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INVO HOSTED PBX The hosted IPBX provides modern, flexible communications with a wide choice of business applications for office, home and mobile users. A state of the art web interface allows real time access and moves and changes as well as adding new services.

Mobile Threat Defence (MTD) - App Vetting Service


Provides real time mobile threat detection on phones, tablets and other mobile devices, as well as the networks they are on, and analyses apps for malicious activity pre-release and during use. Multiplatform protection and analysis tool for unified endpoint management.

Texuna Identity Assurance & Access Management


Identity Assurance and Access Management is an enterprise solution supporting mission-critical authentication and authorisation services, giving secure access to private and public cloud applications. Deliver Single Sign-On/Off via Shibboleth or OAuth2 for customers, partners, employees. Exchange attributes between integrated systems via SAML2. Active Directory integration and federation via open standards.

Gateway and Firewall Router as a Service

Viewdeck Consulting Limited

A virtualised Interzone, Boundary or Domain, Gateway and virtual Firewall service, suitable in providing separation between services. Supports VPN / secure IPSEC routing for remote connections. Can additionally provide a wide range of infrastructure support functions including DHCP, DNS etc.

Connectivity for AWS Cloud

Moortec Solutions Ltd

Moortec’s Connectivity Service for the AWS Cloud provides a managed secure network connections between the customer's on premise and remote locations, to AWS hosted environments, via AWS DirectConnect, private networks, and VPN (IPSec and OpenVPN) technology.



SD-WAN provides a secure hybrid overlay technology virtualizing the enterprise WAN with centralized management and control.

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) - DACS


Learning management and hosting system enabling front line training of OFFICIAL (inc SENSITIVE) material. Content can be in standard multi-media formats or as individual executables providing training apps within the VLE. Can connect with existing HR systems and LMS, via internet or government network connections.

Google Chrome Device Management License

Netpremacy Limited

Google Chrome web-based device management software, per device console SaaS license. With this offering, your admins can easily deploy and manage a fleet of Chrome devices (Chromebook/Chromebox/Chromebase) using the Google Chrome Management Console SaaS solution. The policies you set in the management console are automatically enforced on any enrolled devices.

Zscaler Private Access VPN-less Secure Access

Comtact Limited

Zscaler Private Access delivers policy-based, secure access to private applications and assets without the cost, or security risks of a VPN. Users get all of the benefits of Zscaler’s marketing-leading Internet Security platform, as well as granular, policy-based access to internal resources from a single point.

IBM Cloud for Skytap Services (OFFICIAL)

IBM United Kingdom Ltd

The IBM Cloud for Skytap Solutions provides a self-service based environment deployment and management solution. ICSS allows for the immediate creation of highly complex development and test environments that can be copied in seconds.

Wholesale Voip

M3ST Ltd

We provide full replacement of the traditional ISDN Service, through SIP trunking. Thanks to our custom built platform, we offer secure and reliable, cost effective solution to the traditional ISDN service. Ideal for Call centre clients

Change and Transformation Services


AJACO are on point to provide Business Change Implementation Services to our Clients. Service lines supported include Portfolio and Programme Management, Project Management and Project Support, Contract and Financial Management. AJACO work in collaboration with all service providers and all levels of management to ensure projects are delivered.

Virtual Private Network for Oracle Fusion Cloud Service - B84489

Oracle Corporation UK Limited

This service (Oracle APNB84489), Virtual Private Network for Oracle Fusion Cloud Service, offers a LAN-to-LAN IPSEC based software VPN Connection allowing for the encryption of all data between Oracle's data center firewalls, where Oracle Cloud Services are hosted, and Your firewall.

SecureIA Software as a Service

Secure Information Assurance Ltd

SecureIA enables the sharing and hosting of OFFICIAL/OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE information between HMG Departments and stakeholders via Internet and Private WANs e.g. RLI (GC). SecureIA provides a secure environment, accessible from a range of end points. Our flexible technology platforms enable user-focused applications to be delivered in a secure and low-cost way.

Arcus CloudCauseway

Arcus Global Limited

An award-winning managed service to resolve transport and security issues, route and manage HTTP and HTTPS traffic between private and public networks. It enables organisations to share data securely with internal systems and trusted external systems and platforms to help drive efficiencies and innovation through self-service portals, mobile-enablement, etc.

