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1135 results found

Capability Management

i3Works Ltd

I3Works’ Capability Management service provides tailored and focused capability management and support throughout the transformation lifecycle, including best practice advice on delivery models and effective implementation – ensuring the best return on investment. We offer ‘real world’ proven and tested operational models that deliver measurable business benefits and value.

Electronic Document Management (Epro EDM)


Epro EDM offers full interoperability as part of the Epro family removing the cost of interface-development for a solution that facilitates a paperless/light NHS, enabling hospitals to: scan, index, and archive existing paper records. Epro's interface is secure, browser-based and can be used on any mobile-device.

Appt - Intelligent Appointment Booking


Appt is a cloud based application that revolutionises the way your practice runs 'call and recall'. We combine automated workflows with accessible digital technology (including SMS, email and voice calls) to save your practice money and maximise your income from targets like QOF.

AccuRx Chain Huddle


Instant messaging platform for NHS GP practices. Communicate better as a team without interrupting your workflow. Quickly get help from colleagues when you need it. Save everyone time and improve practice efficiency. Securely discuss patients with a record of the conversation.

Engage Touch

Wiggly-Amps Ltd

Engage Touch allows patients to check-in for appointments upon arrival at the surgery, avoiding queues at reception. As Engage Touch is integrated with all main clinical systems, patients can update their details (including QOF data) via Engage Touch meaning that time spent on regular administrative tasks is reduced.

SmartSurvey Business

SmartSurvey Limited

SmartSurvey is a UK-based online questionnaire tool which can be used to create and collect data through Online Forms, Emails, and QR codes. Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Employee Surveys, Market Research, Training Evaluation, Assessments, Patient Satisfaction, and much more.

Filebound Software

Upland Software

FileBound is a cloud-based application that automates the flow of enterprise work. Manage business processes from beginning to end, and reliably connect people and information wherever they are. FileBound helps you drive out paper-based processes to decrease costs and increase productivity, and supports compliance with internal and external mandates.

Nexmo Voice API

Nexmo Inc.

Enable an enriched calling experience adding powerful voice features to your inbound and outbound calling through Nexmo's Voice API.

Workflow Management from PretaGov

PretaGov Limited

Manage your workflow with the PretaForm Business process management software that lets your non-technical staff create unlimited automated business applications. • Application processing for benefits, building approvals etc. • Leave Request. • Travel Claims. Our load code technology empowers your non-technical staff, while your developers increase their productivity.

Quality Assurance Management

i3Works Ltd

i3Works’ Quality Assurance Management service is supported by a wealth of experience gained from managing high value Assurance and Approvals (e.g. Assurance Review Board, Investment Approvals Board and Investment Appraisals Committee)including stakeholder management. Alternatively, supporting the project through a mandated assurance and approvals process provided in the spirit of co-operation.

Bramble Hub InPhase – Supplier and Contract Management software

Bramble Hub Limited

InPhase enables you to work either in collaboration with suppliers to achieve joint outcomes, or as a standalone tool for internal analysis, reminders and prompts. You can bring this together with contracts, choosing to define common Supplier and Contract framework(s) that will apply to many, if not all your suppliers

T-Pro Dictate


T-Pro dictate is our hosted platform that delivers Digital Dictation, Speech Recognition and Document Creation Productivity tools in a completely secure environment - without expensive upfront costs or the need to provision internal infrastructure or support. T-Pro Dictate offers a full browser based, mobility enabled solution without any IT requirements.

Design and Functionality 10 day Work Package

Idox Software Limited

Packages of additional technical consultancy to tailor modules or graphic design changes.

OPTIME Scheduling Cloud - Timetabling, Meeting Room Booking, Exam Scheduling and Ceremonies


EventMAP provide solutions that get right to the core of timetabling, scheduling, resource and space planning issues within Education (Higher and Further) and training institutions within Public Sector (Health and Law Enforcement). Solutions have been designed in partnership with end-users to provide powerful, flexible tools optimising the utilisation of resources.

Knowledge Management Implementation

i3Works Ltd

Implementation of cloud based knowledge management, including lessons identified, shared knowledge, knowledge management systems to promote the sharing, dissemination, analysis and forecasting of knowledge across organisations. i3Works are actively involved in the APM’s Knowledge Management SIG and have been active members of the IPA’s Knowledge Sharing forum since its inception.


