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MARIS Ship Registry and Seafarer Solution

PDMS Limited (Professional Data Management Services Limited)

MARIS is an enterprise, browser-based online system covering the key business functions of Ship Registries. Services include: vessel management, inspections and surveys; seafarer management and certification. These services are supported by workflow management; document management; financial fees & invoicing; reporting. The offering also includes online services.

Pentaho Data Integration and Analytics

Hitachi Vantara

Utilise Pentaho’s extensive end-to-end capabilities; data engineering by connecting to an extensive range of data sources to aid data ingest. Data preparation and data blending to validate, cleans and add value, implement machine learning and data science. Finally present the data through BA server dashboards and reports.

Risk Tracker Movement Messages

SITA Advanced Travel Solutions Ltd

Ensures governments have complete situational awareness of the border by combining all available information from multiple agencies and transport (aviation, maritime, rail) providers to deliver real-time insight on border operations. Insight is powered by cloud-based reporting and analysis tools that support fast and effective decision-making to optimise available resources.

Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Command & Control System

APD Communications

APD's Cloud Control Room Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Software, is a UK first specialising in advanced incident response management for Police, Fire, Ambulance Services and other critical control rooms. APD’s CAD is a scalable web-based, cloud-based, mobile, interoperable and fast to implement, upgrade and maintain

Pentaho Embedded Analytics Solution

Hitachi Vantara

Pentaho is a Data Analytics platform that is built on a open architecture. This lends itself perfectly for embedding any of its components from data integration to visual analysis capabilities inside a customer's application. From a simple rebrand and embed via iframe to complete API driven components.

Cadcorp Map Data Service


Ordnance Survey Open Data map service. Ordnance Survey Premium Data map service. Customer Data map service. Available as Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Web Mapping Service (WMS) and Web Mapping Tile Service (WMTS).

Cloud Software for Behavioural modelling

Roke Manor Research

Roke provided supply, support, and customise applications to model behaviours and detect changes in behaviours. Applications can be hosted in the public cloud, or private datacentre.

Workforce Management Solutions

PDMS Limited (Professional Data Management Services Limited)

Nextrasoft are a leading edge provider of Next Generation Workforce Management Solutions to both the public and private sector for over 15 years. We have successfully implemented rostering, time and attendance, absence management and scheduling systems within a number of industry sectors through direct sales, partnerships and reseller agreements.

Video Scene and IoT analytics

Nokia UK Ltd

The IMPACT Scene Analytics solution augments Operation Centre’s capabilities by turning surveillance cameras into intelligent IoT sensors. Abstract information vectors are derived from each video feed, including motion, direction, velocity, and density for real-time anomaly detection. Patented machine learning developed by Nokia Bell Labs leverages pattern recognition and behavioural knowledge.

Pentaho IoT and Predictive Maintenance

Hitachi Vantara

Real time data streaming via MQTT message queues from remote devices or execute data collection on the edge; ingest data into an appropriate data store, Hadoop, NoSQL or RDBMS; execute data science machine learning models and create advanced analytics to improve efficiencies, reduce maintenance costs and avoid failures.

Cloud Software for Situational Awareness

Roke Manor Research

Roke provides supply, support, and customise applications to process sensor data automatically and provide situational awareness to the user. Applications can be hosted in the public cloud, or private datacentre.

EAMS Group Digital Workshop Maximo Enterprise MRO Management Cloud Software

EAMS Group

Our MRO Maximo Cloud Software offering is a world class service leveraging best of breed EAM software IBM Maximo. We provide Buyers with a fully-configured Maximo as a platform and full consultancy services are available (via our SFIA rate card) to enhance asset management to a World Class level.

Compass Ticketing and Reservations

PDMS Limited (Professional Data Management Services Limited)

Compass is the complete solution for ferry ticketing and reservations. For turn up and go customers there is desktop ticketing for use in port offices and mobile ticketing for use on board the vessels. Advance bookings can be taken via call centre over the phone or online over the web.


