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54 results found in Cloud software in the category Post (mailing services)

Address Geocode Append

Melissa Data Ltd

Melissa Geocode solutions convert addresses into geocodes (latitude and longitude coordinates). Providing precise rooftop geocodes for 95% of all physical addresses in the U.K., U.S. as well as 240+ countries around the world. Our unique parse and matching algorithms fix errors and complete addresses that have missing or invalid components.

Civica Single Person Discount (SPD) Monitoring Service

Civica UK Limited

Single Person Discount (SPD) Monitoring Service allows users to remove the resource intensive nature of the traditional batch annual review. Our service prevents fraud by identifying wrongful SPD awards within 8 weeks of their award date. This will ensure that fraudulent claims are minimised.

Hi-mail Hybrid Mail

FDM plc

FDM plc is one of the UK’s leading print and mail companies. Our hybrid mail solution, Hi-mail®, allows you to print & post all of your documents directly from your PC, Laptop, Smartphone or Tablet for up to 70% less than your existing print and postage costs.

Civica Digital Mail Service

Civica UK Limited

Civica’s Digital Mail Service processes physical inbound and outbound mail, helping to increase efficiency, reduces costs and workload for your staff. Using a digital mail service supports your digital transformation agenda and transition to paperless working; making your organisation greener, saving money and improving process efficiencies.

PeritoCase Case Management System

Equiniti ICS Ltd

Equiniti's case management solution allows government organisations to efficiently receive, record, and resolve cases in line with legislative requirements. We are a trusted provider of case management solutions - our case management software handles over 4.5 million cases per annum.



CommsSender is a hybrid mail solution that outsources your printed letter delivery. This simple technology enables you to quickly shift from desktop printing and manual post handling to commercial printing. Instead of printing locally, employees simply print to a virtual printer where the documents are processed for fast, affordable delivery.

Forcepoint Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

SoftwareONE UK Ltd

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions are vital in the fight to protect business-critical, sensitive data against accidental data loss, compromised users, and malicious insiders. Forcepoint offers data leakage protection that focuses on the human interaction with data ensuring regulatory and industry compliance.

Global Address Verification

Melissa Data Ltd

20% of addresses entered online contain errors: spelling mistakes; wrong house numbers; incorrect postal codes; and formatting errors that don’t conform to a specific country’s postal regulations. Melissa service verifies addresses for UK and 240+ countries in real-time, at point of entry, to ensure only valid addresses enter your systems.

Postcode lookup

Melissa Data Ltd

Postcode lookup service (UK & Global). Enter a postal code and select full validated addresses from the dropdown list. Integrate the API into web forms, documents or checkouts, saving 50% in data entry time. The service utilises Royal Mail’s PAF file for UK addresses and trusted reference data sources globally.

Hybrid Mail and Outbound Communications


CDS and our partner Publisure offer an integrated multi-channel communications platform for outbound communications, incorporarting hybrid mail, SMS, email, web portal capabilities and print and fulfilment from our secure digital facility in Aylesbury. We integrate with virtually any internal application and help to deliver immediate efficiency and cost savings.

360° Colleague and Patient Feedback for Doctors, Nurses and Midwives

Equiniti ICS Ltd

Equiniti provides an easy to use Cloud-based 360 feedback tool to assist doctors and nurses with their professional development and revalidation. The user friendly technology is backed up with personal support for doctors / nurses / midwives and appraisers via a dedicated helpline.

Experian Data Management with Pandora


Our robust end-to-end data management platform Experian Pandora supports all your Data Management needs - Data Quality, Data Migration, Data Governance, Data Preparation and Single Customer View.


Neopost UK Ltd

Hybrid Mail

Over the Counter Payments

allpay Limited

allpay provides a comprehensive over-the-counter network payments service utilising more than 40,000 Post Office and PayPoint outlets and branches nationwide, providing organisations with daily transaction data via its secure cloud-based portal. Payments can be made via barcoded bill or plastic payment card.