Evalucom Consulting

CarePulse is an online platform for health and social care partners to share information. The system: • reduces variation through standard, codified processes • Improves transparency through standardisation and information sharing • reduces human error and improves efficiency Information shared includes care quality indicators, service details, real-time capacity/vacancies, and pricing/costs.

Continuous Improvement

i3Works Ltd

i3Works’ Continuous Improvement service provides tailored and focused continuous improvement management and support including best practice advice on delivery models and effective implementation – ensuring the best return on investment. We offer ‘real world’ proven and tested operational models that deliver measurable business benefits and value.

Pentaho Embedded Analytics Solution

Hitachi Vantara

Pentaho is a Data Analytics platform that is built on a open architecture. This lends itself perfectly for embedding any of its components from data integration to visual analysis capabilities inside a customer's application. From a simple rebrand and embed via iframe to complete API driven components.

Clinical Dashboard

Storm ID

The Clinical Dashboard displays and aggregates health data across patients and services. With patient consent, trained health professionals can use this data, driven by rules, to identify patterns and insights that will trigger personalised interventions or escalation, in line with defined clinical protocols.

Tiger Team

i3Works Ltd

Tiger Team able to hit the ground running, quickly getting to the root of a project’s underperformance/failure and work to bring it to a steady, sustainable state. Highly experienced tiger team professionals with qualifications and experience gained across numerous sectors who roll-up their sleeves and solve issues at speed.

Healthy New Towns

Inhealthcare Ltd

Inhealthcare's Digital Health Platform allows clinicians to automate monitoring, self-care and behavioural change programmes, leveraging a range of patient communication tools. Partners can integrate their own products and services. We are clinician and patient led in everything we do, focussing on real NHS problems rather than technology.

InPhase Business Management Platform

InPhase Limited

The InPhase Business Management Platform is everything you need in a single environment to enable business managers easily manage strategic plans, collaborative goals and on-going performance, along side operational data. Helping everyone get aligned, engaged and executing more effectively the solution facilitates aligned improvement across the business.

Totara Performance

Think Learning

Totara Performance closely integrates performance appraisal, revalidation, CPD, and goal-setting. Users can set goals and objectives, record 360 feedback, undertake appraisal, and manage team performance. Features can sit alongside the existing LMS functionality around reviewing competence, identifying learning needs, personal development planing (PDPs), and learning, to improve overall work-based performance.

Managed Video Conferencing as a Service (VCaaS) - Centerprise

Centerprise International Ltd

This standards based service allows maximum interoperability with legacy and future VC systems. Users connect to each other, host virtual meeting rooms and are able to share rich content. Users may use VC End Points, desktop or mobile devices to access services from the workplace or when working remotely.

Hospital Productivity Service

PA Consulting Services Limited (UK)

PA’s cloud hosted Hospital Productivity Service provides access to high quality performance and productivity information and benchmarking. Visualising data from clinician to organisation level, it creates actionable insights for improvement. Coaching from PA’s healthcare experts embeds evidence-based decision-making to enable faster and more effective productivity, performance, quality and financial improvement.

Personal Assistant (PA) Network

Idox Software Limited

Digital solution for online registration and advertising community based Personal Assistants Job's for PA's. Dedicated search, sort, and shortlist functions based skill set, availability and cost. PA's keep their listing updated via secure login.

Healthcare and NHS SMS

Bulk SMS Limited

Send patient reminders and contact colleagues and staff via text messaging through the secure and confidential VoodooSMS portal. Get patient feedback through two-way messaging. Integrate CRMs with the VoodooSMS portal through API for automation and efficiency.

Online Health Assessment & Screening Modules with PretaGov

PretaGov Limited

Implement customised online web application for assessments or health screening modules. This allows the public to determine eligibility or risks based on questions, resulting in advice on next steps to be taken. The solution is delivered from PretaGov's CMS Government Cloud.

Excelicare Personal Health Record

AxSys Technology Limited

AxSys Technology has developed a Personal Health Record (PHR) solution to meet the needs of organisations to engage with the people in their care based on research which shows that through this engagement better coordination of care can be achieved, outcomes can be improved and costs can be reduced.

