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FastForm Online Bookings

Clarity Information Solutions

FastForm Online Bookings is a web-based course management solution that is used by local authorities, police forces and safety camera partnerships to streamline the delivery of driver offender retraining and road safety awareness schemes. FastForm also provides online booking and payment facilities for course participants and service providers (call centres).

Training Manager

i2N Ltd

A VLE allowing staff and practitioners to access professional and vocational training material online. Tutors setup courses, upload coursework and workbooks to a secure cloud hosted repository and allow learners to complete workbooks in a user-friendly way. Learners book onto courses, facilitating learning at a time and place of choosing.

Report-a-Problem Liberator citizen engagement module

Farthest Gate Limited

Report-a-Problem Liberator citizen engagement is a market leading module forming part of the Liberator suite of products. Report-a-Problem can be used independently of other Liberator products. It is very easy to set up, configure and use and offers clients and their customers great efficiencies.


Acume Forensic

ADDUCE The document and multi-media exploration system. Incorporates all media from e-discovery, investigative life cycle or scan. Designed for information examination, classification, amendment, dissemination and presentation at trial, tribunal or hearing. Includes multiple automated tools and ADDUCE-LITE tablet and portable media platform. Hosted on private cloud UK Crown hosting centre

Aetopia Police Digital Asset Management (DAM)


Aetopia Police DAM provides a secure and easy to use software solution for Police Evidence Management. Critical digital evidence such as CCTV, body-worn video, images, documents and audio can be centrally stored, classified and instantly shared on-line with 3rd parties using the provided secure portal.

Evidence Management System Module


The Mark43 Evidence Management System includes capabilities for the intake, audit, and release of property and evidence. It eliminates inefficiencies in police evidence warehouses with a mobile application for property intake and release. It's seamlessly integrated web application to configure and monitor inventory locations, chain of custody status, and dispositions.

tuServ Biometrics; mobile, efficient, and quality rated fingerprint identification

Black Marble Limited

With tuServ’s Biometrics module, officers can capture biometrics in two simple steps via two prints. Once captured and a quality rated established, a multiple system search will begin, resulting in matches with a confidence rating, providing assurance that the individual has been correctly identified.

Identity and Access Management


Identity Assurance IdP with Access Management Lifecycle supporting mission-critical enterprise authentication and authorization services. Secure access to local, cloud, mobile applications with centralized IAM policies. Integrate identity information across user journey lifecycle to control access centrally. Single Sign-On/Off and access governance for behavior tracking and attribute exchange between integrated systems.


Eitx Consulting Limited

AIRE is a cloud-based platform able to absorb vast amounts of data and intelligently produce a prioritised list of scored and contextualised outcomes based on the problem it is solving. The platform combines seven value modules into one seamless referral engine with Supervised Machine Learning at its heart.

Biometric self-service case management for secure training centres

Unilink Software Ltd

Unilink’s CMS enables secure training centres to run efficiently with the option of students carrying out self-service in-cell, or on wing-based kiosks. The combined biometric case management and self-service application allows students to take responsibility, improving their chances of rehabilitation; integrates with ‘emailaprisoner’ and ‘epayments’, enhancing friends/family contact.

Digital Evidence Management Service

SecureCloud+ Limited

The Digital Police Evidence Management Service delivers, fast and secure eDiscovery for content sharing assisting the investigation of serious and organised crime. Available at OFFICIAL with a handling caveat of sensitive, SECRET and TOP SECRET the service provides real-time information access, digital forensics and evidential storage helping smart crime prevention.



Forceview is a financial background check product for use by Police and Law enforcement agencies

Probation Cloud offender case management with biometric self-service

Unilink Software Ltd

Probation Cloud from Unilink facilitates the efficient delivery of probation services and identifies offenders who would benefit from further attention. Easy to use, with rapid navigation, this system assists Community Rehabilitation Companies in the provision of required services, including: intervention identification, offenders and workflow management, and court orders.

Electronic Presentation of Evidence Cloud Software

Epiq Systems Ltd

Epiq provides evidence presentation software to electronically present evidence at a hearing. The software allows documents to be manipulated on screen without altering the original file. The evidence presentation software provides a wide range of manipulation tools, including: Annotate; Enlarge; Highlight; Crop; Expand; Compare up to four documents on screen.

