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39 results found

Virtual Data Room

Admincontrol AS

Virtual Data Rooms (VDRs) from Admincontrol are custom-designed to streamline and support due diligence processes. In the data room institutions can share confidential documentation and perform Q&A rounds in an intuitive and secure environment. A Virtual Data Room ensures rapid, transparent and secure information sharing.

NQM Population and Infrastructure Modelling Suite

NquiringMinds Ltd

The NQM Population and Infrastructure Modelling Suite comprised four separate but complementary modules: • Population Scenario Modelling • Revenue and Accounts Analytics • School Pressure Analytics • GP Pressure Analytics The tools help local authorities plan for the future, anticipate costs and right size infrastructure investments.


NJW Limited

TRIRIGA is the world’s leading Integrated Workplace Management Solution (IWMS). NJW generally deploy TRIRIGA in conjunction with Focal365 and a suite of Progressive Applications that complement and enhance standard functionality. TRIRIGA has unparalleled configuration capability, that allows client business processes to be modelled without changes to the core software.

Intranet from PretaGov

PretaGov Limited

Our simple cloud-based solution for intranets, extranets and collaboration tools has a powerful "out-of the-box" feature set. With our product (PretaShare) you have a ready to use, future proofed solution that can be customised and extended to meet the most complex business requirements at any time.

IBM Facilities and Real Estate Management on Cloud (TRIRIGA)

IBM United Kingdom Ltd

The IBM Facilities and Real Estate Management on Cloud (TRIRIGA) solution delivers an integrated workplace management system (IWMS) that integrates functional models across real estate, capital projects, facilities and space, workplace operations, portfolio data, and environmental and energy management within a single technology platform.

Asset Infinity


New Age Cloud based Asset management, tracking, tagging and maintenance system. It has mobile app for both Android and iOS platform. The system is completely configurable at user end. It can be made operational in less than a week time. The system is currently being used by all industry verticals.

Asset, Property & Compliance Management Software and Oracle and IBM Cloud solutions.

Elf Software Ltd

elf Software Ltd specialise in developing software solutions and comprehensive support services in Property, Asset & Compliance specifically to support Local Authorities, Academies, Schools & Outsourcing Companies. In addition elf Software ltd can now offer Oracle and IBM cloud software solutions.

Extranet from PretaGov

PretaGov Limited

Our simple cloud based solution for intranets, extranets and collaboration tools has a powerful "out-of the-box" feature set. With our product (PretaShare) you have a ready to use, future proofed solution that can be customised and extended to meet the most complex business requirements at any time.

Microsoft SharePoint copy


Microsoft SharePoint is a browser-based collaboration and document management platform from Microsoft - Wikipedia. Microsoft's content management system. It allows groups to set up a centralized, password protected space for document sharing.

IBM Blockchain Platform (Enterprise/Enterprise Plus)

IBM United Kingdom Ltd

IBM Blockchain Platform provides a managed, full stack blockchain- as-a-service (BaaS) use Hyperledger Fabric through the IBM Cloud, enabling members to develop and easily move to a collaborative environment. The platform simplifies the blockchain journey (i.e. developing/governing/operating networks) with membership plans. Uses highly secure LinuxONE platform, UK based for sensitive-workloads.

NQM Business Rates Management Suite

NquiringMinds Ltd

The Business Rates Management Suite helps local authorities increase revenue from business rates. It comprises three modules • Business Rates Portfolio Analysis: spot fraud and property category errors real-time. • Business Rates Inspection Workflow Manager: to manage inspections • Business Rates Optimiser: sets optimal tax and dispensation rates by cluster

Collaboration tools, intranets & extranets from PretaGov

PretaGov Limited

Our simple cloud based solution for intranets, extranets and collaboration tools has a powerful "out-of the-box" feature set. With our product (PretaShare) you have a ready to use, future proofed solution that can be customised and extended to meet the most complex business requirements at any time.