Audit Optimise and Transform

Strategic Review Ltd T/A THAT FIGURES

THAT FIGURES offer a game-changing solution for global healthcare delivery, providing unparalleled evidence of the patient journey and service efficiency from the front line. This evidence allows health services ad those running them to understand resource use, patient experience and service efficiency.

Space Finder

Edge Health Ltd

Space Finder helps optimise the use of theatre capacity. Using machine learning, it identifies gaps in core-hour operating lists where additional cases can be booked. It also uses this information to propose optimal operating lists that make the best use of available theatre time.



SurveyMill is a text survey application. It can send surveys via text message to individual contacts or upload a database of mobile numbers and create a group. You can send up to 13 questions and SurveyMill shows you in graphs and charts an indepth analysis of the results.

Sexual Health Tariff Grouper - Commissioner

Pathway Analytics

The integrated Sexual Health Tariff Grouper Commissioner service enables commissioners to review the charges raised by participating providers for the sexual healthcare delivered to their residents in a timely manner.

Risk Stratification, Case Finding & Interventions Management Tool

Health Intelligence Ltd

Our Risk Stratification & Case Finding tool will help you deliver a cost-effective service by identifying very high risk patients who will benefit the most from an immediate and early intervention. These very high risk patients are people who are likely to be high service hospital users in the future.


ROL Solutions Ltd

GovMetric is an established service enabling over 75 public sector providers to gather customer feedback and thereby understand the quality and quantity of their service delivery across all of their access channels, 24 x7. Online reporting allows the data to be analysed, graphed, distributed and benchmarked thereby gaining maximum insight.

Issue Management

i3Works Ltd

Issue Management service delivered by experienced Management of Risk (M_o_R) professionals using best practice (but tailored appropriately) Issue management to deliver a complete understanding of Project, Programme or Portfolio Issues.

Secure Real-time Bluetooth Beacon Tracking

Gaia Technologies Plc

This is a service to help you deliver powerful Real-time tracking Cloud Platform for tracking Assets and Persons using Secure Bluetooth Light Beacons. See for more details.

Data Encryption and Secure Patient Data Sharing (IGpseudo and IGautopseudo)

IGspectrum Ltd

Enables data extraction and sharing of patient confidential data pseudo-anonymised or anonymised at source conforming to: Pseudonymisation Implementation Project DOH 2010 IGTK requirements for compliant, safe, ethical and secure sharing of data across communities. A supporting product, IGautopseudo, is installed on user servers and automatically pseudonymises files containing PCD.

intelligent Business Process Management Solution (iBPMS)


Helastel's iBPMS is a cloud or hybrid digital transformation platform that combines dynamic and adaptive process and case management with essential operational and business functions through data integration, workflows, scheduling, reporting and alerting. Our low-code platform allows real-time collaboration, event-driven business activity monitoring and process modelling with full data lineage.

Portfolio Office Support

i3Works Ltd

i3Works’ Portfolio Office Support service provides tailored and focused portfolio office support including best practice advice on delivery models and effective implementation – ensuring the best return on investment. We offer ‘real world’ proven and tested operational models that deliver measurable business benefits and value.

My Possible Self

Inhealthcare Ltd

My Possible Self, a nonprofit organisation that has been delivering emotional health and wellbeing services since 2009, is launching a new and innovative digital self-help programme – delivered via a mobile application – which is clinically proven to reduce stress, anxiety and mild-to-moderate depression after just eight weeks.

365 Smart Platform

365 Response

Cloud-based Integrated Transport Platform delivering innovative technologies to support the efficient and optimal use of resources across regulated industries. On-line, real-time Digital Transport Marketplace for hospitals, schools and mental health teams. Multi-modal Facilities Management system delivering integrated platform for optimising the logistics of booking, tracking and delivery.

Bramble Hub Quinyx - Quinyx Workforce Management

Bramble Hub Limited

Quinyx’s Workforce management software suite will solve the headaches associated with the scheduling, time and attendance, task management and forecast planning of your staff. It will give you the freedom to control your workforce from anywhere, at any time while becoming more productive and more efficient.

Digital Immunisations Including Electronic Consent

Cinnamon Digital Applications Limited

Digital Immunisation software including electronic consent. Integrated system for managing NHS immunisation services: - Improve patient experience - Accessible anywhere, anytime, any platform - Simple and intuitive - Digital triage and exception reporting - Cash savings on paper and transport - Reduced vaccine waste - Automated reporting

GOSS Book It

GOSS Interactive Ltd

The 'GOSS Book It' corporate booking solution enables users to define, create, build and manage a wide range of events, meetings and recurring functions. Used by public sector organisations to manage corporate and public events, it enables the promotion and management of resources, capacity, availability, as well as taking payments.

