacy and data protection as mandated under the GDPR. The DPO will serve as an independent expert both internally as well as with regards to customers, staff or the Supervisory Authorities.

Security Awareness and Training

Falanx Cyber

Our security awareness sessions will help you and your colleagues understand the pitfalls, consequences and how to prevent cyber-attacks. Our goal is to help you create a security-aware culture that will be reflected in all parts of the business, making your employees your greatest cyber security asset.

Managed Detection and Response - Security Monitoring

Falanx Cyber

Managed Detection and Response Services (MDR) providing security controls required for monitoring and security assurance of government infrastructure systems and networks. An affordable, rapidly-scalable, UK-sovereign service, delivered from a UK SOC operated 24x7. Built from guidelines provided by the NCSC. Also termed Security Monitoring, Protective Monitoring and GPG13 Monitoring.

Red Teaming

Falanx Cyber

Red Teaming takes a no-holds barred approach to testing, designed to identify and exploit holes in your defences using the same techniques used by real criminals. Entirely customised to your organisation, with scenarios based on the most likely threats you will face. Combining technical attacks and social engineering.

Penetration Testing

Falanx Cyber

Penetration Testing services, accredited by the Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers (CREST), delivered by a highly competent testing team with a proven history of delivering high quality, customer focused engagements.