Hybrid Mail

Adare SEC Ltd

Hybrid Mail enables letters that would normally be printed via local desktop or office printers to instead be sent to Adare SEC for production and mailing.

Experian Data Management with JukeBox


Experian’s Jukebox service enables you to automate your Bureau Cleanse / Dedupe setup that include the following products: Batch Web Service Match Unify

DocuPoD - Post on Demand - Hybrid Mail

Docuflow Ltd

Mail can be sent directly from your desktop to a production mail centre, main benefits are it is less expensive than traditional mail methods when all costs are factored in and is quicker as you are not leaving your computer to get your post into the Royal Mail postal stream

Experian Data Management with Address Validation


Experian’s address validation service enables you to capture a full and standardised address from minimal data entry, ensuring only complete and accurate information enters your database. With intuitive search functionality, the SaaS version of our tool can be tailored to capture addresses from a variety of sources.

Hybrid Mail Me

Hybrid Mail Solutions Ltd

Hybrid Mail Me is a cloud-based hybrid-mail-management-system that enables users to arrange mailings of any size with an internet connection or through a mobile device. Hybrid Mail Me offers desktop print-driver, API and web portal access. Data transmitted via secure HTTPS.

Docstore Document Archive

dsi Billing Services

Docstore is our cloud-based digital document archive and retrieval system. Your digital documents can be uploaded into the system for secure viewing by your customers and your customer services team, via a web browser. Documents can also be indexed and bulk-uploaded into your local DMS.

Full Company Details as a single API and embedded Search Platform

Data Gardener Limited

- UK Companies Search Engine on Industry, SIC code, Area, - Data centric Software development Services - Print & Send Services - Data cleansing and extraction services - BMI reporting Services

Stannp Direct Mail Platform

Stannp Hybrid Mail offer a SaaS web based solution to direct mail; offering companies a fully digital, integrated solution to their direct mail needs. With over 30 years experience in printing and mailing, our online platform has thousands of active customers, serviced through our capacity to mail over 50 million items annually.

Data cleanser

Melissa Data Ltd

Melissa provides industry leading Data Cleanse & Standardisation services to manage Data Quality enterprise-wide, Cleanse, Correct, and Format UK & Global: Name; Address: Email; Phone: IP; Geocodes etc. Data Management issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently, using easy to integrate solutions anywhere in your process flow.

Xerox Hybrid Mail

Xerox (UK) Ltd

Automate and simplify your outbound mail via Cloud service or on-premise software that enables lower cost print and mail, and one platform to transform your printed output to digital , enabling electronic communications for your service users.


KUORUM SOCIAL LTD enables city and borough councils to launch a citizen engagement website. The platforms built with our technology can be customized with logo and colors. They have a contact management board, mass mailing features and user profiles. Users can participate in: Debates, surveys, petitions, events with ticketing and participatory budgets.


Synertec Ltd

100+ NHS trusts use Prism to deliver a complete patient-centric communication solution, eliminating the systemic and operational barriers to providing consistent and effective communication. Prism ensures patient communication needs are met throughout the care pathway, with the flexibility to handle varied clinical requirements. All with virtually no trust resource.

Patient Flow Management

Savience Limited

We support the digital transformation of healthcare. Digital processes offer an enormous opportunity to deliver a step change and fundamental shift in focus from purely volumes to value. Digital optimises the patient experience, creates operational flexibility and agile organisations able to continually adapt to sharp fluctuations in demand.

Publisure - Hybrid Mail and Integrated Secure email, SMS and Web Portal

Service Level Management Ltd

Publisure is an integrated Multi Channel communications platform for outbound communications - it incorporates Internal/External Hybrid Mail, SMS, Secure email and web portal capabilities. Publisure integrates with virtually any internal application. Publisure provides a simple middleware solution to enable your digital transformation. Publisure delivers immediate cashable savings

Address cleanser

Melissa Data Ltd

Cleanse your address database in batches. Using the REST/JSON cloud service for easy integration, our address cleansing service will return complete and standardised addresses that conform to the specific country’s postal regulations. Covers UK addresses & 240+ Countries worldwide. Corrects addresses by adding missing components such as postal codes.

