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  • Investigation Management for Dynamics 365

    Equiniti ICS Ltd

    Investigations management built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and hosted within the Azure cloud. Automation and digitisation of investigative processes, citizen interaction, escalation procedures, mobile working, reporting and BI. A simple UI and dashboard for staff to manage investigations, with a portal for mobile device submission and management.

  • EQ Cognition

    Equiniti Data Limited

    EQ Cognition is a centralised API, designed to enable easy and consolidated access and connectivity to disparate global data sources. Facilitating access to name, address, email, landline & mobile number, bank account validation and data append / cleansing service in real-time and batch processing.

  • Microsoft Power Platform Implementation Services

    Equiniti ICS Ltd

    Transform your business processes and services with the Microsoft Power Platform. Create apps that meet your business requirements with PowerApps, automate manual processes with Flow, visualise your data with Power BI. Increase ROI, reduce costs, increase business process efficiency. Transform customer interaction with the Power Platform and mobile devices.

  • Case Management for Dynamics 365

    Equiniti ICS Ltd

    Case management built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and hosted within the Azure cloud. Encapsulates all flavours of case management including complaint, investigation, inspection and grant management. Automation and digitisation of processes, citizen interaction through a public portal and comprehensive reporting and BI capability.

  • CRM on Dynamics 365

    Equiniti ICS Ltd

    Customer Relationship Management on an Azure based Dynamics 365 platform. Designed to manage and maintain citizen relationships, track engagements and deliver actionable data. Data driven solution that improves how you interact with citizens. Tangibly streamline processes and increase citizen satisfaction with service.