Buchanan Cloud Services Traffic Orders

Buchanan Computing

An integrated cloud-based service providing a complete solution to managing traffic orders and on-street parking infrastructure. It assists specialist users through the whole life cycle and legal process, from the initial scheme design, generation of legal documents, public consultation, on street deployment, to meeting the wider objective of sharing information.


Synectics Solutions Ltd

PRECISION from Synectics Solutions is a fully hosted predictive analytics solution that provides organisations with all the analytical capabilities and data science expertise they need to deliver the kind of cost effective predictive insight that will enable them to become more competitive.

Mobile Inspection and Compliance

4C Europe UK Ltd

Exonaut® Mobile Inspection and Compliance provides a fully mobilised inspection and compliance solution supporting remote workers in the field. Inspections and audits can be managed and delivered using a mobile app which provides connectedness and increases efficiency. Inspection and audit findings are captured dynamically, reducing administration and generating instant reports.

NICE Investigate Digital Evidence Management Solution (SaaS)


NICE Investigate Public Safety Digital Evidence Management Solution provides a single view of all digital evidence (body-worn video, public submissions, crime scene photos, 999 recordings, interview room recording, RMS, CAD, CCTV, social media forensic information) enabling the officer to automate the collection, analysis and sharing of digital evidence.

Pentaho Data Integration and Analytics

Hitachi Vantara

Utilise Pentaho’s extensive end-to-end capabilities; data engineering by connecting to an extensive range of data sources to aid data ingest. Data preparation and data blending to validate, cleans and add value, implement machine learning and data science. Finally present the data through BA server dashboards and reports.

Immigration Detention biometric self-service detainee case management

Unilink Software Ltd

NForce / Custodial Management System CMS from Unilink enables immigration detention centres to run efficiently and detainees to operate self-service. Combined with biometric case management it enables detainees to take responsibility, reducing their chances of reoffending; integrates with emailaprisoner and epayments which enhance friends and family contact helping detainees.

Continuous Transdermal Alcohol Monitoring and Tagging as a Service


The SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring® (SCRAM CAM®) device is the world’s most widely used and trusted 24/7 transdermal alcohol testing system. SCRAM CAM provides supervising authorities with a fact-based, comprehensive profile of higher-risk clients’ alcohol consumption and curfew compliance.


Synectics Solutions Ltd

NFI ReCheck is a flexible, cost effective and fully hosted ‘software as a service’ (SaaS) solution for public sector organisations. ReCheck allows you to retrospectively check existing customer records against one of the most sophisticated data sets available, eliminating over payments and reducing financial loss to your organisation.


Capita Business Services Limited

COSAIN is a secure cloud based (SaaS) open source listening platform.

Quvo: Workforce Mobility Platform

Coeus Software Ltd

A workforce mobility platform, designed for any organization employing mobile work teams. It delivers straightforward digital transformation of workflow and business processes empowering organisations to be in control of the design, management, and implementation of their operational processes, without needing to rely on third party suppliers or consultants.

Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Command & Control System

APD Communications

APD's Cloud Control Room Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Software, is a UK first specialising in advanced incident response management for Police, Fire, Ambulance Services and other critical control rooms. APD’s CAD is a scalable web-based, cloud-based, mobile, interoperable and fast to implement, upgrade and maintain

Lexis Diligence - Enhanced Due Diligence solution


Lexis Diligence brings into one, simple online tool the intelligence to conduct global enhanced due diligence and comply with legislation for anti-money laundering (AML), anti-bribery & corruption (ABC). The solution enables checks on individual or company backgrounds (KYC), negative news, sanctions and politically exposed persons (PEPs) and company litigation history.

GoParkit :: Location-Smart Parking, Payments, Permitting and Analytics Solution

Compass Informatics Limited

GoParkit offers a mobile parking, permitting solution with enforcement and sensor integration. It is an open interfaced solution built for integration to existing technologies. Our platform is built on mapping software making it easily transferable to any other device. This is a technology platform – not just a mobile app.

Civica FastTrack

Civica UK Limited

Civica FastTrack, allows an ANPR Back Office Facility (BOF) and other providers to check the Police National Computer for reports that exist against a vehicle registration mark (VRM).

