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  • AWS Cloud Monitoring with Splunk Insights

    Blue Cube Security Ltd

    The Splunk Insights for AWS Cloud Monitoring AMI provides end-to-end security, operational and cost management insights for your AWS environment.

  • Civica Licensing and Permit Management (iCasework Case Management)

    Civica UK Limited

    A highly configurable and scalable SaaS solution deployed securely upon Amazon Web Services (AWS) which allows licence and permit applications to be submitted as hard-copy or via a self-service portal that is processed as the Law dictates. Supports complex license and permit management workflow and referral processes.

  • Register and Master Data


    Texuna's Data Register and Master Data Management framework maintains, reconciles, stores and distributes a canonical data source as a register service. Enforcing data governance and data stewardship workflows helps safeguard data quality and integrity. Secure version control with unique hash and publish to blockchain distributed ledger as audit trail.

  • Big Data and Enterprise Data Warehouse


    Texuna's Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) simplifies migration of data to AWS Redshift or Azure SQL Data Warehouse. Open source columnar database options such as Greenplumb, MonetDB, as well as Azure SQL or AWS RDS databases supported. Big data lake via object storage and/and hadoop stack using Cloudera or Hortonworks.

  • Tableau Server (Hybrid-Cloud) Platform

    Village Software Engineering

    Village software offer Tableau Server as your self-service visual analytics platform, installed in your own private cloud (whatever your preferred hosting environment is). Village are cloud experts working extensively with MS Azure and AWS assuring the very best deployment of the Tableau Server service

  • Product, ideation and software development strategy

    Endava (UK) Limited

    Endava envisions, prototypes, and tests new digital products and innovative customer experiences ensuring clients launch the right thing at the right time. We use the MVP methodology and believe in rapid validation experiments with target customers and users. Working with Microsoft Dynamics, Sitecore, AWS, Azure from both Onsite & Nearshore

  • Sparx Enterprise Architect and Prolaborate SaaS

    Mosaic Island

    To be added

  • IT Financial Management Services by ComSci

    Upland Software

    ComSci helps organizations manage and communicate the cost, quality and value of services they deliver (IT Services, Shared Services, or both), driving business alignment and IT transparency. ComSci also provides a managed service offering to streamline monthly data production to enable clients to focus on delivering value, not chasing data.

  • APDocs Documentation Management


    APDocs document management platform is perfect for the collation and management of project documentation. Turn the collation of documentation into streamlined, automated submission and review processes. Already available with pre-defined document templates for Health & Safety File and O&M collation including integration with Smartsheets and BIM Models.

  • HMO Licensing software, landlord licensing, property licensing, inspection App, mobile working

    Metastreet Ltd

    Property Licensing software management system. Landlord HMO Licensing, Additional and Selective licensing. On line application, back office processing and management of applications. Split payments. Property inspection App. Performance reporting

  • ServiceClarity KPI Reporting For Agile Software Development

    Anaeko Ltd

    ServiceClarity is for technology leaders and DevOps Managers to select best-practice KPIs, set targets and automate KPI reporting that need to understand and improve the effectiveness of their agile software development processes.

  • G8CC: Secure Multi-Cloud data access and sharing platform.

    GARNET8 Limited

    To get the greatest value from information you need to be able to access it. This allows you to securely integrate, collaborate, share and automate data. G8CC creates an integrated shared network of governed information. It joins-up and aggregates data across silos. Unlock interoperability between data sources and third-party services.