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  • eLearning Content Development

    eCom Scotland

    Our experienced and talented team of design team work with clients to deliver engaging, interactive and stimulating e-learning built in industry standard authoring tools. Combined with project and risk management with a thorough QA and UAT process we can ensure engagement and compliance with content.

  • Bespoke Content Development

    Virtual College Ltd

    Our bespoke team create learning solutions to change behaviours, develop knowledge and influence organisational culture change. The solutions range from rapid design e-learning to digitisation of your L&D strategy. We design solutions that combine a range of elements from gamification and immersive challenges to contextualised scenarios and videos.

  • Mind Tools for Business learning and development solutions from Emerald Works

    Emerald Works Limited

    Proven public sector learning, training and development solutions. Working with you, we create a learning culture for individuals and organisations to thrive. Mind Tools online resources improve employee performance through real-time, easy-access to learning - when, where and how they need it. Our customisable e-learning/training courses meet specific learners’ needs.

  • ASR - Automatic Speech Recognition

    Speech-i Ltd.

    The Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) system, operates in the cloud, could be Speech-i cloud, customer, and/or third parties cloud infrastructure. It handles transcriptions of audio sources (Recording, direct audio, audio-video, etc.), can handle real-time (audio in streaming) or batch, with or without subtitling. Available in multiple languages.

  • Off the shelf e-learning - Compliance e-learning catalogue

    Learning Pool Ltd

    The Compliance e-learning catalogue from Learning Pool is a comprehensive e-learning resource designed for use by everyone. Providing gamified e-learning that has a strong and clear message on the full range of compliance titles from Anti money laundering and cyber security to Understanding Mental Health in the Workplace, and Whistleblowing.

  • Education Manager

    i2N Ltd

    Education Manager, is a secure managed service to deliver enterprise-scale educational services in highly secure environments (Prisons, Young Offender Institutions, Secure Training Centres, Secure Children’s Homes, Probation etc). This includes education offerings from both Microsoft and Google. Chromebooks or Secure Linux Devices can be provided for access.

  • Cornerstone Public Sector Learning and Compliance Training Management Solution

    Cornerstone OnDemand

    Reinvent learning and development to realise the potential of your employee, Cornerstone’s powerful, cloud-based SaaS learning management system, is configurable to your exact needs, with rapid implementation, for organisations of all sizes. You can go beyond delivering training and compliance, to developing an engaged, collaborative and skilled Public Sector Workforce.

  • IBM Cloud for Skytap Services (OFFICIAL)

    IBM United Kingdom Ltd

    IBM Cloud for Skytap Solutions (ICSS) is a public cloud supporting and accelerating the modernisation of traditional applications without the additional overhead of refactoring. ICSS provides cloud-based application environments enabling rapid, reliable & repeatable deployment and management of x86/AIX/IBMi/Linux (running on Power) enterprise application environments in IBM Cloud.

  • Totara v13 Talent Experience Platform TXP (LMS)

    Chambury Learning Solutions [Chambury Consulting Ltd]

    Totara is implemented quickly and at lower cost than proprietary solutions. PC /Mac /Tablet /SmartPhone compatible. ​ We understand learning. We understand compliance. We understand reporting. We understand NHS /CQC. We understand cost effective pricing. We include a Learning Consultant, UK hosting, maintenance, training, customer conferences, workshops and focus groups.

  • Calibrandtest


    Calibrandtest is a powerful cloud tool that enables organisations to deliver tests, exams or assessments, to measure capabilities, skills and knowledge. It is used by candidates, students, and learners in a range of important business activities including certification, licensing, compliance testing, continuing professional development and lifelong learning.

  • eLearning/eEducation with TeleSlide MultiMedia


    TeleSlide MultiMedia service is an online platform dedicated to gross, microscopy imaging, digital slides and other multimedia documents sharing within learners. It assists on the development of complete educational curriculums. The teachers can create practical and clinical cases by uploading and sharing files, while assessing the knowledge of their students.

  • Housing elearning courses

    Virtual College Ltd

    Designed to scale, for either social housing providers or tenants, we have a range of relevant elearning courses. We work closely with experts in social housing to ensure all our courses meet the required legislation and regulatory standard for all your training needs.

  • Custom-built e-learning content

    Learning Pool Ltd

    Our highly-skilled and experienced team deliver interactive e-learning that enables them to maximise the engagement and impact of the module. Our in-house team can develop e-learning in a number of tools including our own Adapt solution and Storyline, Captivate, Camtasia, Elucidat and Rise, a well as using our game frameworks.

  • Shiken - AI-Powered Adaptive Learning

    Meddicle LTD

    Shiken is an adaptive learning management system (LMS) that blends AI and scientific research into learning acquisition to personalise learning and training for organisations while delivering mindfulness and mental health support to improve student and employee well-being. Shiken helps organisations deliver engaging, impactful, mindful and personalised training at scale.

  • Totara Perform [Integrated learning and performance management system]

    Chambury Learning Solutions [Chambury Consulting Ltd]

    Totara Perform brings together the most progressive peer-to-peer feedback, continuous and traditional performance management practices and is hugely flexible so you can tailor your performance management processes to match business needs. As those needs evolve, changes can be implemented quickly, keeping you firmly on the path to continuous business improvement.