IBM Weather Company Operations Dashboard

IBM United Kingdom Ltd

The Weather Company Operations Dashboard combines real time weather, traffic, alerting and mapping, enabling all users the ability to make operational decisions in real time. As an application, the speed, user experience, and depth of information provide unique insights directly to a mobile device, empowering decision makers on the go.

Manhattan Real Estate Management Systems

Trimble UK Ltd

Manhattan is a fully integrated suite of real estate modules, designed to support all aspects of the real estate lifecycle. Including project management, leasing & accounting, sustainability, planned & reactive maintenance and space management & scheduling. Manhattan offers strategic and tactical solutions tailored to your organisation.

Total Estate Energy and Asset Management

EO Consulting Ltd

The service collects all types of asset condition and compliance data via a mobile app. From this automated reports and dynamic business intelligence dashboards are produced accessible via the cloud that enables interactive analytics to be undertaken to optimise capital and maintenance investment decisions at block, building and estate level.

Concerto FM solution with Integrated CAFM service helpdesk

Concerto Support Services Ltd

Web based, FM & property management system with integrated CAFM helpdesk. Collaborative, centralised property management across any location from any device. User-friendly and customisable with role-defined dashboards and integrated mobile application. Complete Suppliers Portal. Links with existing systems. Concerto offers a great user experience and excellent value for money.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Allot Limited

We will deploy Sustainable Development Goals solution, as defined by United Nations using AWS, Azure or Qlik cloud to deliver the agreed goals and its impact to support your decision and funding (ask for the fund) process.

Application Decommissioning

Hitachi Consulting UK Ltd

Hitachi and the DataNovata Application Data Bridge provides a simple, fast and cost effective way to manage agnostic legacy applications, our simple approach to migrating your legacy apps to a Hitachi managed cloud.

The Land App

Digital Land Solutions Ltd

A user-friendly, cloud-based mapping platform that connects landowners to government on a shared digital map. It streamlines the design, submission, approval and monitoring of land-based projects, reducing administrative costs, improving quality of applications and reducing projects risks. The Land App delivers value-for-money and cross-government efficiency through a single end-to-end solution.

SITI Agri Knowledge Sandbox


SITI AGRI is the Integrated Administration and Monitoring System (IAMS) designed to monitor agriculture, woodland, animal production and rural land-based activities in general. Monitoring happens by means of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in accordance with a prospective nascent Agricultural Policy, which aims to deliver public goods.

ManagePlaces Project Management

ManagePlaces Limited

Secure, Cloud-based Project Management software for conservation, installation, facilities management and construction projects of all sizes. ManagePlaces connects teams and automates workflow and finances, leading to better project delivery with minimised risk of time and cost overruns. We deliver your platform after analysing your requirements.

Data Analytics and Benchmarking

EO Consulting Ltd

Data Analytics and Benchmarking service helps improve resource allocation within public sector organisations by creating built-in data models and intelligent narratives of the key benchmarks and KPIs needed to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness and presents the results in user friendly and interactive dashboards on an embedded business intelligence portal.

Content Management System (CMS) from PretaGov

PretaGov Limited

Launch a government cloud security standards compliant Content Management System - powered by the Plone CMS with PretaSite. It's ready to use, yet future proofed. This is because of its intuitive interface and powerful "out-of the-box" feature set. Perfect for public or internal restricted portals and CMS websites.

Concerto Project Management Integrated Software Solution

Concerto Support Services Ltd

User-friendly, web based project and programme management. Employ stand-alone for IT project management for example, or integrated with the Concerto asset management solution for complete property management. Integrates with finance systems. Scalable, highly configurable and highly regarded. Intuitively designed by a team that understand Public Sector requirements. Centralise your data.


Styles & Wood Limited

iSite is a property and project software solution from Styles&Wood. Manage estate, assets, tasks and maintenance. Streamline operations with customisable dashboards, integrated budget and cost tracking and powerful project management capabilities. Gain insight with access to real time data and intelligence to make informed decisions. Integrates with current systems.

