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10 results found

Automated Energy Data Management & Analysis

Energy Elephant Ltd

Import all Energy data, and analyze immediately. [PDF, Excel, CSV] Automated bill validation. Include building & weather metrics to detect problems. Access all you energy data, at any level from an overall view of 5000 buildings to drilling down to a single meter.

IBM Weather Company Operations Dashboard

IBM United Kingdom Ltd

The Weather Company Operations Dashboard combines real time weather, traffic, alerting and mapping, enabling all users the ability to make operational decisions in real time. As an application, the speed, user experience, and depth of information provide unique insights directly to a mobile device, empowering decision makers on the go.

Application Decommissioning

Hitachi Consulting UK Ltd

Hitachi and the DataNovata Application Data Bridge provides a simple, fast and cost effective way to manage agnostic legacy applications, our simple approach to migrating your legacy apps to a Hitachi managed cloud.

The Land App

Digital Land Solutions Ltd

A user-friendly, cloud-based mapping platform that connects landowners to government on a shared digital map. It streamlines the design, submission, approval and monitoring of land-based projects, reducing administrative costs, improving quality of applications and reducing projects risks. The Land App delivers value-for-money and cross-government efficiency through a single end-to-end solution.

SITI Agri Knowledge Sandbox


SITI AGRI is the Integrated Administration and Monitoring System (IAMS) designed to monitor agriculture, woodland, animal production and rural land-based activities in general. Monitoring happens by means of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in accordance with a prospective nascent Agricultural Policy, which aims to deliver public goods.

Azimap Cloud GIS Software


Integrate, collaborate, manage, analyse and share spatial data on the complete Cloud GIS. Azimap Cloud GIS can improve performance and enhance services throughout an organisation with collaborative working, advanced spatial analysis & data capture tools that support business critical decision making.

Meteomatics Weather API


Meteomatics' Weather API delivers fast, direct, simple access to an extensive range of global weather and environmental data. Our Weather API allows the integration of our unique, high quality, Smartcast tailored weather forecasts into all kinds of workforce management, planning, business insight, trading and decision-making systems.

Aqilla Cloud Accounting for Public Sector

Aqilla Limited

Aqilla is a flexible and scalable cloud based accounting solution providing a high level of functionality and delivering true value for money to the public sector. Utilising an SQL database, it is designed to be accessible from any modern web browser and mobile device without the need for additional software.



SITI4farmer is the Agricultural Knowledge Information System allowing end-to-end traceability, quality control and monitoring of the Agri-food chain. It combines available data sources (satellite, drones, sensors ... etc.) and eases knowledge exchange amongst farming-based organisations, technical experts, research institutions, and government to support decisions by means of Artificial Intelligence.

Civica Community Map

Civica UK Limited

Civica Community Map is a Geographical Information System that will replace traditional desktop GIS; delivered as a cloud based solution. Community Map enables users to accurately create spatial data and publish it quickly via customisable web pages that can be shared with the public or specific groups within an organisation.