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  • Supply Chain Track and Trace

    Tongadive Ltd

    Digital orchestration enabled track and trace SaaS to provide visibility, security and immutability of data as goods move through the supply chain. A fully functional deployed service will provide end to end visibility and traceability of goods preventing counterfeiting and enabling efficient forward and reverse supply chain.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

    Kick ICT

    Make the sales journey as smooth as possible. Manage your sales leads and opportunities more efficiently with access to new levels of insight on customer behaviour. Super charge customer acquisition and empower your business development team like never before, combining Office 365, Outlook and LinkedIn to build customer engagement.

  • HYPE Ideation Platform

    HYPE Innovation

    HYPE Innovation is a global leader in full-life cycle (open) innovation management software and services. Our innovation platform allows organizations to engage thousands of employees and 3rd parties in idea generation and collaborative problem solving - enriched with trend scouting and insight management to foster and stimulate creativity.

  • CRM/CMS: SugarCRM & software subscription, implementation, consultancy and support services

    Format14CRM Limited

    We are an Advanced SugarCRM partner specialising in implementing Cloud based Citizen CRM and Case Management applications. We have extensive knowledge of open standards technologies providing innovative products & solutions across a wide range of public & private sector organisations. Our key focus is business transformation creating increased operational effectiveness.

  • Bramble Hub Icon - DOPiX

    Bramble Hub Limited

    DOPiX is an enterprise customer communication and output solution for fast transitioning of legacy Customer Communication Management (CCM) systems, which historically have proven to be difficult, time consuming and expensive to remove. DOPiX takes data directly from core mainframe applications (especially IBM) ensuring the correct variable data in all communications.

  • RPA Prebuilt solution - Direct debit processing

    T-Impact Limited

    Processing direct debits, eliminating duplications Calculates and manages pro-rata'd periods and updating existing Finance IT Systems. A highly manual process that is easily and quickly automated with this service.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Package

    Incremental Group

    Incremental’s Microsoft Customer Service Package is a complete delivery approach delivering all the core functionality needed to optimise the customer service function. Covering call centre, managing queries, operational actions, complaints and case management, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service streamlines data and provides unified technology to deliver seamless, personalised customer experiences.

  • Silverbear Self-Service / API Services Library


    To provide members with 'Self-Service', Silverbear has developed a Self-Service Portal and an API / Web Services library that provides web integration from the Silverbear solution to our portal and / or membership organisation website.

  • RPA Prebuilt solution - Enhance single customer view

    T-Impact Limited

    Creating a Robot, acting as a 'central filing clerk', this service gathers documents creating a single view of your customer, responds to service requests and alerts relevant officers. Employees can tap into data and make smarter decisions, enhancing the customer experience.

  • RPA Prebuilt solution - Adult Social Care (Care in the community)

    T-Impact Limited

    This service automates allocation and responses to requests received for nursing, transport and day-care. Filtering out duplications and confirming supervising authorities. Prepares correspondance to respond to requests Automating a highly manual process, leaving staff to manage critical tasks and customer facing activities.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Tribunal & Appeals Management


    Ceox’s Tribunal & Appeals Management solution offers a modular Case Management solution built upon Microsoft Dynamics 365 with innovative features that enable organisations to administer hearings, tribunals, courts and appeals effectively and efficiently. The service gives organisations a platform to streamline processes, improve customer service and increase productivity.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365


    Ceox’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables Public Sector Organisations to transform their back-office operations and deliver services digitally. Based upon MS Dynamics 365 with options to provide services digitally using a portal means it’s an ideal, flexible cloud-based platform for digital transformation. Deliver better satisfaction and reduced costs by improving efficiencies.

  • Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

    Redspire Ltd

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service is the recommended choice for your customer support teams. It provides users with access to core customer service capabilities including case management, Interactive_Service_Hub, Unified_Service_Desk, SLAs and Entitlements. Each Dynamics 365 Customer_Service_User SL includes rights to Microsoft_Social_Engagement, Voice_of_the_Customer, Mobile_ Offline_Sync, Gamification and Microsoft PowerApps.

  • XMA Skuid (Salesforce managed package deployment)

    XMA Limited

    Skuid allows companies and agencies to build user friendly applications on their existing systems, specifically Salesforce without having to write and maintain custom code. Skuid is 100% native to Salesforce and is delivered as a managed package or an AWS-hosted service.

  • Evolve for Higher Education powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 for CRM

    EY Professional Services Limited

    Evolve HE from Pythagoras is a CRM solution for Higher Education Institutions. It takes Microsoft Dynamics 365 and customises it for the Higher Education sector, supporting the full student journey. The university can take advantage of a single view of a student, adopting streamlined processes, and providing improved customer services.