Hivetalk Intranet

Connect Internet Solutions Ltd

Hivetalk is a low-risk, proven, affordable intranet for organisations of every size. Hivetalk transforms organisations, promoting collaboration, improving efficiency, reducing overheads, sharing knowledge and improving productivity. Supplied as a business-ready configuration, it is rapidly deployed within just four weeks. Based on open source technology, there is no supplier tie-in.

Umbraco Intranet/Extranet

Connect Internet Solutions Ltd

We offer a low-risk, proven, affordable intranet/extranet for organisations of every size. It transforms organisations, promoting collaboration, improving efficiency, reducing overheads, sharing knowledge and improving productivity. Supplied as a business-ready configuration, it is rapidly deployed within just four weeks. Based on open source technology, there is no supplier tie-in.

WordPress Intranet/Extranet

Connect Internet Solutions Ltd

We offer a low-risk, proven, affordable intranet/extranet for organisations of every size. It transforms organisations, promoting collaboration, improving efficiency, reducing overheads, sharing knowledge and improving productivity. Supplied as a business-ready configuration, it is rapidly deployed within just four weeks. Based on open source technology, there is no supplier tie-in.

Montvieux - Managed Attribution Internet Access Service


The Montvieux Managed Attribution Internet Access Service provides users with the ability to control how they appear online, including the method of access and the footprint they leave on the Internet. The Service is scalable, globally accessible, includes training and is tailorable to meet the demands of individual use cases.

e2e Cloud Connect Service

e2e-assure Ltd

A cloud connectivity service that connects remote users, devices, offices and clouds together over the Internet utilising fixed and mobile VPNs over standard internet connections. Includes MDM for all types of mobile devices. Supports Windows, Mac, Linux, tablets and phones providing secure anywhere access to cloud resources up-to OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE.


Keyfort Ltd

SOBook is a secure online booking service that can be linked to an existing or new website. SOBook comprises: 1. Publish and book courses and other resources online. 2. Pay securely online. 3. Manage participants, courses, venues and instructors. 4. Communicate and obtain feedback SMStexts, emails and apps. 5. Reports

3SDL Cooperative ESM Operations (CESMO) Service


Cooperative ESM Operations (CESMO) exploit the benefits of using intercept data collected simultaneously on a target from different locations and orientations to rapidly and accurately geo-locate threats in a number of seconds. 3SDL provides CESMO Services through G-Cloud for Decision Support.

Secure ThinClient as a Service (TCaaS)

Centerprise International Ltd

A fully managed and secure ThinClient solution optimised for the consumption of multiple VDI and web based services. Becrypt Paradox secure OS with Enterprise grade physical components provides high availability desktop clients at a fixed service cost. An intuitive desktop interface ensures seamless experience for users, whilst simplifying management processes.

VNS3 Cloud Network Manager

Cohesive Networks

VNS3:ms Cloud Network Manager is a single dashboard to manage and monitor your VNS3 networks, VPN connections and underlying cloud VLAN network components (CIDR, subnets, route tables, ACLs, security groups, etc.) A central view of the network status and logs, backup, keys, users, passwords and licencing management.

Entrust Datacard Authentication Cloud Service

Network Utilities (Systems) Ltd

The multifactor Authentication Cloud Service (ACS) provides organisations and each user with a single set of credentials to securely access cloud, legacy and on-premise apps. With ACS, you will gain full control over user accounts by leveraging your existing Active Directory, offering the broadest range of authenticators including High Assurance.

Mobile Device Management and Security


MobileIron from CWSI is an MDM/EMM solution that secures and manages devices, applications and data for public sector customers. MobileIron is a multi-platform solution available on hybrid or private cloud. Users experience seamless, secure, fully protected access to business resources, corporate data, applications and content.

Cloud VPN as a Service

Viewdeck Consulting Limited

An SSL/TLS AES-256 based VPN Service based on OpenVPN. Secure and scalable service, suitable for deploying to the Cloud and joining sites, users and data centres. Typically, this provides very resilient connectivity from many remote clients to services hosted within a secure zone

Sentinel - Remote Access Service

Specialist Computer Centres plc

The Sentinel Secure Remote Access Service by Specialist Computer Centres (SCC) provides a robust and secure mechanism to access OFFICIAL environments from an Internet connection.

AnaPad VPN - A private international network for moving data, remote access and cloud integration.

