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Episerver Commerce


Delivered by Made to Engage, Episerver Premium Partner. Online marketing and digital commerce have opened up new and exciting opportunities like never before. Quite easily, though, these opportunities can turn into obstacles when trying to coordinate multiple systems, channels and campaigns. This has been solved with Episerver Digital Experience Cloud.

EPiServer Cloud Add-ons


Episerver Cloud Add-ons provide a wide variety of add-ons to be managed within the Episerver Cloud enterprise web content management environment.


Dun & Bradstreet Ltd

OnBoard enables you to carry out your customer due diligence on a global scale. It allows you to build on your AML policy, CDD processes and due diligence on customers and suppliers, business and individual verification, identifying principals and beneficial owners, and screening against Sanctions, PEP lists and adverse media.

Digital Marketing


For your business to stand out online, it’s important to promote yourself in the right places. You need to know what channels your potential customers use in order to know where to market yourself and build a strategy based on that.

Megalist - On-demand workforce simplified


Megalist is an end-to-end digital staff management platform that allows the creation and management of an on-demand workforce. Megalist eliminates the need for staffing agencies by giving authorities the tools to create & manage an on-demand workforce. Includes automatic rota generation. Agility, elastic, workspace, NHS.

Salesforce - Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud is a leading global provider of cross-channel digital marketing software-as-a-service solutions that empower organisations of all sizes to communicate with their customers through email, mobile, social, ads, and web experiences. ©SFDCGC102018

D&B Direct+

Dun & Bradstreet Ltd

D&B Direct+ is a high performing API with the latest technology and speed. It exposes the vast business database to you in a programmable form to suit your needs. Provides access to D&B’s commercial database of 285 million businesses .This enables you to create unique and innovative uses for data.

Kentico Cloud Add-ons


Kentico Cloud Add-ons provide a wide variety of add-ons to be managed within the Kentico Cloud enterprise web content management environment.

D&B Hoovers

Dun & Bradstreet Ltd

D&B Hoovers intelligence, on 120 million trading businesses records, 100 million contacts. Integrates with CRM platforms ( Search and list building on multiple filters, trigger alerts on events you select. Corporate family trees. Industry, analyst and competitive intelligence on leading businesses. Ideal Profiles use data and analytics to recognise characteristics.

Salesforce - Marketing Cloud

Softcat Limited

Marketing Cloud is a leading global provider of cross-channel digital marketing software-as-a-service solutions that empower organisations of all sizes to communicate with their customers through email, mobile, social, ads, and web experiences. © SFDCGC92018

Video subtitle and caption creation (original language and translation)


CaptionHub is a cloud platform for the automatic creation of captions for videos. English and translated captions in up to 52 languages using state of the art speech recognition and machine translation. CaptionHub also helps you manage teams for human editing and workflow management. For accessibility, translations and SEO.

Agilisys Connect

Agilisys Ltd

The Agilisys Connect Platform provides local authorities with a fully responsive website with a choice of standard designs to make implementation quick and easy, enhancing user experience.The CMS platform comes complete with an integrated search engine and data directory, removing the need for additional products to meet your website needs.


Dun & Bradstreet Ltd

DNBI delivers business information reports, risk and financial insight on more than 285 million organisations in over 200 countries. DNBi enables you to continually assess risk across your entire portfolio .You can customise DNBi by importing your customer /supplier data and structuring it in the same way as your ledgers.

Direct Onboard

Dun & Bradstreet Ltd

D&B Direct Onboard is an API that allows customers to screen businesses and principals, electronically documenting their due diligence process directly within their existing workflows. Key data points from D&B’s business database are integrated into customer systems in real-time, enabling the swift resolution of regulatory requirements.

Data & Content


We continuously improve and optimise existing digital real estate through data-driven insight. We drive decision making through the sophisticated use of tracking, tagging and analytic tools to increase market share, revenue and customer acquisition. We also integrate marketing, sales and business intelligence to create dashboards with real time performance monitoring.

Adobe Marketing Cloud

Osmii Ltd

Osmii Ltd provides a fully-fledged Adobe Marketing Cloud service covering the full spectrum of Online Marketing and Web Analytics. Products covering Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Analytics, Target, Campaign, Audience Manager, Social, Media Optimizer and Primetime

LFi - Little Forest Index

Little Forest

Multi-national Web Governance and Monitoring including Accessibility Web Governance for Multi-national brands Centrally manage your reporting across regions, countries and markets Monitoring and alerting for all your digital KPIs Share digital best practices to optimise revenue in all markets Improve your customer experience in all corners of the world



ImageVault is everything you need to securely and easily store, find and use all your digital media assets. Plug it with your current media sources and let it be the central hub for all your digital media regardless of where they are stored.