  • Trillium Direct Debit Management

    Trillium Systems

    Trillium Direct Debit Management is a proven application that allows you to streamline all aspects of financial management within not for profit organisations. It is architected to sit on top of and significantly enhance functionality available in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

  • Dynamics 365 Customer engagement portal/PowerApps Portal/Adxstudio implementation service

    XRM Technologies

    xRM Technologies offers the complete range of professional services, tailored for the delivery of Microsoft Dynamics 365 portal, Adxstudio and associated technologies. The end solution offers a rich self serve experience that supports your OMNI channel for customer interaction.

  • Abavus - Chat Bot

    My Council Services Chat Bot is a next generation of web enabled customer self service channel. Powered by a combination of heuristic rules and artificial intelligence is bring web chat into a new era

  • Evolutive

    Alcium Software Limited

    Evolutive is established as a leading CRM software solution for public sector organisations. Features include; CRM, Enquiry & Workflow Management, Funding & Grant Management, Participant Tracking, Advanced Reporting, Events Management, Online Marketing and more. Evolutive is a highly flexible system which can be customised to meet client needs and requirements.

  • HISboard - Multifunctional Display Screen

    Leicestershire Health Informatics Service

    Notify patients that their appointment is due via an audio/visual alert from the display screen. HISboard can also be used to display essential health information and advice. Can be integrated with Systmone, and will update the clinical system in real time once the patient is called for their appointment.

  • Housing Options Homelessness, Prevention and Advice - HPA2

    Locata Housing Services Limited

    Locata Pro’s Homelessness, Prevention and Advice Management Service (HPA2) utilises Locata’s workflow processor providing a single integrated solution delivering step-by-step management of homeless applicant cases. The ability to link to CBL services, full reporting system using staff programmable tasks, questions and workflow processing, ensuring deadlines and targets are met.

  • BoomAPI

    Boomerang I-Comms Ltd

    boomAPI is a flexible and dynamic API tool that connects 3rd party applications to Boomerang’s toolkit of products. It connects to Boomerang's Direct API to execute large scale high speed fully featured 1-way and 2-way multi communication channel messaging sends directly from an application or third party environment.

  • SH:24 online sexual health and STI testing service

    SH:24 C.I.C.

    SH:24 is the only fully-integrated online sexual health service that works in partnership with local clinics to provide access to self-sample STI/STD screening via an online platform available 24/7. Supported by remote clinical support, accredited clinical laboratory, clinical record system, pharmacy, comprehensive performance analytics and online tools to support self-management.

  • Zendesk Marketplace via Netpremacy

    Netpremacy Limited

    The Zendesk Marketplace is a one stop shop to find applications and integrations to increase agent productivity and workflows. In the Marketplace, You'll find apps and integrations to enhance analytics and reporting, time tracking, agent productivity. Netpremacy is an official Zendesk partner guaranteeing the best results for your Zendesk deployment.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service add-on

    Bytes Software Services

    There are several add-ons that extend the omnichannel capabilities of Dynamics 365 Customer Service such as Chat, Digital Messaging, and Virtual Agent for Customer Service bsscloud

  • Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) Information Mobile App for Smartphones and Tablets

    Leicestershire Health Informatics Service

    Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) Information Mobile App for Smartphones and Tablets

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Social Housing

    Advanced 365

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Social Housing provides sales and lettings management, a single view of the customer, digital services and customer engagement platform based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Cloud. A powerful platform for Social Housing transformation programmes successfully deployed to significant numbers of UK-based Housing Associations.

  • Customer Engagement & Progression CEP Software

    ICONI Software Ltd

    ICONI’s Customer Engagement & Progression (CEP) platform is designed to help organisations that support individuals. It enables organisations to case manage their support programmes and achieve optimal outcomes, ensure compliance and accelerate performance. CEP can be used for Employability, Health & Wellbeing, Skills & Learning, Rehabilitation and Economic Development.

  • SH:24 online contraception, sexual and reproductive health service

    SH:24 C.I.C.

    SH:24 is an online sexual and reproductive health service that works in partnership with local clinics to provide access to oral contraception (OC) and emergency hormonal contraception (EHC). Supported by remote clinical support, accredited clinical laboratory, clinical record system, pharmacy, comprehensive performance analytics and online tools to support self-management

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

    Kick ICT

    Your customers are at the heart of your business and your relationship with them is key to your success. With Dynamics 365 Customer Service you can focus on building these relationships, improve your service and drive satisfaction. Our service includes developing, consulting, migrating, deploying and supporting Dynamics 365 Customer Service