Electronic Monitoring Security

Buddi Ltd

Buddi features a small, lightweight GPS device with exceptional battery life and tracks indoors using Convergent Location Technology. With a highly customizable platform we support immediate installations, group features for efficiency, simultaneous multiple offender tracks and much more Hardware and Software Products, Monitoring and Response Field Services Expert Witness Services

Primavera P6 Support

i3Works Ltd

Primavera P6 Support Service (i3Works) brings together our skills, expertise and scheduling tool knowledge to improve project visibility and likelihood of success. Producing detailed project plans across the project lifecycle to underpin delivery. Mapping products/resources/timescales, and highlighting dependencies and critical paths for enhanced project management information and improved decision making.

BIMS - Blueberry In-Patient Management System


BIMS is a full suite hospital in-patient management system, proven in the NHS. It includes bed management, patient tracking, whiteboard, TTO prescriptions, discharge letters, PAS integration and Electronic Patient Records. It's a sensible, low-cost, but full-feature solution improving staff efficiency by saving time and helping management meet their performance targets.

MediViewer Cloud

IMMJ Systems

MediViewer Cloud is an Electronic Document Management solution built specifically for healthcare providers and designed around the needs of healthcare professionals. This end-to-end solution optimises every aspect of the digitisation of paper clinical content and then by providing fast, intuitive and secure access to electronic patient records from any device.

everis Social Care Platform | The Talent Cloud

EverisConsultancy Limited

Integrating Health and Social Care. Adding Workforce Management

SecureIA Software as a Service

Secure Information Assurance Ltd

SecureIA enables the sharing and hosting of OFFICIAL/OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE information between HMG Departments and stakeholders via Internet and Private WANs (RLI/SMI, PSN and HSCN). SecureIA provides a secure environment, accessible from a range of end-points. Our flexible technology platforms enable user-focused applications to be delivered in a secure and low-cost way.


GP Access Ltd

Much more than online consultations (econsultations or econsults), askmyGP is the complete workflow solution for GP practices. Ease of use for patients moves typically 60 - 80% of demand online, enabling GP digital triage within minutes, assignment to an appropriate clinician and same day completion. System change enabled by technology.

Dependency Management

i3Works Ltd

Dependency Management service delivered by experienced Management of Risk (M_o_R) professionals using best practice (but tailored appropriately) dependency methodologies to deliver a complete understanding of Project, Programme or Portfolio Dependencies. Using expertise in tools such as BOXARR to understand and simplify the inherent complexity of interdependencies.

UltraLinq Healthcare Solutions Ltd

UltraLinq Healthcare Solutions Ltd

Secure, medical cloud based clinical, diagnostic image management, reporting and distribution platform. Supporting imaging modalities including ultrasound, echocardiography, Angiography, X-Ray, Nuclear and diagnostic results management. Zero hardware footprint SaaS company established in the US and UK with rapidly growing client base. PACS. RIS. VNA. EHR. EMR. EPR.

My mHealth Long Term Condition Web Applications (

my mhealth

My mHealth provide easy to use, mobile-friendly and scalable software for the management and self-management of patients with long term conditions (COPD, Asthma, Diabetes and Heart Conditions) at both individual and population levels. The software also enables the remote delivery of both pulmonary and cardiac rehabilitation at scale.

IBM Application Integration Suite on Cloud (AISoC) (SaaS for OFFICIAL)

IBM United Kingdom Ltd

Application Integration Suite delivers a fully managed application integration environment that helps businesses start projects quickly and easily by enabling you to deploy integration solutions on the cloud without the need to acquire and maintain an IT infrastructure. Application Integration Suite enables digital transformation and API strategies to be fulfilled.

Address auto-complete

Melissa Data Ltd

The service provides address suggestions (UK & Global), matched to the characters the user types. Once an address is selected, the fully verified address auto completes into web forms, documents, or checkouts. Saving 50% in data entry time, simplifying the process, and increasing the quality of data capture.

e-learning courses with free LMS - Care Certificate

Me Learning

A suite of 15 online training courses to help anyone achieve the Care Certificate.


