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  • Physical and Environmental Security

    Michael Page International

    We can conduct a thorough review of existing IT landscape, suggesting areas for improvement and ensuring resilience of physical and environmental systems to ensure any external threats are minimised.

  • Now - Soon - Later Digital Transformation


    Foundry4 has developed a revolutionary approach to help organisations transform digitally and successfully migrate to the Cloud. It’s called Now-Soon-Later and it helps you think big, start small and scale fast. Mapping your problems, opportunities and constraints in this way leads to clear-thinking strategies which help reduce complexity and risk.

  • Business Value Assurance

    risual Ltd

    Part of risual’s Advisory and Management service portfolio. This service uses value metric analysis to understand the current and future state of the organisation, and how value can be realised from Microsoft technologies. It maximises return on Microsoft licencing using a simple scorecard method, defining dependencies, value and priority.

  • SAP Business ByDesign Support


    To help and guide employees through the daily tasks involved within the Business ByDesign Cloud ERP system. We can offer on-site Business As Usual (BAU) support to offer dedicated personnel guidance to support productivity and correct use of the solution

  • Service Commercialisation for Local Government

    4OC Ltd

    4OC's approach to commercialisation is to develop a cloud service proposition for services by baselining current market share, undertaking market and competitor analysis to establish the opportunity for growth. We then develop a revenue model to forecast growth which is underpinned by a robust sales and marketing strategy and plan

  • Project Management

    Grey Triangle

    End-to-end project management for cloud (on-premises, hybrid, private and public) assessment and migration projects.

  • Mobile Strategy

    Equal Experts UK Limited

    Strategic support and mobile expertise to enable organisations to exploit the cloud-enabled enterprise mobile opportunity to fundamentally improve the relationships between organisations and their employees and customers. Our experts define a mobile first proposition, including product strategy support, service design for mobile cloud and iOS and Android application development strategy.

  • Wavemaker Skills for Digital Inclusion


    Wavemaker Skills for Digital-Inclusion is a complete digital training and upskilling solution for those at risk of digital exclusion. We facilitate and promote digital skills to increase digital awareness, confidence and proficiency. Bespoke training packages and off-the-shelf solutions are available. Training can be delivered face-to-face or remotely according to need.

  • Cloud Unified Communications and Collaboration Project Management

    4C Strategies Ltd

    Our Cloud Unified Communications and Collaboration Project Management service is for organisations that require an experienced Project Manager to deliver a transition to a cloud UC / UCC service including presence, voice, video and conferencing.

  • Cloud Organisational Insight & Intelligence


    Extract deep insight from structured and unstructured data using AI, data analytics and machine learning to deliver real-time analytics. Understand and improve people, leadership, organisation, technology, innovation and organisational agility. Develop high-performing teams and optimise culture. Use cases: strategic planning, cultural change, innovation, risk management, digital transformation, agile maturity, resilience.

  • MongoDB Enterprise Advanced 512GB Test/QA

    MongoDB Limited

    MongoDB Enterprise Advanced Test/QA with a unit size of 512GB per server - subscription product purchased in increments of 512gb of server RAM that allows the customer to use the aggregate purchased RAM amount in any virtual or real server configuration up to the total purchased amount

  • Modern Data Architecture Service

    Mangrove Data Limited

    The Modern Data Architecture Service will help you make the make the best of Cloud technologies. The Service will help you to design your data structures, applications and data flows to meet the user and oragnisational needs.

  • Cyber Security Penetration Testing


    KPMG offer a full range of tailored penetration testing services including vulnerability assessments, infrastructure and web application testing. We provide an independent, objective security assessment for your systems, highlighting risks from external and internal threats. These assessments allow technical risks to be identified enabling mitigating controls to be implemented.

  • IBM Cloud Implementation Planning and Assessment

    IBM United Kingdom Ltd

    Follow a structured analysis and assessment of your infrastructure, applications and financial ROI calculation to validate your current Cloud thinking, refresh strategy and your proposed implementation approach. Establish both the technical baseline and financial business case to deliver the means of effective transformation. Understand the implementation and migration requirements.

  • Digital transformation

    Nomensa Ltd

    Nomensa supports our government clients in digital transformation through a range of digital transformation services. We work in close collaboration with our clients to create and implement new processes, culture and experiences that utilise digital technologies that meet their user and business needs.