FusionExperience Ltd

AnaPad VPN provides for the rapid set up of high security UK and international networks, using a unique design hardened against operational compromise. Using Proton AG's own data centre, ISP status, and over twenty international access points, AnaPad VPN provides BIL5xx security for bulk-data transfer or remote access.

Vasco - Multi Factor Authentication

Somerford Associates Limited

VASCO provide multi-factor authentication, digital signature solutions, secures access to data and applications in the cloud, and provides tools for application developers to easily integrate security functions into their web-based and mobile applications. It can run on your preferred cloud instance or onsite depending on security requirements.

Reliance acsn Managed Security Services

Reliance acsn

Reliance acsn have over 10 years' experience managing global security infrastructures for our clients, including some of the fastest growing government organisations. We offer two options: Co-Managed Service, supporting and enhancing your existing team or Fully Managed Service - we'll manage your entire security infrastructure, so you don't have to.


QBit Kloud Limited

The Alibaba offering currently delivers more than 2,000 SaaS services to clients across the globe, and the partnership with QBit Kloud offers customers in the UK access to these offerings, any many more SaaS services which are in development.

Bomgar Privileged Access Management (PAM)

Softcat Limited

Bomgar's Privileged Access enables security professionals to control, monitor and manage privileged access and privileged identities to critical systems by authorised employees, contractors and third-party vendors.



INVO SOLUTIONS - A SIP trunk provides access to and from the PSTN using Internet Protocol (IP). It allows a company to replace its traditional fixed PSTN lines with a highly cost effective and flexible resilient IP connection

Mobile Device Management / Enterprise Mobility Management (MobileIron)

Bridgeway Security Solutions

The MobileIron solution secures and manages devices, apps and data for a growing number of UK public sector customers. Our implementations are PSN-compliant, offering true multi-OS management across the leading mobile OS platforms. MobileIron is available as a cloud service through the MobileIron Cloud or as a private cloud.

Radiator RADIUS


Radiator is the swiss army knife of RADIUS solutions providing the power and flexibility to meet the needs of complex AAA deployments like Govroam WiFi.

Replify Accelerator

Replify Ltd

WAN Optimisation software

Information and Communications Technologies

Clarity Tech Ltd

Clarity Tech supplies cloud-based technologies that provide access to information through various applications and systems. Our ICT services include Development of Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Operations Management, and Continuous Service Improvement. Technical management, Application Management, Incident, and Problem Management.

Virtual Network Sever Cubed 'VNS3' VPN Edition

Cohesive Networks

VNS3:vpn is a software only security appliance used to create Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and Virtual Private Clouds (VPC) to secure all your data in motion in the cloud. Data security is provided by full end-to-end IPsec and SSL/TLS encryption, you fully control the VPN and the encryption keys.

VNS3 Secure Network Appliance

Cohesive Networks

The software only VNS3 Security Network Appliance allows you to secure all of your data in motion and enforce security policies adding multiple orthogonal layers for extra security. Control a secure, scalable, HA, meshed network distributed across multiple public and private clouds to create one logical group of federated resource.

SBL Bomgar Secure Remote Support (RS)

Software Box Limited (SBL)

Bomgar Secure Remote Support is a software platform used by Service Desk, Help Desk and Customer Support departments to establish secure remote access and control of desktops, laptops, servers and mobile devices.

Citrix Cloud Implementation and Consultancy Services

Incremental Group

Incremental Group’s Citrix Cloud Implementation and Consultancy services provide support and advice in the adoption of, and transition to, Cloud-based Desktop and Application solutions using Citrix cloud technologies. Our team of Citrix Certified Professionals work with organisations providing initial discovery and readiness, transition planning, cloud strategy, implementation and support services.

Mobile Device Management - Enterprise Mobility Management - FLEX


Mobile device management incorporating multiple EMM technologies providing endpoint management platform. Deployed on-prem, from public cloud, or secure private cloud, and managed as a service for you to administer devices from a single console, or have the service fully managed for you. Secure remote mobile working - secure voice calls.


Govtech Solutions Ltd

Hosted integration service for online Council Tax and Business Rates transactions with optional web forms

Complete Mobile Device Security


Complete Mobile Device Protection from CWSI is a solution that combines best-of-breed software platforms to protect mobile devices at every level. Device security, data traffic control and reputation, app reputation and malware detection in a single solution that is deployed from a single console.