Dataphiles Ltd

PatientComms is a cloud based patient engagement platform which enables NHS Trusts, CCG's, CSU's, GP's, Dental Practices & other healthcare providers to complete patient surveys (like the NHS Friends & Family Test), patient studies, provide interactive appointment reminders and healthcare messaging.

SMS Surveys by SmartSurvey

SmartSurvey Limited

SmartSurvey is a UK-based online survey tool which can be used to create and collect data through online Forms. SmartSurvey also allows you to distribute your mobile friendly surveys via SMS (text messages), which you can fully customise.

Cloudview Visual Data Platform

Cloudview (UK) Limited

Cloudview’s Visual Data Platform securely transports visual data from your CCTV cameras, to secure cloud servers, where it can be viewed, managed and shared using a web browser. Cloudview integrates with visual data analytics to bring new capabilities to CCTV systems as well as enhanced accessibility, data security and compliance.

Tableau Public Visualisation

FlyingBinary Ltd

Tableau Public is a free fully-public multi-tenanted self-service SaaS visualisation service fully-hosted in the US cloud which resides in the FlyingBinary big data analytics suite. Keywords:Business Intelligence, BI, Dashboard, Prep, Creator, Explorer, Viewer, Viz, Chart, Graph, Table, Database, Secure, Audit, insight, Intuitive, data driven, datajournalism, IoT, sensor, FOC, Free-to-use

HIV Clinical Management and HARS Reporting Service; Inform Sexual Health

Equiniti ICS Ltd

Health Information System from Equiniti and Inform is a HIV and HARS Reporting service. Our system improves patient access, supports best possible clinical practice, increases efficiency in service delivery, improves resource utilisation and provides the information required to understand current trends and effectively plan future services.


Hicom Technology Ltd

Provida is a business intelligence solution which amasses data via integrated mapping and data transformation. Data is validated and cleansed prior to being placed into a data warehouse and is then modelled dependent on the client’s business requirements. Access is provided via a powerful reporting and analysis module.

Market Research tool by SmartSurvey

SmartSurvey Limited

SmartSurvey is a UK-based online market research tool which can be used to carry out surveys online. SmartSurvey also allows you to purchase respondents to take part in your surveys easily and cost effectively.

PMO Strategy and Design

i3Works Ltd

Our PMO Strategy and Design service is designed and tailored commensurate with the organisation’s size, structure and specific requirements. The strategy and design service is seamlessly deployed, implemented and managed by our team of highly experienced P3M professionals, immediately providing effective PMO oversight necessary for senior leadership strategic decision making.

Mitie Electronic Monitoring of Offenders

Mitie Security Limited

Mitie’s Electronic Monitoring Service provides police, local authorities and government agencies with a hosted monitoring solution for a range of offenders and subjects placed on licence or subject to orders of the courts Mitie can off a fully managed solution which includes devices, 24/7/365 monitoring and provision of field services.

Video Consult


Designed for customers who use EMIS Web, Video Consult is a high definition video conferencing solution integrated into the clinical system. Enabling clinicians to connect with patients via a limited time video consultation room. It offers patients a convenient alternative to traditional consultations with a secure and reliable video system.

Evolve EMR in the Cloud

Kainos Evolve Limited

Award-winning Evolve Medical Record platform supports Digital Maturity programmes through removal of paper from the care process. Secure, audited storage and management of patient documentation, promoting paperless working through digital workflows and electronic forms. Provided as a fully managed service, delivered securely in the cloud.


Infinity Health Ltd

Infinity is used by healthcare professionals to improve clinical safety and efficiency by transforming the way teams communicate, collaborate and manage tasks. Infinity will release time allowing the clinical team to spend more time caring for the patient.

CGI - CommunityCare360 (CC360) Workforce and Patient Management for Community Healthcare


CommunityCare360 (CC360) is our modular based cloud system which provides a platform for patients, primary care physicians, mobile care providers and numerous other stakeholders to connect and access health information, to help support the treatment process

Data Validation

Metadata Consulting Ltd

This service validates instance data from database tables, Excel spreadsheets, XML files and JSON files/streams against preset rules and expressions.