Risk and Incident Management

4C Europe UK Ltd

Exonaut® RIM is web based solution with mobile capability that delivers a structured, systematic and integrated approach to risk management, in accordance with ISO 31000. It enables organisations to adopt a common methodology for enterprise and project risk management activity, tracking exposure and monitoring the status of mitigation and controls


Synectics Solutions Ltd

FraudHub provides Local Authorities, Government Agencies and Housing Associations the ability to regularly screen their data for a range of benefits, including the prevention of errors in processing payments and reducing fraud. It provides a permanently accessible system with capabilities to enable you to perform fraud investigations and data screening

Advanced Fraud Investigation & Prevention (GoPro AFIP)


AFIP (GoPro) enables aggregation of any content type and activity relating to a fraud “Investigation” across multiple organisations, previously siloed departments, including external stakeholders. Reinforcing investigation processes, and serving as a system of record for compliance , risk assessment and supporting execution plans to facilitate successful outcomes e.g. sanctions, prosecutions.

Pentaho Embedded Analytics Solution

Hitachi Vantara

Pentaho is a Data Analytics platform that is built on a open architecture. This lends itself perfectly for embedding any of its components from data integration to visual analysis capabilities inside a customer's application. From a simple rebrand and embed via iframe to complete API driven components.


myRJ Limited

myVCU is a secure dedicated Victim Care Unit Referral Management System that features state of the art functionality combined with a simple, clean and user friendly interface. myVCU is aimed at multi partnership collaborations and larger organisations such as Victim Support, Police and Crime Commissioners Victim Care Units.

Genetec Clearance

Genetec Inc.

Genetec Clearance is a collaborative digital evidence management system that helps organizations speed up investigations by allowing them to securely collect, manage, review, redact, and share digital evidence. The service enables investigators toeasily access their cases and enables security collaboration across stakeholders within an organization and with external recipients.

National Mobile Property Register (with Exempted Data Access)

Recipero Ltd

An enhanced NMPR service including Credit Reference Agency data such as credit history, financial associations, address verification and movement.

Hearings Manager

i2N Ltd

Hearings Manager delivers the Digital Courtroom now, enabling the presentation of digital material at Hearings, Courts and Tribunals. Hearings Manager presents digital bundles including documents and multimedia to screens, laptops and tablets distributed around the court or committee room and maintains a full audit trail of the proceedings.

ReadID - Identity Document verification

ReadID - Innovalor Software B.V.

ReadID makes it possible to verify the authenticity of identity documents using a mobile phone. ReadID uses the NFC capability to read the RFID chip present in passports and similar identity documents. ReadID is simple and secure. ReadID is provided as a mobile SDK or as a white-label app.



ONLINE CRIME REPORTING AND CRIME PROCESS WORK FLOW MANAGEMENT FOR UK POLICE CONSTABULARIES. This includes MG11 creation, remote telephone statement taking, CCTV file transfer, convert and supply and collation of digital evidence packs for the police and CPS.

Mobile Policing Suite 2

Airpoint Limited

Mobile applications transforming policing processes. Integrated with Niche RMS, Connect, Athena, nationals services. Processes include Federated Searches, Contact and Contactless Biometric Identification, Pocket Notebook, Command and Control, Tasking, Stop Search, Evidence, DASH, Briefings, Intelligence, Forms. Supports offline working and operates on Android, iOS and Windows.

Holmes 2 Investigation application

Unisys Limited

The HOLMES 2 application is the only accredited national application for investigating complex crimes/incidents at the upper end of the investigative continuum. It provides a disaster management capability to for incident-handling of man-made or natural disasters. It can be used in Crimes in Action types of investigation and in ROCUs.

Analysis Module


The Mark43 Analysis Module in Mark43 RMS includes a configurable dashboard to create canned stat reports. As an automatic sync of data from Mark43 RMS actively feeds analysis dashboards, crime analysts can generate visualizations on demand with graphs, charts, tables, and maps.

Address auto-complete

Melissa Data Ltd

The service provides address suggestions (UK & Global), matched to the characters the user types. Once an address is selected, the fully verified address auto completes into web forms, documents, or checkouts. Saving 50% in data entry time, simplifying the process, and increasing the quality of data capture.

Cloudview Visual Data Platform

Cloudview (UK) Limited

Cloudview’s Visual Data Platform securely transports visual data from your CCTV cameras, to secure cloud servers, where it can be viewed, managed and shared using a web browser. Cloudview integrates with visual data analytics to bring new capabilities to CCTV systems as well as enhanced accessibility, data security and compliance.

Mitie Electronic Monitoring of Offenders

Mitie Security Limited

Mitie’s Electronic Monitoring Service provides police, local authorities and government agencies with a hosted monitoring solution for a range of offenders and subjects placed on licence or subject to orders of the courts Mitie can off a fully managed solution which includes devices, 24/7/365 monitoring and provision of field services.

