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  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    Level 5

    Taking a 360-degree approach to Search Engine Optimisation, we will help you to maximise your visibility and reach, as well as targeting traffic to maximise your ROI. We will focus on the relevancy and quality of content on your platform, as well as keyword-optimisation, plus organic and paid-search engine results.

  • Service Design

    Level 5

    Level 5 will support your vision to design and develop a service to meet the needs of end-users. Utilising GDS agile sprints, we will work collaboratively to test design and ideas early, taking a user-centric approach.

  • Digital Transformation

    Level 5

    Our mission is to get organisations digital by default with a focus on end-user engagement, employee empowerment and business optimisation. Our Agile approach means that you get a clear, focussed roadmap to transform service offerings across all sectors of the business within strict timelines and with transparency at every stage.

  • API Development & Support

    Level 5

    Our team offers best-in-class design, development and implementation of cloud-based APIs, plus post-build support. We guarantee a full development cycle enabling enhanced and secure API’s built to suit business needs and requirements.

  • Discovery

    Level 5

    Level 5 Discovery service helps your organisation understand user needs. Discovery is the foundation of a successful digital service outcome. We will work with you, with user research and service design, to determine a wider vision for the service, and setting a strategy going forward.

  • WordPress Content Management System (CMS) Services

    Level 5

    Our team provides support and development for applications built on the WordPress platform. We work alongside you to offer a comprehensive and cost-effective solution that will ensure your service is live within timeframes that suit you.

  • Cloud Software Design & Development Services

    Level 5

    Our team of government digital experts specialise in user-centred, business-focused software design and development services. By working closely with you as an embedded part of your team, we will deliver a bespoke solution within agreed timeframes and with full transparency at every stage.

  • Alpha

    Level 5

    Level 5 are experts in delivering services for the UK Public Sector. Our core background is digital service delivery, adopting a GDS approach to delivery. We have experience in delivering a MVP (working prototype) that is cost-effective, and inline with findings from Discovery.

  • Website Design

    Level 5

    We specialise in user-centred, business-focused website design. Our team translates your vision into reality via wire-frames, templates and prototypes. By working closely with you as an embedded part of your team, we can ensure that design works seamlessly across platforms and engages your specific audience with targeted accuracy.

  • Payment Services Integration

    Level 5

    We specialise in the stable integration of secure payment services into business platforms, and our experience in doing so has given us a full understanding of the particular security and cross-platform complexities involved. We implement a management service to ensure you can accept all payments in out from your platform(s).

  • .NET Development and Support

    Level 5

    Our .NET development team have extensive experience in working from Discovery Phase up to Live. We build applications according to exacting GDS standards, providing impeccable support that has seen us pass Alpha and Beta assessments. We work on UI and APIs, integrating with database solutions that can be on Azure/AWS/GCP.

  • PHP Development: Laminas, Symfony, and Laravel Support

    Level 5

    We offer PHP Development provided by an experienced team with expertise in building to GDS Standards and a proven track record in passing GDS assessments. We will work as an embedded part of your team to ensure the very best results from discovery stage through to live and further.

  • DevOps Services – Cloud Infrastructure

    Level 5

    We offer cloud structure implementation and support provided by our expert team with specific experience in building to GDS Service Standards. We specialise in building cloud-based continuous integration/deployment pipelines, but our offering also includes gap analysis, digital transformation planning, training and system health-check assessments.

  • Website Development

    Level 5

    We specialise in user-centred, business-focused website development services. Our team translates your vision into best-in-class web applications, built on cloud platforms. By working closely with you as an embedded part of your team, we will deliver a platform that works with optimised server-side services, guaranteeing your end users multi-platform accessibility.

  • Beta

    Level 5

    As a team, we will continuously improve the service to private beta, and then scale up to public beta. With our flexible team model, and collaborative approach, we will work on a build for a usable service that aligns both the user and business needs.

  • C2 and SA Applications and Interoperability Standards Cloud Services

    Carbon60 Limited (Formally Group Limited)

    Supporting Defence with military C2 Applications/Interoperability Standards Management/Cloud services. Joint/Maritime/Land/Air and International multi-domain expertise in Information systems and services. Agile development and CMMI level-5 delivery for Cloud/Application/Integration/Information Management services and solutions. Using open API’s enabling greater integration of capabilities. Supported remotely or using embedded software development, training and Technical Guidance.