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  • iPayimpact

    CRB Cunninghams

    iPayimpact is an online payment, income management and dinner money administration solution for schools, local authorities and caterers. iPayimpact enables parents to make payments to school online or in cash through PayPoint for anything from school meals and trips, to uniform and music lessons.

  • OpenCampus 7

    OpenCampus UK Limited

    OpenCampus 7 is campus management from the cloud, providing SIS, LMS and ERP functions and a unique digitalisation engine to embed bespoke processes.

  • iSAMS and Ed:gen

    iSAMS Independent Ltd

    iSAMS and Ed:gen are powerful, versatile, online school management systems you can build and shape to meet every need. 100% web-based, cloud or on-premise, intuitive and easy to use with multiple third-party integrations available. Online portals feed vital information to all school audiences, lifting productivity, efficiency, communication and engagement.

  • IBM Planning Analytics Digital Pack

    Budgeting Solutions Ltd

    IBM Planning Analytics is appropriate for any public sector body that wishes to improve its budgeting, forecasting, planning and reporting processes with an underlying modelling technology to perform multiple what-if scenarios. The service provides a managed, governed, secure environment for end user, workgroup or enterprise-wide deployments.

  • Asset4000

    MRI Software Limited

    RAM's Asset4000 provides organisations with a system that can control and track changes to an asset throughout its life-cycle from the moment it is entered into the system, as well as benefit from customisable depreciation methods, user reporting facilities and the ability to import new assets from external files.

  • Bromcom MIS for Alternative Provisions

    Bromcom Computers Plc

    Bromcom is a cloud-based school MIS that provides a powerful suite of administration, analysis and communication tools. Our advanced behaviour management system includes a wide range of automation tools to trigger follow up actions, alerts and reports. We offer a highly flexible platform to suit the needs of Alternative Provisions.

  • IRIS Payroll Professional


    IRIS Payroll Professional is designed for Specialist Payroll Teams & Departments. IPP is unique in that it can service the requirements of several different market segments - Accountancy firms and Payroll Bureaux, Commercial organisations and Schools & Educational Establishments.

  • Advanced Cloud Marketplace

    Advanced Business Solutions

    A cloud-based, fully managed eCatalogue marketplace enabled with a look-up capability integrated via punch-out with the customer’s ERP/Finance/P2P systems. This is powered by consistently, high quality structured data across all suppliers’ products and services with full reach transaction hub for automated purchasing document transmission, comprehensive reporting tools and spend analytics.

  • Civica Education Financials LIVE for Colleges

    Civica UK Limited

    Improve financial management and processes with a single database, multi-company solution designed for further education. Reduce costs, drive efficiencies and minimise manual input using configurable workflows, automated procurement processes and bank reconciliation with real-time ledger integration. Includes general ledger, cashbook, asset management, budgeting, creditors, debtors and purchase to pay modules.

  • DocuWare Cloud Document Management

    Document Management Technology Limited (DocTech)

    DocTech is a 35 year DocuWare partner, specialising in cloud document management and storage. Integration with existing business applications, supporting accounts payable automation, digital signatures, email management, mobile working, purchase order requisition and employee management. Quick set up, multiple levels of access, authentication and high levels of encryption.

  • Accord Payroll Software

    Payroll Business Solutions Limited

    PBS develop and host payroll software for public and private sector organisations using our own Accord Payroll software system. Accord Payroll combines regulatory & statutory compliance with configurability for specific and occupational requirements. PBS is ISO27001 certified, GDPR compliant, and a Bacs approved bureau. Accord Payroll software is HMRC Recognised.

  • Cypad Asset Manager

    ParentPay Limited

    Records and reviews asset information on site to enable workers to locate, move items, request repairs and print inventories of asset information. Assets can be located by site, type, asset tag and barcode. Forms are site and needs determined with photo capability and signature.

  • EduSpot SchoolMoney

    Groupcall Limited

    Online Payments for School Trips, Dinners and more for your school. Set up payments, manage dinner menus and take payments with the cashier or cashless catering module. Alternatively, offer parents the opportunity to log in and make a payment using the parent portal in their own time.

  • Fixed Asset Accounting

    MRI Software Limited

    Fixed Assets provides organisations with a system that can control and track changes to an asset throughout its life-cycle from the moment it is entered into the system, as well as benefit from customisable depreciation methods, user reporting facilities and the ability to import new assets from external files.

  • Bromcom Virtual School Shared Campus

    Bromcom Computers Plc

    Bromcom’s Shared Campus is an addition to our Cloud-MIS solution. Schools with shared premises and resources work from one system and have the student data separated based on home school. The schools maintain their separate official identity, teachers interact with MIS as normal and data transfer is seamless and automatic.

  • Bromcom Finance for Cloud MIS

    Bromcom Computers Plc

    Bromcom Finance for Cloud MIS is a financial management solution designed for LA schools and stand-alone academies integrated with Bromcom MIS. It streamlines complex financial activities with workflows, auditing and document management, enabling busy finance staff to complete their daily tasks quickly and effectively to help maximise the school’s budget.