  • MHR Learning Management System


    Cloud based AI powered SaaS Learning Management System allowing for the management and hosting of broad range of learning, user adoption and enablement materials.

  • Visionable Video Conferencing Healthcare

    Visionable Ltd

    The Visionable Healthcare Platform is a multi-application video collaboration and communication platform. Providing core tools for NHS new care models, by enabling next generation services. Supporting patient-consultations, Telemedicine & MDT applications. Secured with 256-bit encryption and advanced features for clinical applications as well as back office collaboration and Board management.

  • Capita Student Information System (SIS) in the Cloud


    Capita’s SIS captures and maintains data that educators need to support their students’ success along their academic journey. It does this by empowering more informed and effective collaboration between students and employees, as well as facilitating more beneficial and timely stakeholder engagement between parents, other institutions, agencies and employers.

  • Leadership and Management elearning and courses

    Virtual College Ltd

    Designed to scale, training for core competencies or to develop strategic leaders across your organisation, our Leadership and Management elearning courses are designed to make an impact. Developed for aspiring managers through to organisational leaders, training covers essential topics including employment law, performance management, line management and more.

  • Articulate Storyline 360 Limited

    For the creation of engaging and interactive eLearning. Enables collaboration between developers, project managers and subject matter experts (reviewers). Includes vast library of eLearning resources, graphics, and tools for the development of branching scenarios, interactive exercises, assessment questions and more. Easy to use and fully supported.

  • THRIVE - Off the shelf elearning - Complete Online Micro Learning Catalogue


    Our content isn’t just about ticking boxes. It’s designed to drive real change. Whether that’s changing behaviours, cultures or attitudes. Using modern learning design, we make complex topics short, simple and engaging. Over 170 e-learning modules including: Soft Skills, Leadership, Management, Health & Safety, Customer Service, Mental Health and more.

  • efireservice - PDRpro and learnPro Fire

    Learnpro Efireservice

    Personal Development Recording and Learning Management System with Courses and Assessments for the UK Emergency Services focusing on Fire Service. Compliance Recording and Delivery

  • Visionable Video Conferencing for Bluelight Organisations

    Visionable Ltd

    The Visionable platform is a multi-application video and data collaboration and communication platform. Providing core tools for next generation blue-light services. Applications include solutions for meetings, virtual case working, virtual courts and restorative justice. The platform allows ubiquitous connectivity from fixed to mobile locations on a secure government enabled platform.

  • Relias Learning Management System & Content Libraries for Social Care

    Relias Learning Ltd.

    Relias is an unrivalled learning solution provider, trusted by 10,000+ clients globally. The Social Care solution comprises essential statutory/mandatory training – including Core Skills, Care Certificate, and Dementia Care – plus clinical, soft-skills and leadership courses. Manage e-learning, face-to-face training, bespoke course content, and policies/procedures in one intuitive, built-for-care platform.

  • Off-the-shelf elearning and courses

    Virtual College Ltd

    Whether you’re looking to up-skill one or thousands of employees, our catalogue has over 500 off-the-shelf courses. Courses across our core areas of expertise; Health and Safety, Safeguarding, Food, Compliance & Development and Leadership are up to date and relevant across a wide range of public sector training needs.

  • Totara Learn LMS (Learning Management System)

    Think Learning

    Totara Learn is a functionally rich, responsive learning platform enabling organisations to manage elearning, compliance, CPD, blended and social learning. Integrated performance and talent management, eCommerce, and e-Form capability (e.g. for Onboarding). Supplement with Totara Learn TXP, Totara Perform, and Totara Engage Enterprise extensions. Healthcare, NHS, and Government specialist experience.

  • Relias Learning Management System & Content Libraries for Secondary and Mental Health Care

    Relias Learning Ltd.

    Relias is an unrivalled learning solution provider, trusted by 10,000+ clients globally. The Secondary and Mental Health Care solution comprises essential statutory/mandatory training – including Core Skills and the Care Certificate – plus clinical, soft-skills and leadership courses. Manage e-learning, face-to-face training, bespoke content, and policies/procedures in a built-for-healthcare platform.

  • SIMS Parent


    SIMS Parent app is a parental engagement solution. Each module works in sync to effectively bridge the parent-teacher-student communication gap, improving academic achievement and supporting student wellbeing.

  • Fully managed Moodle Workplace and Moodle LMS solutions

    Titus Learning

    Titus provides fully managed Learning Management Systems built on the Moodle or Moodle Workplace LMS platforms. The solution includes consultancy, design, development, integration, implementation, content authoring, training and support, as well as proactive management of the software and infrastructure.

  • Academy Learning Management System LMS

    Built Intelligence Ltd

    Built Intelligence LMS is our easy to use Learning Management System, it provides you and your project team with access to a suite of eLearning, ePortfolio and knowledge management tools. In addition it also contains tools to facilitate face-to-face training, monitoring, reporting and the development of role-based capability frameworks.