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  • Excelicare Population Health Management

    AxSys Technology Limited

    Excelicare Population Health Management system has integrated patient/person engagement tools. It connects the healthcare environment across Health, Social Care and partners and enables care coordination by ensuring that the right information is available at the right time to the right person as part of a personalised Care Pathway.

  • Evergreen Life

    Evergreen Health Solutions Limited

    Our goal is to help people feel better informed and more in control of their health, wellbeing and fitness. Evergreen Life is a personal health record app used by over 750,000 people in the UK and is connected to all major GP systems in England providing online patient-facing services.

  • IQVIA Vision


    IQVIA Vision supports the implementation of Population Health Management within an Integrated Care setting to help NHS organisations fulfil the vision outlined in the NHS Long Term Plan. Enabling the safe collection, curation and integration of data from multiple care settings into a secure UK-cloud environment.

  • Hypertension Plus


    Hypertension Plus is a primary care remote hypertension management and medication titration platform. Based on workflow algorithms proven in RCTs, and decision-support tools compliant with NICE guidelines, Hypertension Plus is intended to facilate remote population health management, improving outcomes and increasing efficiency of hypertension management in primary care

  • Advisory Board Membership

    Optum Health Solutions (UK) Ltd

    Advisory Board are a global best-practice research firm who work with over 4000 healthcare systems in globally. In the UK we work with NHSEI, ICSs and STPs around strategy development and implementation with a focus on Population Health Management, Systemness, Payment Reform, Culture and Clinical Service Redesign.

  • Primary Care Pathways

    Primary Care IT

    Primary Care Pathways is the ultimate package of resources for Foundation clinical systems which optimises and streamlines care in keeping with the latest clinical evidence. We provide tools that allow practices to identify and manage patients requiring optimisation of care.

  • NELIE Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) Platform

    NEL Commissioning Support Unit

    NELIE provides a platform for Analytics, Design and implementation services to help healthcare organisations use IT, organise commissioning functions and improved outcomes, such as the Covid-19 response using interactive dashboards for population health management. We support evolving commissioning models and Integrated Care Systems prepare for optimisation of cloud services.

  • Ez Analytics

    AT Technology Services Ltd

    EZ Analytics is a population health management tool which integrates complex data from any data source, into user friendly information. This platform enables decision support, helping clinicians/non-clinicians to easily identify areas which require optimisation at all population scales. EZ Analytics lets users view performance at individual practice level.

  • Digital Health Passport

    Tiny Medical Apps Ltd

    Our core service is a personal health record (PHR) app for children and young people with long term conditions called the Digital Health Passport which is being implemented within the NHS in London, Sheffield and Manchester and supported by NHS England Innovation and Technology Payment Evidence Generation Fund for PHR.

  • Excelicare myCarepod Personal Health Record

    AxSys Technology Limited

    AxSys Technology has developed myCarepod Personal Health Record solution to meet the needs of organisations to engage with the people in their care based on research which shows that through this engagement better coordination of care can be achieved, outcomes can be improved and costs can be reduced.