Patient Level Information Costing System (PLICS)

IQVIA Technology Services Limited

Daily activity based PLICS that allows users to understand costs of treating patients on a daily basis including analysing cost by the actual activities that the patient has consumed. Easy to use, fully transparent, provides fast processing times, providing meaningful dashboards/reports for clinicians, operational and financial teams within hospitals.

Smart Messaging


Smart Messaging lets you send one, or a huge batch of texts quickly and easily. Better still, because Smart Messaging can be used on any web browser, you can manage your messages and monitor your responses quickly and efficiently. You can also integrate to the service via API.

SurveyOptic Enterprise Edition

SocialOptic Ltd

SurveyOptic is an on-line digital survey solution for managing and delivering questionnaires, web forms and polls for research, consultations, feedback and assessments. It enables engagement and satisfaction measurement, assessments and requirements gathering for staff, customers, stakeholders and the public, providing insight and analysis for data-driven decision making and transformation.

Video Streaming and Hosting for Government from PretaGov

PretaGov Limited

Our scalable video hosting and streaming service (PretaTube) is designed so that your requirements for the hosting and management of video content are easily surpassed. Meeting all government security standards. It's quick and easy to upload videos using your portal where video content is automatically placed into web friendly formats.

RIVIAM Digital Care - Mobile Community Service

Targett Business Technology Limited (TBT)

RIVIAM's Mobile Community service allows clinicians to access clinical information on the move using a mobile device and then provide outcome information back to clinical systems via RIVIAM. RIVIAM provides a bridge between the customer's clinical systems and mobile clinicians. Provides work allocation and diary management for clinics.

Delivery Management

i3Works Ltd

I3Works’ Delivery Management service provides tailored and focused delivery management and support throughout the project lifecycle, including best practice advice on delivery models and effective implementation – ensuring the best return on investment. We offer ‘real world’ proven and tested operational models that deliver measurable business benefits and value.

Project Risk Management

i3Works Ltd

Project Risk Management service delivered by experienced Management of Risk (M_o_R) professionals using best practice (but tailored appropriately) risk methodologies to deliver a complete understanding of Project, Programme or Portfolio Risk and Opportunities. Using expertise in tools such as ARM, Predict! etc. we work to identify, accumulate, profile and mitigate.

All Services Hub

Idox Software Limited

The All Services Hub provides Councils with a searchable information Hub bringing all community service information into one place for Adult Social Care, Family & Childcare Services, SEN and other community services to meet Care Act and Children's Act reforms. The All Services Hub is a SaaS solution.

Dell Boomi Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS)

Centerprise International Ltd

Dell Boomi (Boomi), an independent business unit of Dell, is the leading provider of cloud integration and workflow automation for building the Connected Business. Our technologies connect applications, assure data quality and automate business processes. Our cloud-native, low-code platform helps more than 6,500 organisations run better, faster and smarter.

Shift Partner

Shift Partner

The Shift Partner app improves communication between healthcare managers and temporary staff. Managers post shifts and staff apply in real-time using mobile devices. More shifts are filled from the hospital bank, reducing spend on agencies. Shift Partner is 'free' for all hospital banks to use.

Realtime Rostering

Skills for Health

Realtime Rostering is an integrated system that can roster all staff across all specialities and departments in your organisation. The easy to use system ensures compliance with all current staff contract rules and guidelines and is able to integrate with other Staff Bank and HR software.

EPM Project Planning

i3Works Ltd

EPM Project Planning Service (i3Works) brings together our skills, expertise and planning tool knowledge to improve project visibility and likelihood of success. Producing detailed project plans across the project lifecycle to underpin delivery. Mapping products/resources/timescales, and highlighting dependencies and critical paths for enhanced project management information and improved decision making.

Axellera Complex Event Processing RAD for Digital Transformation

Bancstreet Capital Partners Ltd

Axellera Complex-Event-Processing (CEP) allows you to get joined-up actions responding to complex business events/triggers. Rapidly create, deploy and cloud host complete CEP applications with powerful workflows and providing all the enterprise class attributes like auditability, fine grain role based access control, integration into corporate authentication systems etc.

Mazepoint Analytics Modelling

Mazepoint Limited

This service assists customers with structuring their data in interactive analytical models. Using Excel, Jedox, R, Tableau, Qlik or PowerBI and SQL databases, automate KPI calculations, consolidations, reporting, ad hoc analyses, budgeting and planning, workflow, and create different scenarios for forecasting and trialing different business models.