Digital Investigator

Unisys Limited

Unisys Digital Investigator provides the tools to support a broad range of activities that law enforcement, case management, criminal justice and intelligence officers face in daily operations. The solution supports the policing and law enforcement community to promote efficient procedures, collaboration, data quality, analysis and provide value for money.

NPS Face Search

Northgate Public Services UK Limited

NPS Face Search is a high performance face recognition software application used to carry out an image based search to identify a subject image. Users can select a photograph gained from multiple sources and search it against one or multiple image galleries to identify if the subject is already known.

NPS Enforcement - Public Access Solution

Northgate Public Services UK Limited

The NPS Public Access Solution (PAS) is an efficient self-service internet solution, available 24x7, that enables members of the public to safely and securely view information relating to their Traffic Offence and that has been processed by the National PentiP Solution.

Biometric visits system for Secure Training Centres

Unilink Software Ltd

Unilink’s secure biometric visits system for Secure Training Centres, Young Offender Institutions and Secure Children’s Homes is implemented in multiple establishments. It enables the secure and efficient enrolment and release of placed children or young offenders, visitors and staff using biometric technology as well as linking to web-based visit booking.

Blue Lights Decypher Communications Data Processing

Blue Lights Digital

DECYPHER creates a single point of interaction to streamline the process of communications data analysis turning complex, unstructured data into standardised, automated, evidentially robust outputs focusing on the critical issues faced in criminal and commercial investigations.

Buchanan Cloud Services Accident Analysis

Buchanan Computing

An integrated cloud-based service providing a complete solution to analyse road traffic accidents. Specialist users load and validate data from multiple sources. Validated accidents can then be analysed spatially and based on STATS19 fields providing output in configurable reports and map outputs. Data export options meets DfT requirements.

Lima Digital Forensic Case Management

IntaForensics Ltd

Lima Digital Forensic Case Management solutions provide complete case and laboratory management capabilities to laboratories. From case submissions through to final reporting, the Lima solution enables DF Laboratories to operate consistently to the methods required by ISO-17025 FSR Code of Practice and Industry Best Practice. Perpetual or Subscription licensing models.

Cyclops Cloud Case Management

Geoff Smith Associates Limited

Cyclops Cloud Investigation & Legal Case Management Software providing an integrated toolset for organisations with Law Enforcement responsibilities offering timesaving Case recording, Tasking/Activity Management, Policy and Progress Reporting, investigation recording/management, automated Court Case File generation, Schedule building, Bundling and Redaction. With integrated Document Management, Template generation and Management/ Performance Reporting.

Video Scene and IoT analytics

Nokia UK Ltd

The IMPACT Scene Analytics solution augments Operation Centre’s capabilities by turning surveillance cameras into intelligent IoT sensors. Abstract information vectors are derived from each video feed, including motion, direction, velocity, and density for real-time anomaly detection. Patented machine learning developed by Nokia Bell Labs leverages pattern recognition and behavioural knowledge.

Blue Lights Discovery - Digital Training Platform

Blue Lights Digital

The next-generation training and resource solution delivering concept to delivery around the evolving challenges of digital investigation. This platform delivers interactive, immersive multimedia led training courses, continual professional development and resources optimised for smartphones, tablets and the web enabling access to professional knowledge, Procedure, Policy and Intelligence anytime, anywhere.

Pentaho IoT and Predictive Maintenance

Hitachi Vantara

Real time data streaming via MQTT message queues from remote devices or execute data collection on the edge; ingest data into an appropriate data store, Hadoop, NoSQL or RDBMS; execute data science machine learning models and create advanced analytics to improve efficiencies, reduce maintenance costs and avoid failures.

Cyclops Cloud Firearms Certificate Management

Geoff Smith Associates Limited

A comprehensive Cloud based software toolset to enable Firearms and Explosives Administration and Management which complements the National solution. The solution provides Police organisations with additional Record management to complement the National system and provision of Tasking, Activity-Recording, Document Capture/Management for all related paper documentation, images, maps, files, emails.

Investigation Case Management

Blackthorn GRC Limited

The Blackthorn Case Management Solution (CMS) for Investigations allows users to capture, organise and manage information pertinent to a civil, forensic, internal or other type of investigation. Data captured is admissible for prosecution. UK hosted up to IL3/OFFICIAL on fully resilient infrastructure.

