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905 results found

905 results found in Cloud software in the category Other operations management services

  • Swiss Post Solutions Scanning,Capture and Workflow

    Swiss Post Solutions

    This service provides digitisation, capture and indexing of both hard copy and digital documents, improving the speed and accuracy of document processing, reducing costs and improving access to information.

  • RPA Prebuilt solution - Enhance single customer view

    T-Impact Limited

    Creating a Robot, acting as a 'central filing clerk', this service gathers documents creating a single view of your customer, responds to service requests and alerts relevant officers. Employees can tap into data and make smarter decisions, enhancing the customer experience.

  • Claymore - Training Management

    Spatial Data Engineering

    Claymore manages the Training and Exercise planning lifecycle from the automatic ingestion of applications and validation of information through to calculating landowner and lease payments. The training management process is dependant on cartographic quality mapping displayed on-screen and as high quality reports. Repeating exercises, booking, incident management, analytics and dashboards.

  • RPA Prebuilt solution - Adult Social Care (Care in the community)

    T-Impact Limited

    This service automates allocation and responses to requests received for nursing, transport and day-care. Filtering out duplications and confirming supervising authorities. Prepares correspondance to respond to requests Automating a highly manual process, leaving staff to manage critical tasks and customer facing activities.

  • Incident and Estates Management for Security and Facilities

    KIM Software Solutions Ltd

    The software platform provides a simple to use but effective management tool for the recording and management of incidents, estates and facilities with self service and contractor management using Browser and Mobile Devices

  • Microsoft 365 E3

    Civica UK Limited

    Cloud Productivity & Security. Licensing suite for Office 365 Enterprise E3, Enterprise & Mobility Suite E3 and Windows 10 Enterprise E3

  • Agile SaaS: Planning and Local Land Charges

    Agile Applications Limited

    Agile SaaS: Planning and Local Land Charges is a comprehensive software solution which can be utilised alongside complimentary modules within Agile SaaS’s wider Built Environment or Public Protection suites.

  • Commercial Portal

    MRI Software Limited

    Our online portal is an interface between a landlord and their customers such as retail unit tenants or market stall licensees. Our portals drive community engagement, offer self-service and deliver personalised content. You can share information and guides; offer forums; present statements and agreements; offer online payments and much more.

  • OPTIME - Booker


    EventMAP provide solutions that get to the core of timetabling, scheduling, resource management and space planning challenges within Education (Higher and Further) and training departments within Public Sector (e.g.Health and Police). Solutions have been designed in partnership with end-users to provide powerful, flexible tools to optimise the utilisation of resources.

  • RTT Project Outcome Services

    NHS North of England Commissioning Support Unit (Hosted by NHS England)

    Our Project Outcomes Services use cloud applications to deliver flexible, outcome-based solutions and projects in business intelligence and data warehousing, performance analysis and data, demand and capacity modelling, software and application development, project management and delivery, support and operations, testing and auditing and service/programme delivery.

  • Knowledge Portal for Process - SharePoint Online 2016/2019

    Sysdoc Ltd

    Our Knowledge Portal provides organisations with a robust and scalable solution to facilitate centralisation and governance of project, programme or even enterprise wide knowledge. Developed using the latest Microsoft SharePoint technology and seamlessly integrated with Office 365.

  • Student Support System

    Empowering Communities

    The Student Support System is a secure Multi Channel Solution where educational settings can receive secure, encrypted, online referrals, automatically populate a Management System, communicate with students and stakeholders and record all interactions including emails, letters sent, phone calls made, face to face meetings and visits.

  • Microlink Knowledge Accelerator

    Microlink PC (UK) Ltd

    An e-learning platform facilitating knowledge and structured learning programmes to increase the independence and productivity of staff benefitting from self-sustaining wellbeing and assistive technology and accesibility tools in the workplace. Includes configuring by staff condition/requirement, available in 8 languages, topics ranging from computer operating basics to in-depth office software training.

  • edison365 ideas

    Corporate Project Solutions

    edison365ideas provides a unified idea and innovation management platform to turn your organisations ideas into visible and actionable plans by leveraging the power of enterprise crowdsourcing. edison365ideas is built on the Office 365 suite your organisation is already using and hence delivers superior collaboration experience and drives higher employee engagement.

  • Digital Software Development Services

    Malikshaw Limited

    Malikshaw Projects provides a range of Digital development services in support of the Government Digital by Default Agenda. Our staff have worked on a range of leading edge government digital projects and so will be able to support the specification, design, development, implementation, testing and support of digital services

  • Business Continuity Management

    CAM Management Solutions Ltd

    Ensure that your organisation is fully resilient by developing and applying an effective Business Continuity Management system. Undertake risk assessments, BIAs, link dependencies, scenarios testing, crisis and recovery management, with full dashboard reporting and analytics. Align to standards like ISO22301 or the FCA's recommendations or your own configurations.