Weblife secures and simplifies employee web access through cloud-based isolation of personal and high risk web use in the workplace. Specifically addressing GDPR concerns around employer monitoring of employee communciations.

VNS3 Application Security Controller

Cohesive Networks

VNS3:turret Application Security Controllers are encrypted, clustered software-only virtual instances that create a micro-perimeter to secure your mission critical business systems in public/private cloud. This Isolation and Segmentation provides the most comprehensive application security model available today. VNS:turret is a secure, redundant network combined with dataflow and compliance tools.

Azdio's Viptela SD-WAN Offering

Azdio Limited

Azdio provides Viptela SD-WAN solution to the UK Gov market directly and through our partner or UK Gov selected Partner organisations. Viptela SD-WAN provide secure, and highly functional hybrid wide area network connectivity services over any major WAN connection including, MPLS, Broadband Internet, LTE, Leased Lines and other connectivity means.

VNS3:ha Cloud Networking High Availability

Cohesive Networks

For cloud networking High Availability. VNS3:ha is an automated instance-based failover add-on feature. With VNS3:ha backup instances are associated with a running and healthy VNS3 controller. In the event the primary controller fails, an automated failover process runs where a VNS3:ha backup takes the place of failed VNS3 primary controller

Exchange Communications MPLS IP VPN

Exchange Communications Ltd

Exchange Communications offers an MPLS IP VPN service which combines the flexible connectivity and scalability of IP-based services with the security, privacy and quality of Asynchronous Transfer Mode and frame relay. With MPLS IP VPN you can reduce your costs and simplify operations. - Free of Charge - Encrypted email service for public sector suppliers and customers

FusionExperience Ltd is a Free of Charge to validated users, fully featured, BIL 3xx webmail service, using end-to-end encryption to protect email messages and attachements between supplier and customer across the Internet. Ideal for project communications and data transfer, can deliver encrypted to mail recipients not using the service.

Adepteo® Hosted VoIP Telephone System

Adepteo Limited

Adepteo® VoIP telephony eliminates the need for significant capital investment. Has a host of features developed to help good businesses get better these include call management, conference calling, call recording, queuing of calls, voicemail and call data analytics. All traffic runs on equipment hosted managed and maintained by Adepteo®.

GeDaP Keytalk for IoT/M2M

TeamLogic Systems Ltd

KeyTalk strengthens the security of devices on a network, automating the creation and exchange of short-lived digital certificates at frequent intervals. With its automatic authentication (device identity) and robust encryption KeyTalk provides the security of PKI without the bureaucracy. Highly scalable objects can be readily connected and secured .

e2e Secure Cloud Web Gateway Service

e2e-assure Ltd

Provides users and devices with a trusted web gateway and cloud access broker to secure online business activities and web browsing. Options allow for a complete virtual desktop browsing platform in the cloud, a secure file transfer solution and advanced secure, anonymous, web browsing. Explicit/Transparent Proxy. ADFS and SAML Integration.

Mobile Device Management for Education


MobileIron from CWSI is a MDM/EMM Mobile Device solution that secures and manages devices, applications and data for public sector customers and educational institutes. MobileIron is a multi-platform solution. School administrators, teachers and students experience a simple, easy to use solution that provides secure, fully protected access to education resources.

Managed Mobility Information Service

SecureCloud+ Limited

MMIS at OFFICIAL with a handling caveat of SENSITIVE provides secure access through user-specific workspaces to applications, data and corporate email across secure government networks or via the Internet. Using mobile devices such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop, users can access Corporate IT systems from anywhere at anytime.

Zscaler Private Access Service

Truststream Security Solutions

Zscaler Private Access is a cloud-based service that delivers policy-based, secure access to private applications and assets without the cost, support burden, or security risks of a VPN. It delivers seamless, policy-driven, access to private internal applications and assets whether they are in the cloud, the data center, or both.

Centrify Identity Platform

Somerford Associates Limited

Centrify strengthens enterprise security by managing and securing user identities from cyber threats. With Centrify’s platform of integrated software and cloud-based services, Centrify uniquely secures and unifies identity for both privileged and end users across today’s hybrid IT world of cloud, mobile and data centre.

