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  • MIG Primary Care Data Set Service

    Healthcare Gateway Ltd

    MIG is secure middleware technology providing a two way exchange of patient data between different healthcare organisations. MIG Primary Care dataset service caters for the real time retrieval and display of patient record information for a pre-defined dataset related to a specific condition or pathway

  • MIG Shared Record Viewer (SRV)

    Healthcare Gateway Ltd

    MIG Shared Record Viewer is an independent web portal which provides healthcare professionals with instant access to the Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG). It allows users to search for patients and view their medical records without an existing clinical system.

  • PRISM Module 5 - Provider Portal

    Leicestershire Health Informatics Service

    Provides a safe, secure, encrypted and auditable mechanism for provider organisations to RECEIVE referral letters electronically where eReferrals (eRs) is not in place, negating the need to receive faxed or emailed referrals in a provider or triage setting.

  • Patient Link


    Patient Link is a highly flexible, scalable and intelligent online platform engineered for GP Practices and Primary Care Networks (PCNs) to share information with patients and optimise their health-seeking behaviour. We use the latest cloud-based frameworks and technologies to support the Total Triage model to power GP Practice Websites.

  • Evergreen Life

    Evergreen Health Solutions Limited

    Our goal is to help people feel better informed and more in control of their health, wellbeing and fitness. Evergreen Life is a personal health record app used by over 750,000 people in the UK and is connected to all major GP systems in England providing online patient-facing services.

  • Termlex Terminology Server

    Termlex Limited

    Termlex is a cloud hosted terminology server that provides APIs for accessing terminology standards like SNOMED CT, ICD-10, dm+d, etc. It also allows users to access maps between the above products or to create and maintain their own maps from local codes to the above standards.

  • CareHub Enterprise

    Hicom Technology Ltd

    CareHub Enterprise is a comprehensive electronic medical record/hospital information system providing all the facilities needed to run a paperless outpatient or inpatient service. CareHub Enterprise supports the delivery of effective patient care and administrative workflows, integrated fully into the hospital or clinic environment.

  • MIG Detailed Care Record (DCR)

    Healthcare Gateway Ltd

    MIG is secure middleware technology providing a two way exchange of patient data between different healthcare organisations. This service caters for real time retrieval and display of detailed patient record information in HTML or structured data format. This service can be integrated directly into consuming systems in patient context.

  • Complete Comprehensive Hospital Information System (IoT)


    Medical Platform enables anytime, anywhere medical care support software. Secure EMR with RealTime IoT Integration, Diagnosis/Complaints, Lab Orders, Pharmacy Management, Linen Management, DNA management

  • Inventory management, RFID and ERP solution for NHS and Healthcare

    Ingenica Solutions Limited

    Inventory management, RFID & ERP solutions for NHS and healthcare resource management.GS1 certified inventory management solution, proven in NHS,developed in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premise ERP platform, accessed via VPN, N3/HCSN,UK data centre.Ingenica's highly scalable ERP inventory management solution, benefits from Microsoft and Ingenica investment and published development roadmap.

  • eForms for Hospital & Community Trust from PretaGov

    PretaGov Limited

    PretaForm makes it easy for hospitals and Community Trusts to replace their outdated paper forms with feature-rich eForms. Non-technical staff can easily create an intelligent workflow applications for each process such as discharging patients to social services. Includes data capture, approvals, and business logic. Supports HL7. Create a paperless NHS.

  • myGP® Messaging

    iPlato Healthcare Ltd

    myGP® Messaging is a 2-way SMS messaging solution, improving appointment attendance and QOF performance. The solution’s flexibility enables a practice to conduct individual ad-hoc instant messaging through to bulk CCG-wide health campaigns e.g. flu immunisation. Our solution spans the spectrum. As a 24/7/365 cloud-based solution, a real-time dashboard is available.

  • Pathnexus Platform

    Termlex Limited

    Pathnexus platform makes it easier for lab specialists to harmonise their lab results data. It is designed to map and integrate local request/result codes with standards like Unified Test List (SNOMED CT), PBCL, LOINC and NPU, making it possible for lab specialists to standardise, analyse and monitor their information flows.

  • PRISM Module 3 - Resource Library

    Leicestershire Health Informatics Service

    Provides a safe, single repository for all referral related resources for a referrer to access.Including resources for clinicians, providing clinical guidance, useful weblinks, patient leaflets and provider service related information. Referral criteria is hosted as an additional resource to allow clinicians to review this information outside of clinical referral pathways.

  • Finworks - SQL Database Query Acceleration Platform

    Fincore Limited

    Finworks Query Acceleration Platform provides enhanced query acceleration for SQL databases. The solution aggregates multiple relational and non-relational data sources into a single SQL accessible repository utilising the Finworks Data Fabric technology.