SCYTALE Armour Comms


Armour Mobile is a CPA certified encryption application for secure (voice, video, IM, group chat and data) available on iOS and Android devices. Offering to customers a cost-effective, easy to use technology combined with advanced security techniques available in cloud-based and on premise architectures, available up to UK SECRET.

Govmail Hybrid Mail

dsi Billing Services

Govmail is our hybrid mail solution that enables organisations to reroute their locally-printed documents to our secure production centres for bulk printing and mailing - achieving up to 60% reduction in costs. Supports e-doc channel shift, batch data transfer, document composition, returns management, document matching and mail merge.

Govmail Online

dsi Billing Services

Govmail Online is our web browser based hybrid mail solution that enables organisations to submit documents to our secure production centres for printing and mailing - achieving up to 60% reduction in costs compared to in-house production. Supports e-doc channel shift, batch data transfer, document composition, returns management.

Opentext Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Cloud Service

SynApps Solutions Limited

SynApps Solutions Electronic Content Management Cloud Services (ECM) is based on OpenText offerings best of breed Enterprise Content Services, providing a modern browser based solution which enables organisations to meet statutory compliance needs, and provide a cost effective collaborative platform to content enable business applications.

ECM Migration to the Cloud Service

SynApps Solutions Limited

SynApps Solutions has partnered with FME ag to bring ECM migration to the cloud. By leveraging SynApps Solutions many years of experience migrating solutions and combined with FME's migration center product we can provide fast, cost effective options for migration to the cloud.

Ideal Postcodes

Ideal Postcodes

Ideal Postcodes provides UK address search and validation solutions including postcode to address lookup, partial address lookups and address autocomplete. These services are provided through a simple, well documented HTTP API, which can be integrated in minutes. We use Royal Mail's Postcode Address File (PAF) with daily updates.

Forcepoint Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

SoftwareONE UK Ltd

Forcepoint CASB is security as a service that lowers the data and human behavioural risk of using any cloud applications. It enables customers to overcome compliance and information assurance restrictions on using the Cloud.

Street, Town, City, Postcode Lookup

Melissa Data Ltd

Melissa provides a UK & Global address search and verification service to check and autocomplete for: Street; Locality (Town/City); Postcode/Zipcode; Country. Service is provided through a simple Cloud API, which can be integrated into any process flow in minutes. Melissa multisource reference data including Royal Mail's Postcode Address File (PAF).


Sharp Business Systems UK PLC

Docmail is a cloud-based hybrid-mail-management system which allows users to arrange mailings of any size from any device with an internet connection. Docmail offers desktop print driver and web portal access. Data is transmitted via secure HTTPS connection for remote print and post fulfilment at our highly secure production facilities.

Kanto Elect

Kanto Elect

Kanto Elect better meets the needs of electronic and paper balloting and scrutineering services than existing suppliers. Using new, proprietary software and a strong technology focus, Kanto provides more a secure, robust, transparent, customisation, and effective scrutineering and balloting service, delivered with greater customer care at a lower cost.

Alfresco Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Cloud Service

SynApps Solutions Limited

SynApps Solutions Electronic Content Management Cloud Services (ECM) is based on Alfresco Digital Business Platform offering best of breed Enterprise Content Services, providing a modern browser based solution which enables organisations to meet statutory compliance needs, and provide a cost effective collaborative platform to content enable business applications.


Citipost Mail Limited

Cloud based Hybrid Mail services Online drag and drop solution plus SFTP, API integration options


Dataphiles Ltd

PatientComms is a cloud based patient engagement platform which enables NHS Trusts, CCG's, CSU's, GP's, Dental Practices & other healthcare providers to complete patient surveys (like the NHS Friends & Family Test), patient studies, provide interactive appointment reminders and healthcare messaging.

