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  • Simply Do

    Simply Do Ideas

    The public sector is facing increasing budget pressures and rising demand for services. The need for new solutions to these challenges is becoming well-recognised by public sector leaders. Simply Do is an end-to-end digital platform enabling organisations to capture, develop and deliver improvement ideas from employees, suppliers and citizens.

  • Dubber Call Recording

    Redcentric Solutions Limited

    Dubber Call Recording service is built on a managed software based platform hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS), integrated into Redcentric’s hosted IP telephony solution. This replaces the need for any Customer site based call recording equipmentt, the need to store call data on site and reduces upfront capital expenditure.

  • SES Cloud Secure - Public Cloud Encryption

    Sundown Solutions Ltd

    As more content is stored with various cloud partners the need to protect that content from internal/external threat actors becomes paramount. SES Cloud secure allows you to encrypt your data and documents inside any public cloud (O365,AWS...) to mitigate and reduce the risk from any possible security breach.

  • G8CC: Secure Multi-Cloud data access and sharing platform.

    GARNET8 Limited

    To get the greatest value from information you need to be able to access it. This allows you to securely integrate, collaborate, share and automate data. G8CC creates an integrated shared network of governed information. It joins-up and aggregates data across silos. Unlock interoperability between data sources and third-party services.

  • Drupal Intranet

    Affinity Digital (Technology) Ltd

    Affinity is an experienced provider of enterprise-level Drupal Intranets and Extranets . Open Social's online community platform has a UX based on familiar social networking platforms like Facebook. We specialise in integration with line-of-business applications, thrive on complexity and offer full supporting services including analysis, upgrades and continual improvement .