Concerto Property Asset Management Integrated Software Solution

Concerto Support Services Ltd

Web based, Asset management solution. 360 degree management with optional Integrated FM Help Desk. Collaborative, centralised management of operational and/or non-operational assets and estates across any location from any device. Joint and mobile working fully supported. User friendly with role-defined dashboards and powerful functionality. Links with existing systems.

Land and Conservation Management System (CMSi)

exeGesIS Spatial Data Management

CMSi is the software supported approach to management of land, property and assets that have conservation and amenity value. CMSi is used by public and private sector organisations including several government agencies in the UK and overseas such as Natural England, Natural Resources Wales and local authorities.

Virtual Data Room - Clinked


Clinked Virtual Data room solution provides central place for negotiating contracts or managing a deal. Streamline the due diligence process and store, share, and monitor documents in a secure virtual data room with Clinked.

Websites from PretaGov

PretaGov Limited

Launch a government cloud security standards compliant website Content Management System - powered by the Plone CMS with PretaSite. It's ready to use, yet future proofed. This is because of its intuitive interface and powerful "out-of the-box" feature set. Perfect for public or internal restricted portals and websites.



Neighbourhub Cloud empowers social housing providers, both large and small, with the information, tools and knowledge to enhance housing service provision, increase surpluses for reinvestment, better meet the needs of their tenants, communities and assets, and ensure long-term sustainability.

IBM Blockchain Platform (Starter Plan)

IBM United Kingdom Ltd

With the IBM Blockchain Starter Plan, you get access to development tools with Hyperledger Composer, tutorials, and a development environment and preproduction environment built with The Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Fabric.

Spectrum Spatial Analyst

CDR Group

An enterprise ready application, the OGC compliant Spectrum Spatial Analyst provides an out-of-the-box web mapping application that provides easy access to information and insights within a spatial context. It also provides access to a wide range of standard SOAP and REST web services, which support data interoperability and system integration.

Micad Property Management Software

Micad Systems (UK) Ltd.

The design, supply and support of web hosted Estates and Facilities software called the Micad IPR. Modules to help manage: Property, Space and Utilisation, Asbestos, Compliance, Planned and Reactive Maintenance, Appraisal, Cleaning Audits, Lease Management , Stock control, Purchasing, Contract/Contractor Management, Web call logging, Drawing Management, BIM and Document Publishing.



SITI4farmer is the Agricultural Knowledge Information System allowing end-to-end traceability, quality control and monitoring of the Agri-food chain. It combines available data sources (satellite, drones, sensors ... etc.) and eases knowledge exchange amongst farming-based organisations, technical experts, research institutions, and government to support decisions by means of Artificial Intelligence.

Civica Servitor – DLO Contractor Repair Management System

Civica UK Limited

Civica Servitor is a complete property repairs management system delivering end to end repairs management, from effective diagnosis of repairs problems through efficient work allocation and workforce scheduling to sophisticated financial management and monitoring of the repairs operation. The system delivers optimised automated scheduling for mobile operatives in the field.

Civica Community Map

Civica UK Limited

Civica Community Map is a Geographical Information System that will replace traditional desktop GIS; delivered as a cloud based solution. Community Map enables users to accurately create spatial data and publish it quickly via customisable web pages that can be shared with the public or specific groups within an organisation.


Trace Solutions Limited

BlueBox is a cloud hosted property management system that will manage a real estate portfolio. The system will manage an 'occupied' portfolio, where head rents need to be paid and lease obligations fulfilled, or a let portfolio where tenancies need to be managed and billed.

Civica Keystone – Property Asset Management System

Civica UK Limited

Civica Keystone is a complete Property Asset Management System helping organisations to manage their property assets efficiently and meeting compliance. The system incorporates Asbestos Management, Planned Maintenance, Servicing and inspections, Risk Management and Mobile Surveying. The system effectively manages Asbestos, Fire Risk including FRA9 and Legionella.

Data Visualisation and Business Intelligence

Arundel PM Ltd

We provide cloud based apps to interrogate project/programme/portfolio data and to create insightful visualisations - made available through the Cloud and publishable internally or to the public Web. We use cloud based visualisation systems to give customers detailed views about pinch points, risk, progress and data quality.