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  • eProcurement - cloudBuy Purchasing System

    Software Limited t/a

    Simple way to trade with all your suppliers in a single, secure, eProcurement environment, bringing ‘consumer-style’ shopping to the complex world of B2B procurement with embedded payment options. Your buyers will only see selected products and services at approved prices with over 99.5% of orders auto matched and paid.

  • Intelligent Building Management

    Nico Consultancy

    Our company provides a software platform that manages the whole of your Corporate real estate.   We drive down costs whilst also improving the operating efficiency of buildings and making them a nicer place for the occupants to work in.

  • Oodl Air


    Oodl Air x delivers IoT Air Quality gas measurement at scale. The service includes a Device as a Service (DaaS), secure firmware, secure M2M cellular communications, cloud Dashboards and data APIs. Example gases available are NO, NO2, SO2, etc.

  • Causeway365

    Causeway Technologies Limited

    Focal365 is an analytics and integration platform, with functionality covering: Real-Estate/Property FM/Operations/Workforce Workplace/Occupancy – including real-time utilisation Environmental, HS&E Operations– with self-service for employees and preventive scheduling Asset-Management Deployment, support, and integration for TRIRIGA and IWMS/CMMS generally It is designed for ease of use and visualisation of valuable information

  • Emissions Calculator

    BearingPoint Ltd

    Our solution is your single point truth for carbon emissions. It provides consistency between process, product, corporate carbon footprints. Know your company’s carbon footprint across the entire life cycle. We support you all along the journey from emissions calculation, options to reduce until carbon neutral services and products.

  • Cloud Based Fever / Asset Tracking, Surveillance and Recovery (Smart Building), Workspace Management


    Low-power IOT ORION network delivering secure real time asset tracking and cloud-based management dashboard. Integrates with a variety of IOT sensors, smart building APIs, desk monitoring and Fever Monitoring Solutions (e.g FeverCam & FeverScan) with facial recognition. Ensure your staff are safe to return to work, post COVID-19 coronavirus.

  • Facilities Management Contract Pricing and Operational Efficiency Benchmark


    We use 3D laser scanning technology to capture all data sets of a buildings internal assets combined with our AI and patentable algorithms to accurately quantify and benchmark the contract pricing and operational efficiency.

  • Smart Building Monitoring, Control and Compliance


    Cloud based low-power IOT ORION network delivering secure real time smart building monitoring for assets and sensors, including compliance reporting (legionella, fire, safe place, energy & waste). Works up to 10 miles from a single ORION gateway. Ensure your staff are safe to return to work, post COVID-19 coronavirus.


    Trapeze Group UK Ltd

    Manage Real Time information (RTPi) for passenger info, fleet management, curtailment and cancellations. Create and manage routes, timetables and schedules. Drive digital displays, manage adherence for subsidised routes, drive Traffic Light Priority schemes. Import and export TXC datasets. Publish data via an Open API and create management KPI dashboards.

  • Move


    White label MaaS solution for public authorities and public transport operators. The solution consists of a mobile application including a multi-modal real time/predictive journey planner and real time information about transports used by citizens and a back office for the authority/PTO to manage the app.

  • Resource and Schedule Optimisation


    tpgroup's Resource and Schedule Optimisation tool (Optimiser) is a dynamic decision support tool for organisations that need to plan capacity and optimise the availability of critical resources within their enterprise. Optimiser enables the optimised scheduling and allocation of critical resources (e.g. operators, equipment, etc.) based upon environmental circumstances in real-time.

  • IoT Smart City Sensor Analytics

    FlyingBinary Ltd

    The IoT Smart City Sensor Analytics service provides a secure Internet of Things capability within a familiar web and database context. In FlyingBinary open source and big data suite, it simplifies data integration, management, analysis and visualisation, providing new insights from physical data streams. Enables 5G Smart Cities insight.

  • Saffron

    Civica UK Limited

    Saffron provides functionality to support the management of catering services across all sectors of the hospitality industry covering recipe/menu engineering inc. nutrition, allergens and dietary preference, e-procurement management, stock control, central production kitchen management, bedside patient/resident feeding, operational trading analysis, analytical reporting and paperless kitchen management.

  • Archibus Enterprise IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management System)


    ARCHIBUS is an IWMS technology solution covering a range of CRE enterprise technology needs.  Its modular system allows a specific functional area to be implemented separately of others.  The modules encompass these main areas:  Portfolio Management, Space Management, Capital Projects, Maintenance Management, Asset Management, Sustainability and Risk, and Workplace Experience.

  • Client Portal


    Switchee is a cloud-based asset management and resident welfare platform designed for social landlords. The subscription based services, utilising data from Switchee and 3rd party devices, operate a set of value add applications which increase maintenance efficiencies and drive down cost. Put simply, Switchee saves landlords and residents money.