Atkins Limited

CIRRUSmaps™ is a flexible web mapping platform built using industry leading Open Source software, providing a scalable and configurable solution to customers wishing to turn location based data into valuable business information. Using best of breed open source software CIRRUSmaps™ provides low total cost of ownership for web based GIS.

Benchmarking Tool/Application

Latra Limited

Anonymous multi-dimensional performance data for the mining/energy industry (but not limited to). Enabling mining/energy companies to perform custom benchmarking and data analysis to improve their operational efficiency and competitive advantage.

Active Risk Manager (ARM)

Sword Active Risk

Active Risk Manager is a software solution that helps customers deliver their performance objectives with greater certainty. It has a unique return on investment capability that enables customers to significantly reduce costs and increase revenues as part of its value case as well as the normal governance and assurance benefits.

IBM Weather Company Operations Dashboard

IBM United Kingdom Ltd

The Weather Company Operations Dashboard combines real time weather, traffic, alerting and mapping, enabling all users the ability to make operational decisions in real time. As an application, the speed, user experience, and depth of information provide unique insights directly to a mobile device, empowering decision makers on the go.

IoT analytics

Nokia UK Ltd

The IMPACT IoT Analytics solution augments your Operation Centre’s capabilities by applying intelligence to data from IoT sensors. Information is derived from each feed e.g. environmental factors, chemical composition, behaviour, sound, etc. for realtime anomaly detection. Patented machine learning from Nokia Bell Labs leverages pattern recognition and behavioural knowledge.

InformedINSIGHT© - Geographic Information Services

Informed Solutions Ltd

InformedINSIGHT© Geographic Information Services offers solutions to new GIS cloud or on-premise services, or migrating systems to cloud based services. With experience in Land, Property, Environment, Transport and Utilities we provide independent GIS data management, analytics and Agile, DevOps GIS services (including for ESRI, FME, GeoServer, Leaflet, OpenLayers and QGIS).

Cadcorp SIS WebMap


Web mapping as a fully hosted service on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. Cadcorp SIS WebMap is an easy-to-use off-the-shelf GIS application for internet and intranet web mapping. It includes facilities for presenting and interrogating GIS spatial data and is accessed through a familiar and mobile responsive web mapping interface.

Drone Detection as a Service

L-3 Communications ASA Limited

Drone Detection as a Service is a lower airspace monitoring system which passively tracks drone activity in real-time and shares this information through a secure cloud-based platform with other airspace users, local authorities and organisations with assets vulnerable to the threat from uncompliant drones.

Noggin OCA

Noggin IT

Noggin OCA is a secure, online software system and total solution for risk management, incident management and crisis communications. It provides all the information and tools you need in one place, in your format, saving you time, helping you make informed decisions quickly, and enabling increased response time and efficiency.

Protective Monitoring Service

Abatis (UK) Ltd.

Abatis provides a hosted Central Management Console service which provides Protective Monitoring capabilities for clients using the Abatis for Windows endpoint protection software.

Finworks IOT Edge Platform for Digital Transformation

Fincore Limited

Finworks IOT Edge Deployment Platform for Digital Transformation allows organisations to easily deploy low-code applications, data discovery, data management, machine learning and high performance workflows into highly resilient autonomous edge computing nodes in challenging and/or remote environments.

Chronicle for Regulatory Compliance and Practitioners

JML Software Solutions Limited

Enables professional service providers to ensure their practitioners are properly accredited to deliver the complex and high-quality outcomes demanded by clients and regulatory bodies. Ensures competence and compliance against any structured set of skills/specialisms and allows the organisation to manage distribution, succession planning and investment in training & equipment.

Cadcorp SIS WebMap Express


Cadcorp SIS WebMap Express is low cost GIS map publishing and viewing application for internet and intranet web mapping. It includes facilities for viewing and printing GIS spatial data.

