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  • Q_NetApp Multi-Cloud Data Management Cloud Volumes OnTap (Google Cloud Platform - GCP)

    Q Associates Limited

    NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP®, the leading enterprise-grade storage management solution, delivers secure, proven storage management services ensuring consistent data across any cloud. This focuses on GCP. Our Multi-Cloud capability and Support services such as On-boarding and Exit ensure maximum benefits with minimal cloud lock in.

  • Azure Consulting & Managed Services


    Provision of the end to end consultancy services to design , implement, migrate, hosting and 24x7 proactively management of infrastructures and applications services in the Azure Public cloud to adhering to industry best practice and security standards

  • Cloud Online Backup

    Exponential-e Ltd

    Exponential-e's Cloud Backup service powered by Commvault Data Management software, provides a single solution for each distinct backup and recovery requirement in your organisation. Back up your databases, files, applications, endpoints and VMs with maximum efficiency according to data type and recovery profile. Integrate hardware snapshots.

  • Q_UKc_Private Cloud for Storage Elevated Official

    Q Associates Limited

    Our object storage-based private cloud service is designed for the UK Public Sector, and is compliant with GDPR and suitable for private storage OFFICIAL workloads, based in UK Crown hosting datacentres to ensure data sovereignty.  Private Storage provides isolated single-tenant environments that can be designed specifically for your workload requirements.

  • AWS Device Farm

    Amazon Web Services EMEA Sarl, UK Branch

    Improve the quality of your iOS, Android, and web applications by testing against real mobile devices in the AWS Cloud

  • Cristie Cloud Backup as a Service

    Cristie Data Ltd

    Simplified, flexible and secure enterprise class offsite cloud backup solutions for critical data built on Arcserve technology. Intelligent data backup/recovery to securely protect physical or virtual servers and applications. Advanced de-duplication, simple to administer and manage through a central control panel.

  • Network Telemetry


    Network Telemetry provides both network and security operations with in-depth, responsive VPC Flow Logs for Google Cloud Platform networking services.Identify traffic and access patterns that may impose security or operational risks to your organization in near real time.In-depth network telemetry to keep your services secure.

  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) - Communications Services

    Conduent Incorporated

    Conduent Automation Platform (CAP) will provide customers with a powerful platform to enable their digital transformation. CAP is a single, cloud-based integrated automation platform which offers customers to have an innovative product pipeline, faster resolution to fewer issues, improved user experience with improved dashboards, and deep business intelligence capabilities.

  • AWS Secrets Manager

    Methods Business and Digital Technology Limited

    AWS Secrets Manager helps you to securely encrypt, store, and retrieve credentials for your databases and other services such Amazon RDS for MySQL, PostgreSQL and Amazon Aurora. Instead of hardcoding credentials in your apps, you can make calls to Secrets Manager to retrieve your credentials whenever needed.

  • SaaS Backup for Office 365 or Salesforce

    Proact IT UK Limited

    SaaS Backup is a SaaS offering that provides protection of Office 365 and Salesforce data in the event of accidental deletion or malicious attack. It provides a simple way to back up data to the external location of Customer's choice, either on-premise or in the public cloud.

  • AWS Global Accelerator

    Methods Business and Digital Technology Limited

    AWS Global Accelerator is a networking service that improves the availability and performance of the applications that you offer to your global users. AWS Global Accelerator uses the AWS global network to direct internet traffic from your users to your applications on AWS, making your users’ experience more consistent.

  • Palo Alto Networks Cortex XDR / Data Lake including SOC / MDR Managed Services

    Khipu Networks Limited

    Cortex XDR is the world’s first detection and response app which natively integrates network, endpoint and cloud data to stop sophisticated attacks. Cortex XDR accurately detects threats with behavioural analytics and reveals the root cause to speed up investigations, utilising tight integration with enforcement points accelerating containment and incident resolution.

  • Hyrbrid Infrastructure

    Circle Cloud Ltd

    Azure is not an all or nothing solution. Circle Cloud can design it in a way that ensures your organisation can get the most value from your existing infrastructure, whilst taking advantage of the Azure components your organisation needs the most.