NetSfere Secure Enterprise Messaging

Infinite Convergence Solutions / NetSfere

NetSfere is a cloud-based, enterprise messaging & voice service that offers a secure platform communication and collaboration, giving IT control over employee messaging across multiple devices. Designed to meet industry-specific challenges, NetSfere's next-generation approach allows employees to safely communicate business information in real-time via a user-friendly browser or mobile app.

Records Management System


Mark43 RMS is a cloud-based records management system for police report writing and master entity data collection. Built in collaboration with police, Mark43 RMS has delivered unparalleled efficiency gains to departments. Powered by the AWS GovCloud, Mark43 RMS supports single and multi-agency deployments for secure and reliable information sharing.

DEMS 360 Digital Evidence Management Solution

Reveal Media Limited

Reveal has been making award-winning and efficient body worn video systems for over a decade. Our commitment has always been to lead the way through collaboration and innovation. DEMS 360 is our most advanced digital evidence management solution that allows you to efficiently and securely manage all evidential media types.

Abavus - Mobile Working

Enables your mobile workforce (maintenance team, inspectors, engineers, social workers, housing officers any field based staff) to receive, access and edit service requests, case files and detailed task information in the field. Windows, Android or iOS Native Mobile Worker App, offering the Mobile Worker, Mobile Manager or Express Worker interface

Hostels Manager

i2N Ltd

Hostels Manager allows for the easy management of Secure Hostel Facilities. Working with Practitioners, Hostels Manager gives flexibility of booking and easy overall management of your Hostels Estate. It provides high quality management information on current availability and includes sophisticated workflow to manage the recall of Service Users.

Bramble Hub Clarity Information Solutions - FastForm Online Bookings

Bramble Hub Limited

FastForm Online Bookings is a web-based course management solution that is used by local authorities, police forces and safety camera partnerships to streamline the delivery of driver offender retraining and road safety awareness schemes. FastForm also provides online booking and payment facilities for course participants and service providers (call centres).

PwC Cloud Software Service Definition 1: eDiscovery cloud software

PricewaterhouseCoopers (LLP) PwC

The provision of document review software to support e-discovery, civil, criminal, regulatory and investigation matters. The software, such as Relativity provides keyword searching, computer-assisted review and predictive coding to bring major cost efficiencies to the review. The service supports workflows to manage the review and production of documents for disclosure.

cyber threat intelligence

Orpheus Cyber

We provide understanding of cyber threats to clients, including protective monitoring. We collect information from a wide range of sources, including deep and dark web, and fuse to provide organisations of the intent and capabilities of cyber adversaries to target them.

Cloud Predictive Dialler

Genius PPT Ltd

Our cloud predictive dialler software is a comprehensive contact centre telephony management solution. An omni-channel solution comprising inbound/outbound call handling, predictive/progressive/preview dialling, IVR, call recording, screen recording, email, SMS, DTMF agentless payment processing tools, comprehensive reporting tools, call monitoring and quality assurance tools. A complete contact centre in a box.

Bramble Hub Synectics Solutions - PRECISION

Bramble Hub Limited

Precision from Synectics Solutions is a fully hosted predictive analytics solution that provides organisations with all the analytical capabilities and data science expertise they need to deliver the kind of cost effective predictive insight that will enable them to become more competitive.

Digital Media Management Service

L-3 Communications ASA Limited

L3 ASA’s DMMS provides digital media investigation capabilities utilising Griffeye’s Analyze Suite (Collaboration Server, DI Ops & DI Pro). This world-leading platform has been developed to meet the digital media management needs of government and commercial organisations. DMMS is currently deployed to UK Law Enforcement to manage child abuse images.

Case Manager

i2N Ltd

The latest generation Case Management System for Police, Legal and Offender Case Management. Legacy Case Management systems are either case centric or offender / client centric; i2N's powerful Case Manager combines both capabilities into a single system managing cases and tracking offender pathways from offence through trial, prison and rehabilitation.

Pitney Bowes Single Customer View for GDPR

Pitney Bowes Software Europe Ltd

Spectrum Single View for GDPR is a solution providing the data modelling and aggregation needed to offer the required transparency to the individual (Data Subject) of all the personal data processed by an organization (Data Controller or Data Processor) in accordance with GDPR, mainly articles 12-23.