Meteomatics Weather API


Meteomatics' Weather API delivers fast, direct, simple access to an extensive range of global weather and environmental data. Our Weather API allows the integration of our unique, high quality, Smartcast tailored weather forecasts into all kinds of workforce management, planning, business insight, trading and decision-making systems.

Intelligent sensing and mapping software

Headlight AI Limited

We provide data analysis solutions for imagery from cameras, and 3D point clouds from LiDAR, which are uploaded to the cloud. We provide enhanced analytics in times of poor visibility and can give material information. The services we provide and the level of analytics highly depend on the end application.


Dynama Solutions Ltd

OneView is an organisational design and resource management solution. It enables maximum effectiveness of skilled personnel, assets and surety of compliance in complex and diverse environments. Our customers exploit it to ensure that resources are applied with maximum efficiency in the right place and at the right time.

InformedRESPONSE© - Incident Planning and Response

Informed Solutions Ltd

InformedRESPONSE© is a market leading, cloud-based emergency response platform and incident recording system which delivers solutions for operational decision support and incident and emergency planning for the most demanding environments. The platform incorporates our expertise in decision support, GIS technology, operational tasking and incident management with innovative, high-performing collaboration tools.

Automation Testing

Acuma Solutions Limited

Acuma’s Testing Service introduces revolution in AI based automation for Unit/System/Regression/Functional/Integration/Compatibility testing. Our cost-effective method offers one platform for entire E2E testing solutions suitable for non-technical users. This includes Web/Web Services, MainFrame/AS400, Windows, SAP, Mobile, Oracle Enterprise Suite, File Based, DB testing, RPA, DevOps oriented testing & Big Data testing.

Secure Cloud Hosted Command and Control System

MASS Consultants Ltd

MASS provides secure Command and Control systems to a range of military customers. This service is now available to customers across all sectors, at any scale, operating in any country or offshore, for any period of time, over a secured cloud connection with encrypted data hosted in the UK.

Cadcorp Notice Board


The provision of Cadcorp Notice Board as a fully hosted service on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. Notice Board provides a spatial dashboard of information as ‘notices’ pinned digitally on a single page of a website. Users can request more detailed information by clicking on hotlinks within a notice.


Atkins Limited

CIRRUSlocate™ is a Gazetteer Service providing a flexible, secure, automated and fast interface to all Great Britain’s addresses, properties and land areas where services are provided. CIRRUSlocate™ also supports local candidate records. Using best of breed open source software CIRRUSlocate™ provides low total cost of ownership for a Gazetteer.

Pentaho Big Data and Hadoop Integration and Analytics

Hitachi Vantara

Pentaho Data Integration will extract, transform and load from any data source and load into any Hadoop, No SQL or other type of datasource. Performs standardisation, validation, de-duplication and cleanse inconsistent or redundant data and manage data quality. Business Analytics, will deliver advanced analytics via a graphical GUI.

Pentaho Self Service Analytics

Hitachi Vantara

Using Pentaho's platform users can create self-serve reports on demand; these include interactive reports, pixel perfect reports via report designer, multi-dimensional drill down visualizations using Analyzer and Dashboards. User can also utilize our streamline data refinery to create data sets on demand.

Civica Tranman - Asset, Fleet & Workshop Management Software

Civica UK Limited

Civica delivers software and services that enable improved fleet management and operational efficiency; through whole life cost management, workshop/stores management and third party maintenance providers. We possess a highly experienced and capable team of solutions architects and implementation consultants that can undertake our projects and can deliver within tight timescales.

iBorders Border Management System

SITA Advanced Travel Solutions Ltd

iBorders is the most comprehensive portfolio available: from the provision of traveller information, to analysing complex data sets for risk assessment, to providing complete situational awareness of every aspect of border operations, iBorders enables governments to transform border security and ensure the country stays open for legitimate travel, and trade.