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12 results found

Elgin Data Services


A range of data and API services to support customers who need to integrate roadworks, road closures and other traffic disruption data into their applications, or to produce business analytics reports.

Highway Disruption Coordination Solutions


Elgin's Highway Disruption Coordination Solutions are designed to facilitate the coordination of roadworks and related planned activities that have the potential to disrupt major highway schemes and critical infrastructure projects, and support enhanced monitoring against asset strikes. Real-Time Map


Real-Time Map is a “map dashboard” highlighting severe and unusual congestion. It combines roadworks and other planned disruptions information across the local and strategic road network, with a live view of traffic conditions. It is a decision support tool for traffic control centre users, streetworks professionals and public event organisers.

Streetworks Planning Portal


Streetworks Planning Portal consists of a customised version of, but greatly enhanced with additional data and functionality. It is designed to support visual “desktop risk assessment” of work sites and helps to reduce the ‘cost of failure’ in streetworks operations with better intelligence earlier in the planning process.

Communications App


An easy to use content management system, Communications App integrates with the EToN roadworks noticing system and enhances standard noticing with multimedia content, social media syndication tools and individual descriptions of works and categories of works. All delivered in real-time and accessing millions of stakeholders via the platform.

ELGIN offers a professional version of with an integrated toolkit that simplifies traffic management planning, works coordination and collaboration between Highway Authorities, utilities & contractors on a shared platform. Giving access to enhanced data layers plus Apps and Add-ons. Can be part or entirely integrated into customer systems.

Traffic Management App with Signage Add-on


A cloud-based tool for creating Traffic Management Plans and associated Orders including TTROs. User can plot road closures, diversion routes and other temporary traffic management interventions on a map, publish the information to and syndicated services. Add-ons are available supporting full Signage Plan production and workflow support.

Historical Map


Historical Map provides a nationwide view of past disruptions, including roadworks, incidents and events. It offers validation of previous works, along with a range of other information including which organisation was responsible.

Real-Time Route Monitor


Route Monitor, powered by TomTom traffic intelligence, allows operational users to receive alerts when journey times exceed a given threshold over and above the norm in real-time. Ideally used in conjunction with Real-Time Map, options include route-based status alerts and a key route dashboard for public dissemination.

Real-Time Replay Map


A tool to enable streetworks and network planners to improve the planning of works schemes, public events and associated traffic management by interrogating the disruption caused by previous works and events on the same road. Portal Premium

ELGIN Portal Premium is a national roadworks platform which fulfills Councils' legal obligations to publish roadworks and encourage coordination among roadworks Promoters. It is the leading channel to communicating a vast array of roads and traffic disruption information to the public and professionals alike.

Traffic Management App with TM App Real-Time


A cloud-based tool for creating Traffic Management Plans and associated Orders including TTROs. TM App running in 'Real-Time Mode' enables Highway Authority officers and contractors to provide real-time information when a road is closed or reopened to mainstream sat-nav service providers, such as TomTom and Google.