XMA Salesforce - Marketing Cloud

XMA Limited

Marketing Cloud is a leading global provider of cross-channel digital marketing software-as-a-service solutions that empower organisations of all sizes to communicate with their customers through email, mobile, social, ads, and web experiences

Structured Content Migration & Development Service

Panlogic Limited - Digital Engineering

Content strategy Current (as-is) content mapping (both online/offline) Defining new (to-be) processes Content matrix: map content & users Content generation: web-friendly content Content engine: resources, process & matrix Formats/structure/limits Create/Revise/Re-use Content relationships Meta-data Content migration/upload Migration tool Proofing/checking Content partner provision

CACI InSite Everywhere


InSite Everywhere (also known as Community InSite) is an online geographic information system (GIS) designed specifically to provide users with access to a variety of open data, licensed CACI datasets and the ability to import postcode data. This online portal also provides unlimited coding, profiling, reporting and mapping.

Flexible & User-Friendly Search & Search Management Service

Panlogic Limited - Digital Engineering

Enterprise search capability Technology-neutral (Lucene Search, DT Search, Solr) Search whole site, within site sections, meta-data or within other files/assets (.DOCs/.PDFs/.XLS/.PPT etc.) Paginated results Multi-faceted results filtering & sorting (by relevancy/date/type/format) Wildcard (partial) search Boolean operators Design/build & hosting Search structured/unstructured data Index data/documents from file systems/intranets/e-mail/databases/knowledge management Predictive search

D&B Optimizer

Dun & Bradstreet Ltd

Optimizer enables access to Dun & Bradstreet's database of over 285 million businesses for your data applications. Off line or Integrated (API) solutions gives in-date commercial data on businesses worldwide. Optimizer offers enterprise applications or data sets via file matching, data append and multiple data fields.

D&B Credit

Dun & Bradstreet Ltd

D&B Credit delivers business information reports, risk and financial insight on more than 285 million organisations in 200 countries. It enables you to continually assess risk across your entire portfolio. You can customise it importing your data and structuring it in the same way as your ledgers and receive alerts.

Project Management Software - Clinked


Clinked is a project management tool for organising tasks, monitoring progress and achieving objectives. Embrace project collaboration by involving the whole team and get more done.

Captivise for Google AdWords Bid Automation

Captivise, is an algorithmic Artificial Intelligence app for managing pay-per-click campaigns. Captivise adjusts bids to correctly spend the optimal amount for maximum profitability. Captivise performs mathematical functions autonomously, every day, without the need for human / manual intervention. Captivise uses profit margins and real-time revenue information to adjust bids daily.

Open Source Web Development and Drupal CMS Design

Nudge Digital Ltd

Nudge specialises in delivering innovative digital consultancy, strategy and design; implementing our solutions using open-source PHP web development tools. We specialise in Drupal and WordPress content management systems and are highly-experienced using agile and user-centric design methodologies, GDS principles and helping our clients successfully navigate and pass GDS assessments.

Domain Name Registration Services

Safenames Ltd

Managing a portfolio of domain names can be both time consuming and challenging. The Safenames’ International Domain Portal (IDP) is a platform that enables you to register and manage thousands of domains names with great efficiency and effectiveness.

Metaforensics Website Audit Service

Zoocha Limited

Meta Forensics is a website architecture, website quality, performance optimisation, content checking, internal link analysis and SEO tool that helps identify unseen website problems that may be affecting your visitors, search engine crawlers and ultimately, hampering your site.

ClickDimensions Marketing Automation Services

Tisski Limited

As a ClickDimensions Gold Partner, we provide analysis, planning, design, deployment and support services for ClickDimensions for Microsoft Dynamics 365. ClickDimensions marketing automation solution includes essential marketing tools like email marketing, campaign automation, web intelligence, surveys, web forms and landing pages to help you effectively engage your customers.

Nexis - Aggregated News and Business Research Solution


Nexis® aggregates information from over 36,000 international news and business sources, as well as thousands of business-relevant websites, blogs and forums. Tens of thousands of sources and millions of full text documents are indexed and archived for up to 30 years and at your disposal to research virtually any topic.