  • Capita ePayment Telephony/ Call Centre

    Capita Business Services Limited

    Mediated card payment by telephone. Part of Pay360’s Payments Service which includes Income Management, Telephone Payments, Counter Receipting, Direct Debits, Mobile Payments and Online Store. Delivering integrated payment solutions for Local Government, Housing, Health and Education. Compatible with Revenues & Benefits, Civica, Northgate, Adelante, ABS, WPM and Capita Integra.

  • Schoolcomms

    ParentPay Limited

    Schoolcomms, leading provider of school business solutions improving parental engagement and administrative efficiencies whilst reducing costs. Communication via email/SMS /App messaging, collect online payments trips,events, booking clubs, meal management, attainment, attendance reporting and paperless forms into central system. Comprehensive range of services for educational establishments to build a consolidated solution.

  • Cloud School – Cloud-Based MIS for the Schools and Academies

    Advanced Business Solutions

    Fully Cloud Based Managed Information System. Schools can run their everyday back office operations, teachers can assess and monitor learner progress and attainment ,SLT members can analyse school data to understand key metrics, trends and drivers to improve outcomes and parents can see their child's progress.

  • Advanced Cloud Procurement

    Advanced Business Solutions

    A unified eCatalogue driven electronic requisitioning solution featuring highly flexible workflows and goods receipting. This is powered by consistently high quality structured data from the eCatalogue marketplace that feeds into a transaction hub for automated secure transmission of purchasing documents, comprehensive reporting tools, spend analytics and e-invoicing capability.

  • SupplyClouds Technology

    Supply Clouds

    Supply Clouds Staff Booker enables organisations to utilise technology to book, engage, manage temporary and permanent agency staff quickly and cost effectively, by providing a comparative, transparent marketplace of candidates. Currently used successfully by Multi Academy Trusts to book supply teachers. For use by public sector organisations using temporary workers

  • Civica Financials LIVE for Community Protection

    Civica UK Limited

    Modernise financial software & business processes; Multi company enterprise solution specifically designed for Police. Reduce costs, improve efficiencies with configurable workflow: Digital by design, AI through intelligent scanning automation, remote access via mobile devices; full real time Ledger integration self-service. Integrated ledgers with Budgeting, Forecasting, Asset Management, & Purchase2Pay.

  • Bromcom MIS for Multi Academy Trusts

    Bromcom Computers Plc

    Bromcom is a cloud-based MAT MIS that provides a powerful suite of administration, analysis and communication tools for all phases and types of school. In addition to the essentials, Bromcom includes a parent portal, clubs/trips management and student/parent/teacher apps. It answers all your Multi-Academy Trust needs in one intuitive interface.

  • Bromcom MIS for Special Schools

    Bromcom Computers Plc

    Bromcom is a cloud-based school MIS that provides a powerful suite of administration, analysis and communication tools. Our adaptable platform is designed to meet the needs of Special Schools, offering an All-Through provision, flexible curriculum management, detailed behaviour management, built in safeguarding tools and support document (e.g. EHCP) creation tools.

  • Civica Financials LIVE for Local Government

    Civica UK Limited

    Financial Management solution designed specifically for Local Government. Helps reduce costs and improve efficiencies using configurable workflow and is Digital by design. Includes intelligent scanning, remote access via mobile devices, and comprehensive real time integration across core ledgers with self-service and integrated Budgeting, Forecasting, Asset Management, & Purchase2Pay modules.

  • Mercur Business Control

    Mercur Solutions (UK) Limited

    Mercur is a leading provider of enterprise performance management solutions. Founded in 1976 Mercur delivers; business intelligence, forecasting, budgeting, planning and analytic applications within a single solution designed for the both sme, large enterprise and public sector. Organisations ranging from sme, public sector & FTSE have selected Mercur Business Control.

  • TOBP Public Sector Payments Service


    Fully regulated Open Banking Payment Gateway environment that connects into government e-commerce systems to deliver real-time payment and settlement, creating significant reductions in the cost of those transactions. Fully licensed and regulated. Includes automated multi-vendor payment splitting, "PropertyPay" for automated rent collection, Mass-Citizen Digital Wallet for collecting/making other payments arrangements.

  • Bromcom Virtual School

    Bromcom Computers Plc

    Bromcom’s Virtual School is a cloud based solution allowing multiple education providers to form partnerships and share offered services. Providers can come together to increase the opportunities available to their students, while teachers continue to interact with their MIS in the normal fashion and data transfer is seamless and automatic.

  • Access Education Budgets

    The Access Group

    Access Education Budgets is a cloud based budgeting and forecasting tool allowing Schools, Academies, MAT's and Local Authorities to accurately set their in year budget, forecast up to 5 years and create multiple scenarios supporting more informed, strategic decisions to be made.

  • Local funding and policy information portals

    Idox Software Limited

    Off-the-shelf, local access, funding and policy portals to support members, students and/or the local business or community sector. Includes Open 4 Business, Open 4 Community and Open 4 Learning.