Operational Assurance

4C Europe UK Ltd

Exonaut® Operational Assurance is a fully mobilised operational risk solution supporting the operational audit of safety critical incidents. Assessments can be made against a predefined set of standards during live, training or other activities. Audits are managed and delivered using a mobile app which provides connectedness and increases efficiency.


Synectics Solutions Ltd

Orion is a network visualisation solution used for conducting extensive data mining and link analysis across multiple entities to identify organised criminal activity. A flexible product that allows the exploration of data and relationships in innovative ways, identifying new and subtle developments in organised fraud perpetration.

Report My Loss

Recipero Ltd

A loss reporting solution to replace disparate police systems with a nationally consistent and accessible alternative. It permits reports from the public to be collected without police interaction presenting a significant annual cost saving opportunity for police forces.

Probation Self-Service Portal – Direct2probationer

Core Systems

Probation self service portal, Direct2probationer is the leading software for Community Rehabilitation Companies. It allows users on probation to access communications, information, and services. It’s the perfect tool for probationer reintegration. It can integrate with biometrics and other types of verification apps or hardware.

Low Cost Air Quality Monitoring sensor units and Environmental & Regulatory Services

Snafu Services Limited

Low cost sensor units for Air Quality Monitoring and Citizen Scientist engagement using the cloud hosted Air Quality Action Plan web site ( linking the general public into specific local real-time data readings and to promote, inform and educate the wider general public into the risks of poor Air Quality.


GB Group plc

IDscan reads, extracts data from and authenticates a multitude of complex documents including passports, visas, ID cards, DL, utility bills etc. Using images captured from sophisticated passport scanners IDscan can authenticate documents. IDscan’s ground-breaking innovation in mobile technology enables validation, data extraction and document inspection from smartphones and tablet computers.

NAS Management Server for Police ANPR

Dacoll Ltd

A fully NAS complaint Management Server provided as a service.

Boomcast: 1 and two way messaging over multi-channels

Boomerang I-Comms Ltd

Boomerang’s broadcast messaging application enables organisations to execute bulk or isolated 1 & 2-way message sends over SMS, email and voice, offering a quick and succinct method of communicating with stakeholders in time critical situations.

Office 365 Advanced eDiscovery


Advanced eDiscovery reduces your eDiscoverycosts by using machine learning to analyse relevant data, to allow more efficient document review and data reduction decisions. You can work with data stored in Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Skype for Business.

Civica Intercept

Civica UK Limited

Civica Intercept, allows video feeds to be managed and used to capture vehicle number plates using the built-in ANPR engine. The ANPR read together with overview image and plate image are sent to multiple back-office systems.

Media Manager

i2N Ltd

Media Manager is a Mobile Application and Cloud based Media Storage Solution allowing the digital recording of Video and Audio and secure upload to a Digital Repository.

Chronicle for Firearms and High Value Asset Management

JML Software Solutions Limited

Allows for access to Firearms or other high value assets to be associated with accreditation against a defined role or skill set. Access can be denied virtually or physically through integration of software with door access control. Non-compliance with a defined skill set results in access to assets being denied.


Synectics Solutions Ltd

AppCheck from the Cabinet Office National Fraud Initiative can help significantly reduce the number of application referrals organisations have to investigate. Using the AppCheck software will ensure that, from the outset, you have a validation and authentication process in place to minimise errors and costly investigations in the future.

tuServ - Collaborative Mobile & Digital Solution transforming Operational Policing

Black Marble Limited

Mobile policing platform, available on multiple device types, on both Windows 10 and Android, providing officers with access to accurate data while out in the field. Sharing digital evidence and gathering statements and information through real-time collaborative working offers quicker decision making, with no need to return to the station.

Biometric enrolment for identification and visa systems

Unilink Software Ltd

Flexible and intuitive biometric enrolment for identification and visa systems solution, offering self-service, on demand, pop-up and agent-managed biometric capture. Our biometric system includes facial recognition software providing multi-function biometric capture capabilities, automated ID check and tri-scan of passport documents. Visa system biometric enrolment compliant with biometric data security standards.

Offender Tagging and Tracking

TrackaPhone Ltd

This proven, 'Secured by Design', OffenderTracking service allows the real time and historical monitoring of offenders supporting a range of location technologies, lockable devices, and smart phone applications for Windows, Blackberry, iPhone and Android through a feature rich interface with street level mapping, geo-fencing and full reporting.