MI View Cloud analytics

Total Intelligence Ltd (G8)

MI View is used for analysing (and combining) structured and/or unstructured data from single or multiple data sources (i.e. file directories, DB's). MI View can then be used to develop and deliver a variety of reports and dashboards in real time (if necessary) across the entire enterprise.

Apps/sites using Kentico Cloud


We provide the design and development services to rollout that use Kentico Cloud as a content repository. These apps include websites, mobile apps, social media integrations, IoT integrations and VR.

EPiServer Find


EPiServer Find is a search engine that empowers developers to build great search experiences on web sites, intranets and just about any type of system that has textual content. EPiServer Find recognizes that you know your data best and allows you to query it using your own domain model.

Site Search

Cludo UK Ltd.

Cludo is a cloud-based intelligent site search solution. Cludo empowers web and marketing teams to optimize the searchability of their organization's website, and provides valuable search and user analytics to shape the content of your website.

Microsoft Dynamics Portals Adoption, Transition & Training Services

Tisski Limited

Analysis, planning, design, deployment and support services for Microsoft Dynamics Portals. Dynamics Portals provides out of the box, self-service functionality for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Employees, Partners and Customers can access their data through a secure, accessible web portal fully integrated with Dynamics and without the need for custom development.

Cloud Content Management System (CMS)


Made to Engage are a specialist digital marketing and transformation agency. Through the introduction of cloud-based Content Management Systems, our clients orchestrate exceptional online experiences.

Kaiasm Demand Engine

Search Johnston (t/a Kaiasm)

We give our clients the ability to radically align their proposition with the demand in their market/information space, satisfying users and growing market share in the process. It drives competition analysis, buying/content strategy, supplier analysis, range/category/information extension, PIM, online product filtering, extended conversion rate optimisation, on-site search and information architecture.

Episerver CMS


Delivered by Premium Partner Made to Engage, Episerver's Web Content Management platform "Digital Experience Cloud™" allows marketers to create and experience content simultaneously. They see exactly what your audience will see, on any device, screen size or context. High availability, high performance and scalable, with open integration options.

Data Integration Toolkit

Dun & Bradstreet Ltd

The Data Integration Toolkit lets you access Dun & Bradstreet's commercial database of over 285 million businesses from your corporate applications. Integrate up-to-the-moment commercial data on businesses worldwide into your enterprise business applications, and give your users instant access to the insights they need to make the best decisions.

Market Insight

Dun & Bradstreet Ltd

Market Insight: combination of analytical software and D&B’s global commercial database generates complex queries, build insight and answer questions, via an intuitive drag and drop interface. Visualisation tools are available to help share the story and company records with custom records layouts can be exported from the system to PC.

Episerver Find - Best Practice


Episerver Find empowers agencies like Netcel to build great search experiences. Be it on your web site, intranet or any other system that has textual content, we implement Episerver Find using best practice to recognise your data and query it using your own domain model for a greater user experience.

Newsdesk - Online, Press and Social Media monitoring with Analytics


Newsdesk is a media monitoring and analytics solution. The easy-to-use interface provides access to a curated collection of global content including licensed news, web content, broadcast, blogs and user generated social content (e.g. twitter, facebook, Linkedin, YouTube etc). Users can search, analyse, create dashboards and share content across their enterprise.

Drupal Consultancy

Ixis IT Limited

Our team has created cutting-edge Drupal-powered websites for every type of organisation from FTSE 100 companies to SMEs, charities and public sector bodies. Our wide experience makes us creative and resourceful when it comes to integrating Drupal modules and third party systems into a single, seamless, bespoke solution.

Supplier Portfolio Manager (SPM)

Dun & Bradstreet Ltd

Supplier Portfolio Manager is an online analysis tool that merges your accounts payable data with D&B’s information on more than 285 million businesses to provide unique insight into your supplier portfolios. It enables you to pinpoint the main areas of risk and opportunity helping you to drive productivity and efficiencies.

Hitwise AudienceView

Connexity UK Ltd

Hosted analytic software that provides organisations the ability to understand the attitudinal and behavioural characteristics of the UK On-line population leading to better customer engagement, identifying more target audiences (that are otherwise hard to reach), understanding how different audiences engage with you and competitors and a more effective marketing strategy.