  • Acrotrend Cloud Data Warehouse (Snowflake)


    Acrotrend’s Cloud Data Warehouse on Snowflake brings your data into an analysis friendly, low-cost platform. Our cloud data warehousing services are powered by process & technology accelerators, including Gap Analysis Framework, ready made migrations for Oracle to Snowflake, SQL Server to Snowflake, to Snowflake, and Quick Deployment Packs.

  • Alscient AWS Auto Scaling

    Alscient Limited

    AWS Auto Scaling monitors your applications and automatically adjusts capacity to maintain steady, predictable performance at the lowest possible cost. Using AWS Auto Scaling, it’s easy to setup application scaling for multiple resources across multiple services in minutes.

  • Alscient AWS Serverless Application Repository

    Alscient Limited

    AWS Serverless Application Repository is a managed repository for serverless applications and components. With a growing selection of applications to choose from, makes it easy to get started with the AWS serverless platform. Moreover, it includes applications for Alexa Skills, chatbots, data processing, IoT, real time stream processing, etc.

  • Insight AWS WAF


    AWS WAF is a web application firewall that helps protect your web applications from common web exploits that could affect application availability, compromise security, or consume excessive resources. AWS WAF gives control over which traffic to allow or block to your web applications by defining customizable web security rules.

  • Q_Azure Multiple Hosting Services IaaS, PaaS, SaaS via CSP

    Q Associates Limited

    As a CSP Q Associates are able to provide most of Microsoft Azure cloud solutions (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS). We also provide a number of GC12 support services to assist in Design, Migration, Implementation, Integration, cost optimisation and on-going management/support. Particularly skilled migrating non-Microsoft Operating Systems and Databases to Azure.

  • AWS Transit Gateway

    Ubertas Consulting Limited

    AWS Transit Gateway is a service that enables customers to connect their Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) and their on-premises networks to a single gateway.

  • 100 Percent IT Public Cloud Storage for Government - Built on Ceph (Official over internet)

    100 Percent IT Ltd

    100 Percent IT's Public Cloud Storagefor Government provides block and object storage on our secure, resilient UK-based infrastructure with 100% up-time SLA.

  • Cloud Shell


    Streamline Azure administration with a browser-based shell. Your Microsoft-managed admin machine in Azure, for Azure.

  • Alscient AWS Directory Service

    Alscient Limited

    AWS Directory Service makes it easy to setup and run Microsoft Active Directory (AD) in the AWS cloud, or connect your AWS resources with an existing on-premises Microsoft Active Directory.

  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Managed Service

    Mobilise Cloud Services Ltd

    Mobilise utilise Google Cloud Platform to provide a complete managed service for customers. Using GCP services, Mobilise provide IaaS/PaaS & FaaS cloud-based services to deliver scalable, secure and highly available hosting solutions, letting customers focus on delivering new digital services to the cloud.

  • IoT - Spatial Anchors

    Bechtle direct Ltd.

    Create multi-user, spatially aware mixed reality experiences

  • Network Watcher

    Softcat Limited

    Monitor, diagnose, and gain insights to your network performance and health.

  • Cloud Web Hosting

    AIM Computing Ltd

    Hosting of web sites and services on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

  • Cloud Architecture & Infrastructure Services


    We provide Cloud Architecture High Level and Low Level Architecture based on your cloud initiatives according to Cloud Best Practices and Cloud Security Standards

  • CACI Software Application UK Hosting [H6]

    CACI UK Ltd

    CACI's service provides secure, highly available and scalable Saas like platform for software database applications. This includes rapid onboarding of local authority hosted databases and configuration of extended functions and services e.g. Data matching Hub, Data warehouse, 3rd party reporting tools, VPN connectivity, systems integration and automated data exchange.

  • Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC)

    Bytes Software Services

    Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) enables you to launch AWS resources into a virtual network that you've defined. This virtual network closely resembles a traditional network that you'd operate in your own data centre, with the benefits of using the scalable infrastructure of AWS. bsscloud

  • Insight AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS)


    AWS Key Management Service (KMS) is a managed service, making it easier for you to create and control the encryption keys used to encrypt your data, and uses Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) to protect the security of your keys. It’s integrated with other AWS services including AWS CloudTrail.