GDPR compliant Smart Forms SaaS that lets people setup surveys, events, polls, tests and custom secure data collection by building forms from their browser. Remove paper and legacy uncontrolled data collection methods. Move your manual processes online with zero programming. Secure data workflow, file uploads, signatures, payments, emailer & reporting.

Swiss Post Solutions E-Billing and E-Invoicing

Swiss Post Solutions

E-billing replaces manual or paper-based billing processes with an electronic billing portal that delivers invoices and statements instantly and provides on-line, on-demand access for clients.

Process Director: eForm building, workflow routing, reporting, Business Process Management

ePartner Consulting Ltd

Process Director is a cloud-hosted BPM solution that manages, automates and reports on your critical tasks to make teams and individuals more productive. It delivers workflow automation through electronic forms processing, business rules engine, workflow, reporting dashboard, business activity monitoring, content management, web portals, application integration and an embedded SDK.



Caresome is new suite of software - a web portal and mobile apps - for patients, hospitals, care homes, agency care providers and local authorities, designed to make the patient discharge process quicker, easier, better and more cost efficient.

Vendor Neutral Archive In-the-Cloud

SynApps Solutions Limited

The Vendor Neutral Cloud (VNA) SaaS offering provides a highly-secure and cost effective solution for the capture and management of both DICOM & Non-DICOM images and documents. The offering provides an N3 enabled platform for delivering Cross Document Sharing (XDS Repository/Registry) facilitating the sharing of documents between any healthcare enterprise.

Risk Stratification and Predictive Analytics

Pi Ltd

Pi’s Predictive Analytics solution is built around the fundamental need for localities to fully understand the future need of their entire economy, be it hospital emergency admissions, long term social care, increased community support or the interactive relationship between all aspects of their care and health support network

Visualise Healthcare Data

IQVIA Technology Services Limited

Visualise Healthcare Data is a web based analytical portal combining Hospital Episode Statistics (HES), GP Prescribing, and Quality Outcomes Framework (QOF) and other national healthcare data.

360° Colleague and Patient Feedback for Doctors, Nurses and Midwives

Equiniti ICS Ltd

Equiniti provides an easy to use Cloud-based 360 feedback tool to assist doctors and nurses with their professional development and revalidation. The user friendly technology is backed up with personal support for doctors / nurses / midwives and appraisers via a dedicated helpline.

Finworks Low Code Platform for Digital Transformation

Fincore Limited

Finworks Low-Code Platform for Digital Transformation allows organisations to rapidly create complete applications which require complex time critical workflows, have to integrate many with complex data sources/systems/external workflows and provide all the enterprise class attributes like auditability, fine grain role based access control, integration into corporate authentication systems etc.

EPM Support

i3Works Ltd

EPM Support Scheduling Service (i3Works) brings together our skills, expertise and planning tool knowledge to improve project visibility and likelihood of success. Producing detailed project plans across the project lifecycle to underpin delivery. Mapping products/resources/timescales, and highlighting dependencies and critical paths for enhanced project management information and improved decision making.

Electronic (Hospital) Group Management

On Call People

On Call People is a comprehensive healthcare group management suite that creates tangible value by leveraging technology to improve provider interactions with peers, administrators, and the entire healthcare team.

A Statistical Process Control Business Intelligence Improvement Science Platform

Lightfoot Solutions UK Ltd

Signalsfromnoise; a continuous Improvement Science Platform for live predictive analytics to identify drivers of unwarranted variation, monitor change initiatives and support operational delivery focused on engaging clinicians. This includes drilldown and patient flow visualisation dashboards based on SPC that supports intervention and opportunity modelling in healthcare data across complex datasets.

Project Planning

i3Works Ltd

Project Planning Service (i3Works) brings together our skills, expertise and planning tool knowledge to improve project visibility and likelihood of success. Producing detailed project plans across the project lifecycle to underpin delivery. Mapping products/resources/timescales, and highlighting dependencies and critical paths for enhanced project management information and improved decision making.

FotoWare Digital Asset Management

Medialogix Ltd

Off-the-shelf software to manage media files such as images, video, audio and documents. Suitable for police, health, military and government departments. Offering a secure, cost-efficient and scalable solution for Digital Evidence/Asset Management running in your private cloud on ISO27001 Certified Microsoft Azure.