  • Care and Support Plan Service

    Storm ID

    The Care and Support Plan Service allows individuals to consent to their care and support plan being shared between healthcare professionals and local authority carers. Access provides a holistic view of the individual; highlighting correlations between health data and the care needs outlined in the care and support plan.

  • Penguin


    Penguin is a web-based platform that allows clinicians to automatically ask patients systematic questions (e.g. PROMs) based on their diagnosis and course of treatment. The patient can answer these questions from a smartphone/tablet/computer at home. Real-time alerts let clinical teams know when there are adverse events.

  • PatientIQ - Lateral Technology Patient Case Management System


    Lateral Technology's 'PatientIQ' is a medical record and patient case management system designed for use by patients, carers, Trusts, Local Authorities, Charities and organisations. Supporting digital transformation - shifting to remote management, consultations, enabling unattended appointment management, access to appointment/clinical letters, remote patient monitoring and patient/clinician messaging.

  • myGP® Engagement Hub

    iPlato Healthcare Ltd

    myGP® Engagement Hub allows teams (NHS England, Public Health England, CCG’s, ICS) to collaborate with GP practices around multi-channel patient engagement for public health messaging e.g. COVID-19, cancer screening, NHS Healthchecks, chronic disease management. The Hub supports secure, centrally delivered patient communication using SMS, myGP® app, agent calls and letters.

  • Insights Powered Analytics


    Akeso&Co provides analytics solutions that can: - identify the best predictive model from a range of algorithms; - match strings of data using a novel NLP solution; - enable the identification of most similar partner, utilising client's data combined with population medical and socioeconomic data, for a view across CCGs/STPs/ICS.

  • - Online STI Screening

    Preventx Limited is a fully integrated self-sampling online sexual health platform focusing on remote screening for sexually transmitted infections. The service includes cloud-based intervention with postal sample collection kits backed up by integrated laboratory Services.

  • Questionmark OnDemand

    Questionmark Computing Ltd

    The Questionmark OnDemand service is an online assessment platform providing the ability to author, deliver and report on tests, quizzes, surveys and exams for training, certification, advancement, channel expertise, competency measurement, compliance and workforce learning. Widely used in government, military, health, law enforcement and fire services.

  • Savant Stock Control (SSC) Service

    Savant Limited

    The Savant Stock Control system (SSC) is a secure, cloud-based stock management service for clinical laboratories. The software suite covers all aspects of stock management including deliveries, issues, movements, quarantines, discards, reconciliation and reporting and ordering..

  • Digital Outpatient Appointments Service

    Storm ID

    The Digital Outpatient Appointments Service allows patients to securely share healthcare data as part of an asynchronous consultation with a remote healthcare professional. Applicable for gastroenterology, rheumatology, respiratory medicine, diabetes and endocrinology, dermatology, sexual health, clinical genetics, oncology, haematology, immunology, pain management, AHP services, stroke and immunocompromised patients.

  • SH.UK Digital Sexual Health - Online STI Screening

    Preventx Limited

    SH.UK is the only fully integrated self-sampling online sexual health service that allows customers to provide their own clinical support, or to outsource this to one of SH.UK’s partners. The service includes; web-portal, cloud-based clinical-record system, integrated laboratory, treatment and contraception prescribing - supported by Preventx's world-class cloud-based service portal.

  • PRISM Module 4 - Referrer Portal

    Leicestershire Health Informatics Service

    Provides a safe, encrypted and secure mechanism for referrers such as primary care / GP practices, to SEND referral letters electronically where eReferrals (eRS) is not in place, negating the need for faxing/emailing letters to onward providers. The referral letter is created via PRISM and saved onto the clinical system.

  • PRECISION for Pharmacy

    Analytics Engines

    A solution enabling appropriate deployment of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians within secondary care, ensuring that the requisite number of staff with the requisite skill sets are available to help patients gain optimal outcomes from their medicines. The system also collects and presents performance data enabling resource planning and KPI reporting.

  • Healthcare

    Clarity Tech Ltd

    Clarity Tech have experience with managing NHS data, with future clients benefitted from using tried and tested tools used in Trusts and Hospitals. Using Cloud-based software allows healthcare organisations, researchers, and practitioners to focus on their patients and healthcare service provision rather than having to maintain their own infrastructure.

  • Symedical Services - UK Edition

    Clinical Architecture

    Symedical is a comprehensive terminology and health data quality platform designed to simplify the use of coded clinical data such as SNOMED. Sophisticated mapping capabilities and semantic normalisation support interoperability, decision support, and data analytics. Optional modules include natural language processing, inference rule processing, and the use of FHIR standards.

  • Low Carb Program


    The Low Carb Program is a digital behaviour change platform providing structured goal-focused education, personalised support and resources for type 2 diabetes and prediabetes patients to implement a lower carbohydrate lifestyle. The platform is a MHRA-regulated Class I Medical Device with CE mark, QISMET certified and NHS Apps Library approved.