  • Supply Chain Finance and Treasury Management

    Whitehall Finance Limited

    Whitehall Finance provides a solution to enable you to offer early payment to your suppliers. We can provide a finance a facility and/or a way for you to obtain a return on surplus cash that you would otherwise place on deposit with your bank.

  • UK Hosted Tanium as a Service (TaaS)


    Tanium as a Service brings the award winning enterprise Endpoint Detect and Response (EDR) software to sub-15000 device organisations. All modules are available including Core, Asset, Comply, Deploy, Threat Response, Map, Discover, Protect, Patch, Performance, Impact, Reveal, & Integrity Monitor. Hosted in a tier 1 government approved data centre.

  • Diagnostyx remote condition monitoring

    Atkins Limited

    Diagnostyx is a highly configurable remote condition monitoring service allowing operations & maintenance teams to see the current health and performance characteristics of the asset(s). It delivers near-real time automated collection, processing, rules engine analysis, mapping, reporting and analytics relating to remote condition monitoring of complex assets.

  • Linkspace Management Information System (MIS)

    Ctrl O

    Linkspace provides an extremely flexible Management Information System (MIS) for your organisation. It provides reliable and secure data collaboration, with flexible reporting, alerts and visualisations. It is quick and simple to deploy and easily customised by your staff, as your business processes evolve.

  • Workplace Adjustments Digital Workflow System

    Microlink PC (UK) Ltd

    Empowers supervisors/carers to maintain health care excellence and interaction via case management for those with disabilities and other medical conditions in workplace environments. The Azure Cloud solution platform Facilitates monitoring progress, impact on absence, performance and other metrics. Generates tailored outputs of requirements for carers, suppliers and other parties.


    Transforming Systems Limited

    SHREWD COVID-19 is a cloud-based application, built on our platform, to provide a real-time view of data pertinent to support the management of COVID19 across a system; from local to national level. This module is effective for all users; from front line teams, system leaders and Incident Control Centres.

  • APDocs Documentation Management


    APDocs document management platform is perfect for the collation and management of project documentation. Turn the collation of documentation into streamlined, automated submission and review processes. Already available with pre-defined document templates for Health & Safety File and O&M collation including integration with Smartsheets and BIM Models.

  • Dynamics 365 Team Members

    Softcat Limited

    The Team Members subscription is a named user subscription designed for users who are not tied to a particular function, but who require basic Dynamics 365 functionality. This license entitles the user to light weight access through designated scenarios built into Team Members experience. #SoftcatCloud

  • IRIS Intelligence Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) System

    IRIS Intelligence Ltd.

    IRIS Intelligence Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) System helps organisations manage uncertainty, achieve targets and increase awareness and compliance across the organisation. It facilitates the design and implementation of control frameworks, risk mitigation, and the creation and roll-out of policies. The system supports ISO27000, ISO31000, NIST among others.

  • SHREWD Prediction

    Transforming Systems Limited

    SHREWD Prediction is a cloud-based application that enables systems to see data in a way that is simple to understand and identifies areas of pressure quickly. It takes a range of data and uses different algorithms to accurately predict how the data will act for the next fourteen days.

  • Mercato Product Information Management (PIM)

    Mercato Solutions

    Mercato's Product Information Management (PIM) solution provides an enriched data management service for catalogue products and configured solutions covering all category types. Powerful supply chain management tools provide buyers with the relevant content and real time pricing and stock levels to make informed procurement decisions.

  • Knowledge Portal for Operations - SharePoint Online (Office 365)

    Sysdoc Ltd

    Our Knowledge Portal provides organisations with a robust and scalable solution to facilitate centralisation and governance of project, programme or even enterprise wide knowledge. Developed using the latest Microsoft SharePoint technology and seamlessly integrated with Office 365.

  • Touchstone Review Governance, Risk and Compliance Management

    Skotkonung Ltd

    The solution enables organisations to: identify and manage risks related to data and systems; improve management of digital information; effectively target mitigation and investment; create organisation, project and portfolio risk registers; maintain visibility of supply chains; manage end-to-end supplier compliance and risk through automated and structured processes; reduce compliance costs.

  • edison365 projects

    Corporate Project Solutions

    edison365project integrated with Microsoft Project Online (or Microsoft Project server 2013 /2016) transforms the platform’s capabilities; delivering a complete, end-to-end PPM solution that can empower your organization to get results from your PPM solution