Adepteo® Cloud Control Centre (C³)

Adepteo Limited

Adepteo® Cloud Control Centre (C³) service provides comprehensive management of Domain Names, Email Addresses, VoIP Telephone numbers and Customer Relationship Management. Our self built platform is based upon many leading Open Source Technologies and offers excellent value for money.

Enterprise Mobility Management - Airwatch / Workspace ONE / MobileIron


Mobility management provided as a service using VMWare/Airwatch/MobileIron MDM software. Deployed on-prem, from VMWare/Airwatch/MobileIron cloud, or your own private cloud, and managed as a service for you to administer devices from a single console, or have the service fully managed for you. App Store and PSN remote working

Control Room Solution


Integrated Communications Control System(ICCS) hosted within Airwave's secure private cloud or buyer's private cloud. Including automatic call distribution(ACD) and bulk voice recording capabilities. Control Room Solution is integrated with the Airwave radio network,ESN,PSTN,999(EISEC),and customer systems enabling seamless dispatching and call-taking. This describes the Premier offering. See ServiceDefinition for other Tiers.

Zscaler Private Access

BSI Cybersecurity and Information Resilience (Ireland) Ltd

Zscaler Private Access is a new way for authorized users to access specific applications without the cost, hassle or security risk of VPNs, Zscaler Private Access decouples private internal applications from the physical network to enable authorized user access to selected apps without the security risk or complexity of VPNs.

Commsworld Unified Communications, Private Hosted Voice service

Commsworld Ltd.

MiVoice Business call control software. Whether a company has five users or 130,000, MiVoice Business’ single software stream optimizes the communications environment, delivering rich capabilities in voice, mobility, unified messaging, presence, conferencing and collaboration.

Hosted Telephony (VoIP)

Redcentric Solutions Limited

Unity IP Voice is Redcentric’s hosted enterprise voice solution for organisations needing to update their existing telephony system but who are also looking to control equipment, training and operational costs.

Managed File Collaboration Service

SecureCloud+ Limited

Managed File Collaboration Service is an OFFICIAL service with a handling caveat of SENSITIVE for closed user-group data-sharing across government and external agencies. Users can access, edit and save information securely using any available Internet connection. The collaborative workspace provides file synchonisation and sharing, collaboration forums and user-friendly document management.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) - DUO


Provide additional authentication to confirm user identification before allowing access to applications and services. Can be provided through tokens or mobile device integration to allow seamless user experience. Integrate with other cloud services, as part of enterprise apps, or add to unified endpoint management solutions.


RHM Telecommunications Ltd

RHM VOIP service is a Cloud based telephony solution that is available on a pay as you use basis.

Adepteo® Phone and Video Conferencing Service

Adepteo Limited

The Adepteo® video and audio conferencing solution is a web browser based system available on desktop and mobile devices. The audio element integrates with any global phone network. Using WebRTC technology it seamlessly allows video, team collaboration, file and screen sharing, as well as voice calls.

IPAAS - Integration Platform as a Service

Experis Limited

Experis Project Solutions offers open ITSM solutions for multi-sourced IT services. Through a suite of technology, we can deliver rapid and seamless ITSM Switching and Service Integration with value streams of real-time tickets and machine operations across a wide range of platforms and detectable business events.


Armadillo Managed Services

Zscaler Web Security protects your enterprise from cyber threats, stopping intellectual property leaks, and ensuring compliance with corporate content and access policies. It monitors your network and user activity, secures roaming users and mobile devices, and manages all of this globally from a single management console.

Accellion Mobile Productivity and Collaboration (kiteworks)

Bridgeway Security Solutions

The Accellion kiteworks solution enables secure inter-and-intra agency collaboration, secure remote access to files and documents, as well as easy collaboration with contractors and constituents, from any device, ensuring today’s government employees are productive and agile.

Content Filtering

Academia Ltd

Academia’s content filter helps protect organisations from Web borne threats and enables the control, monitoring and enforcement of Web acceptable use policies with minimal latency. Anti-malware layers block threats safely away from networks while URL filtering policies and Web traffic quota limits reduce Web misuse and help protect company bandwidth.

SBL Bomgar Privileged Access Management (PAM)

Software Box Limited (SBL)

Bomgar's Privileged Access enables security professionals to control, monitor and manage privileged access and privileged identities to critical systems by authorised employees, contractors and third-party vendors.