Investigation Management for Dynamics 365

Equiniti ICS Ltd

Investigations management built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and hosted within the Azure cloud. Automation and digitisation of investigative processes, citizen interaction, escalation procedures, mobile working, reporting and BI. A simple UI and dashboard for staff to manage investigations, with a portal for mobile device submission and management.

VIA Voice Command and Control


Providing mission critical voice dispatch needs, VIA Command and Control solution for multi-party voice collaboration for the efficient co-ordination of mission-critical responses. VIA Command and Control is built to be used with the Speakerbus iTurret. This market-leading hardware offers full functionality for instance communication, with the scalability your business needs.

Love My Housing

Blackburn IT Services Ltd

Love My Housing enables your residents and estate managers to report fault issues easily and quickly using your own branded mobile apps and website.

MXSERVER Bulk Media Processing and Facial Recognition

Allevate Limited

Cloud-Enabled Video and Photo Forensic Analysis System Incorporating Face Recognition Find People Fast in Videos and Photos

Cyclops Cloud Security Vetting Management copy

Geoff Smith Associates Limited

Cyclops Cloud CycVetting provides a time saving and flexible Security Vetting Management Software enabling auto upload of e-forms, auto recording, Checks activity-management, Decision/Appeal Recording and Review /Change of Personal Circumstances Management for all types of Security Vetting Applications in an Audited, Access Controlled Solution with integrated Document Management and Tasking.

Deep Learning Forensics Service

SecureCloud+ Limited

The Deep Learning Forensic service available across Pan-Government security classifications, facilitates improved collaboration, intelligent analysis and processing of complex data sets in the analysis of digital forensic investigations. Utilising machine learning algorithms to analyse vast amounts of data to discover risk factors and detect criminal behavior and intent.

StarTraq Dome for Traffic Enforcement

StarTraq Limited

A browser-based solution used to process any traffic or environmental offence, fine, PCN, permit or licence. Consisting of a back-office system and smartphone app, it provides: full case management, automated workflow, document management, batch scanning, batch printing, template management, reporting, payment collection and appeals management.

Threat Intelligence Portal

Sovereign Intelligence Ltd

Sovereign Threat Intelligence Portal delivers comprehensive time sensitive hostile and technical cyber threat intelligence, content and alerts through a customisable portal that enables proactive action and defence from attack. Security horizon scanning from non traditional data sources provides insight into threat factors and vulnerabilities enabling identification and response

IoT analytics

Nokia UK Ltd

The IMPACT IoT Analytics solution augments your Operation Centre’s capabilities by applying intelligence to data from IoT sensors. Information is derived from each feed e.g. environmental factors, chemical composition, behaviour, sound, etc. for realtime anomaly detection. Patented machine learning from Nokia Bell Labs leverages pattern recognition and behavioural knowledge.

Cyclops Cloud Security Vetting Management

Geoff Smith Associates Limited

Cyclops Cloud CycVetting provides a time saving and flexible Security Vetting Management Software enabling auto upload of e-forms, auto recording, Checks activity-management, Decision/Appeal Recording and Review /Change of Personal Circumstances Management for all types of Security Vetting Applications in an Audited, Access Controlled Solution with integrated Document Management and Tasking.

Liberator Local Authority Civil Parking Enforcement TMA2004 software solution

Farthest Gate Limited

The Liberator PCN software is a market leading module forming part of the Liberator suite of products. Liberator PCNs can be used independently of other Liberator products. It is very easy to set up, configure and use and offers clients and their customers great efficiencies.

NPS Enforcement - Mobile Traffic Offence Report (TOR)

Northgate Public Services UK Limited

The Mobile TOR solution from NPS enables Police Officers to issue traffic offence reports via a mobile device. The solution is part of the end-to-end enforcement process delivering improved processing time, improved data quality, better efficiency and supporting the HMCTS Trust Statement.

STC and Young Offender Self-Service Portal – Youth Portal

Core Systems

Our Youth Portal is an interactive Self-Service Software platform for young offenders. It allows young offenders to access communication, information and services for themselves in-cell or on shared devices. It is currently accredited and in use in the UK.

tuServ Electronic Notebook; a secure, multi-media information gathering tool for emergency services.

Black Marble Limited

tuServ’s Notebook is a unique, secure, multi-media collaboration tool for emergency services. Notebook allows you to create entries and add items, such as text, images, videos, audio, and drawings. Entries are synchronised to the server and made available on other devices. Each item can include signatures from the relevant individuals.