  • Microsoft Power Platform Implementation Services including Dynamics 365


    The Application Development Teams work in squads to develop next generation cloud-based applications. Specialising in integration with PaaS services, the team develop responsive and feature rich applications that utilise the best technologies the cloud has to offer. Including PowerApps, PowerPlatform supporting the common data platform Dynamics 365

  • Right Track

    Ember Technology Ltd

    A transport behaviour change system that helps employees to change from travel to work by private car to the use of public transport and active travel alternatives. Organisations can reduce car parking facilities (car parking levy, emission zones) environmental impacts and promote health, wellbeing and financial savings for staff.

  • Social Value Data Collection & Reporting

    Thrive CSR Limited

    Software for collecting and tracking Social Value metrics/data; making Social Value calculations; and reporting the Social Value of Community Investment activities. Our software enables in-depth, real-time insight into the Social Value and Social Impact delivered at an Individual, Project, or Organisation Level. Service can be provided with 'wrap-around' consultancy support.

  • Health and Safety Management Software


    Emex provides a robust Environmental, Health and Safety platform with integrated modular features. Our solution is designed to centralise, integrate and automate the management of EHS compliance. Functionality of the platform includes: 1)Incident Managements 2)Risk Managements 3)Audit & Inspections 4)Behavioural Safety 5)Corrective Actions 6)Environmental Reporting 7)Sustainability/ESG Reporting 8)Reporting & Analytics

  • Intelligent Management Platform for All Connect Things (IMPACT)

    Nokia UK Ltd

    Nokia’s IMPACT platform facilitates Device Management and Application Enablement for a huge spectrum of Devices. Easily connect and manage devices from hundreds of millions of ultra-lightweight Low Power end points to complex automotive systems such as Cars and Lorries. IMPACT manages these devices at tremendous scale in an efficient way.

  • Green Marketplace

    Software Limited t/a

    Carbon Neutral Marketplace for suppliers all goods and services are offset and the service is funded by suppliers

  • NOVUS Traffic Light Priority

    Trapeze Group UK Ltd

    Create and manage Traffic Light Priority Schemes. Create Junction data and movement paths through junctions. Export junction data. Take RTIG TLP requests from multiple bus operators and broker to UTC / UTMC systems. Analyse effectiveness and produce management dashboards. Improve air quality and drive modal shift.

  • Aareon QL Next Generation

    Aareon UK Ltd

    A fully functional, browser-based HMS which covers all business areas. Designed with our customers for ease-of-use, process-focused, and able to run on any device. Evolved from the market-leading QL. Our integral CRM puts your customers at the heart of all interactions. Designed to interact seamlessly with Aareon’s exciting Digital Solutions.

  • Cloud Based Fever / Asset Tracking, Surveillance and Recovery (Smart Building), Workspace Management


    Low-power IOT ORION network delivering secure real time asset tracking and cloud-based management dashboard. Integrates with a variety of IOT sensors, smart building APIs, desk monitoring and Fever Monitoring Solutions (e.g FeverCam & FeverScan) with facial recognition. Ensure your staff are safe to return to work, post COVID-19 coronavirus.

  • IBM Facilities and Real Estate Management on Cloud (TRIRIGA)

    IBM United Kingdom Ltd

    The IBM Facilities and Real Estate Management on Cloud (TRIRIGA) solution delivers an integrated workplace management system (IWMS) that integrates functional models across real estate, capital projects, facilities and space, workplace operations, portfolio data, and environmental and energy management within a single technology platform.

  • Spend Analysis - SpendInsight

    Software Limited t/a

    Provides deep analysis of your organisation’s historical spend data, consolidated from your procurement and ERP system sources as the first step in the process. Automatic filtering detailed categorisation and analysis provides immediate savings with Contract Compliance, Price Variance and Benchmark savings.

  • Total Estate Energy and Asset Management

    EO Consulting Ltd

    The service collects all types of asset condition and compliance data via a mobile app. From this automated reports and dynamic business intelligence dashboards are produced accessible via the cloud that enables interactive analytics to be undertaken to optimise capital and maintenance investment decisions at block, building and estate level.

  • Modern slavery supplier due diligence (including risk assessment)

    RightsDD Limited

    Purpose built to tackle modern slavery in supply chains. Uses RightsDD’s slavery risk database and analytics to identify high risk products/ services, geographies and work practices. Build on MSAT to deliver change.

  • Regenerate

    Metis Consultants Ltd

    Regenerate provides a web-based suite of decision support tools to underpin asset management across highways, drainage and flood risk assets. Developing asset management strategies, investment needs, funding opportunity and business cases and scheduling works or prioritising schemes based on user needs to aid delivery of efficiency and asset management goals.

  • You. Smart. Thing. Travel Assistant


    A cloud-based ‘Travel Assistant’ enabling regional authorities and destinations to offer bespoke routing to visitors via an easily distributed web-based interface. Built to UK Government digital standards the Travel Assistant captures who’s planning to travel and where from, enabling network optimisation, improving accessibility and reducing emissions whilst promoting active travel.