  • Supply Chain Analysis and Risk Management Service

    Safehaus Group Ltd

    Our services is designed to help organisations assure the integrity and continuity of their supply chain.

  • Cloud Strategy and Architecture Design Services


    Cambridge Management Consulting provides a comprehensive cloud Strategy and Architecture Design service. We combine years of practical experience, gained in some of the largest companies in the world, with robust frameworks and methods to deliver a cloud strategy and architecture design that catalyses your business strategy.

  • Data Platform Performance and Optimisation

    Agilisys Ltd

    Our Data Service helps organisations make better use of SQL Server implementations, saving money, improving efficiency & ROI. We work closely with organisations to identify ways they can increase performance without increasing hardware spend or additional overheads, offering improvements on indexing strategy, server level optimisation and code efficiency.

  • Training in: Communications Data, Intelligence Analysis, RF Surveying, CSAS Software

    Forensic Analytics Ltd

    Expert guidance in Cell Site Analysis Suite (CSAS) software, providing hands-on practice with real data. Guidance given in process of cleansing (or parsing) communications data (CDRs). Training in Mapping and Analytics, production of exhibits. Radio Frequency Propagation Survey Training. Intelligence Analysis Training. Courtroom Skills Training. Microsoft Excel training.

  • Browser compatibility testing

    Test Partners Ltd

    A comprehensive testing service to ensure that the appearance, behaviour and performance (page loading times) of cloud-based services are acceptable on the full range of supported desktop operating systems and browsers. Testing may also verify that the services degrade gracefully on unsupported operating systems and browsers.

  • My Workspace

    Capgemini UK plc

    Capgemini’s My Workspace provides a modern evergreen user experience for enterprise clients to securely access their applications, content and data, whilst maintaining a secure digital perimeter that protects not intrudes. This enables users to use the devices of their choice, and access their applications, data and support seamlessly between devices.

  • Phishing Simulation

    Fidus Information Security Limited

    It's public knowledge that most cyber attacks start with a Phishing attack. We've been working hard to develop our anti-phishing solution. Fidus' certified Penetration Test consultants conduct realistic Phishing simulations to gauge the response to Phishing campaign and employee susceptibility to Phishing attacks.

  • Data Migration Services


    WeShape Data Migration Service enables clients to migrate data between applications on-premise and/or into the Cloud. We manage the end to end data migration to ensure delivery is in a structured manner and data assets are moved securely and successfully.

  • Stakeholder Engagement and Requirements Gathering


    Scope artefacts and product roadmaps; review technical architecture, risk profile and estimate costs and timeline. The outputs of these activities help to inform business case decisions. This approach aligns with Agile Software Delivery practices and has been employed by programmes seeking alignment with the GDS’ service standard.

  • Agile Integration

    Integrella Ltd

    Integrella Digital Integration will deliver hybrid integration platforms and support projects with high quality integration products - APIs, services, messaging, orchestration.

  • Healthcare Systems Integration

    Penpole Consulting Ltd

    Support on cloud hosting, implementation and execution of interoperability solutions nationally, as well as integration solutions locally. Healthcare organisations can utilise this service for sharing patient data between systems internally, and between trusts, CCGs, NHSD/E and other third parties.

  • Governance Risk Security and Compliance for Cloud Implementations

    Data Synergie

    We provide services around data & information (analytics) in the cloud implementation. Consultancy is helping with delivery and Advisory days can be used as strategic/coaching days used if you are stuck with a particular problem. The services we offer are available at

  • Business Enterprise Architecture

    SSN Consultants

    In partnership with the client technology provider, we create an integrated business/technology architecture to support the design of the future cloud operating model. Our subject matter experts work collaboratively with the organisation to reflect the future state vision – business, organisation and service delivery models underpinned by technical architecture.

  • Digital Strategy for Local Government

    4OC Ltd

    4OC develop Digital Strategies for Customer Centres and Operational delivery functions. Our approach involves understanding organisational goals, then reflecting back current market trends, technological opportunities and providing detailed costing and planning. We enable organisations deliver savings, improve productivity, quality and customer experience while ensuring buy in to the approach.

  • Architecture as a Service


    Advisory and Consultancy, delivery of Enterprise, Solutions, Technical, Security, Information, Data and Infrastructure Architecture Services. Designing and transforming Target Operating Models and agile processes for effective architecture functions and methodologies (including agile architecture in SAFe, Togaf, SOA, Gartner).