Hybrid Mail Communication Managed Services


Delivery of Managed SaaS solutions and integrated workflows.


RainyDay Projects Ltd

Envilope is a "virtual envelope" in which you can lock emails, digital files, or secure messages containing text, images, audio, video - anything that can be sent online. Envilope gives senders privacy and control over their content. If you ever suspect a breach, you can vaporize your content.

Panacea Print Manager

Panacea Applications Limited

A comprehensive print management tool incorporating instant estimating, proofing, approvals, file sharing, and automated administration. Ensures optimum use of digital, litho, web-offset, large-format and specialist print. Clear, shared workflow and audit trail, from requirement through to delivery, payment and charging. Saves time and cuts costs for buyers and suppliers alike.

Correspondence Tracking System (Sharepoint - Automated Workflows)


A Sharepoint (Office 365) based Correspondence Tracking Service which provides automated workflow. Deployed within Cabinet Office on local servers for elevated security, but replicable within cloud services. DevOps and ServiceOps capability with industry leading experts to rapidly deploy a Microsoft Office integrated solution.

Business & Organisation Check

Melissa Data Ltd

Melissa business check verifies and appends Business/Organisation data. The service enables the build, creation and management of highly targeted business and functional contacts by appending firmographic information, including: Company Name; Address; Company Registration Number(CRN); Contact details(phone, email); Number of employees; SIC codes; Incorporation date etc. Generate Business Marketing Lists

Digital/ Hybrid Patient Communications and Engagement

ERS Connect

Supporting the NHS Digital Agenda: Rollout of cloud-based, digital patient engagement/appointment-management throughout the referral-to-treatment/RtT pathway. Delivered via EPR Integration with patient portal, on-line engagement, Email/SMS/QRcodes/Hyperlinks and hybrid print/mail. GDPR/DPA compliant; Live/Real-time/Online delivery of outcomes (Slot-Utilisation/DNA Reduction) Improved patient outcomes/experience and accessibility standards. Escalation paths; reporting; BI/MI;

Appointment Management - Patient Portal

Healthcare Communications UK Ltd

A true "Digital Front Door" to initiate communications to patients via our secure patient portal. Improve quality, auditability and communication speed. Significantly reduce postal costs by up-to 50%. Provide "access to all" appointment information, supporting confirm/cancel/rebook with 1 click. Automated fallback to postal letter where digital delivery is not possible.

Patient Experience & Friends and Family Test (FFT)

Healthcare Communications UK Ltd

Healthcare Communications are #1 Market leaders in FFT, local surveys and patient experience. Multiple channels capture real time patient/staff feedback including SMS, online, phone, tablets, paper and kiosks. Our analytics and auto-reporting features are co-designed with NHS staff for instant results and includes sentiment analysis, free text theming & heatmap.

NPS Card Production

Northgate Public Services UK Limited

Central Government and Local Authorities require cards or badges to be manufactured for a variety of reasons such as blue badges, taxi licences, identity cards etc. This cloud based service provides manufacture and distribution of cards or badges.


CFH Docmail Ltd

Docmail is a cloud-based hybrid-mail-management system which allows users to arrange mailings of any size from any device with an internet connection. Docmail offers desktop print driver and web portal access. Data is transmitted via secure HTTPS connection for remote print and post fulfilment at our highly secure production facilities.

Appointment Management - Patient Connect

Healthcare Communications UK Ltd

Envoy Appointment Management is #1 communication software for NHS Trusts, sending patient appointment reminders via SMS, IVM, agent, email, letter and online. DNA’s reduce by up to 40% and increase appointment utilisation. Digital first communication along the whole appointment pathway; ASI/Partial Booking, Reminders, Pre/Post assessments, Digital Portal & Patient Experience

Address auto-complete

Melissa Data Ltd

The service provides address suggestions (UK & Global), matched to the characters the user types. Once an address is selected from lookup, the fully verified address auto completes into web forms, documents, or checkouts. Saving 50% in data entry time, simplifying the process, and increasing the quality of data capture.