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Development of an online electronic Research Application submission and review Portal (eRAP)

CPRD provides anonymised health care data for the purposes of observational and interventional public health research. CPRD is seeking a supplier for the development / delivery of an online research applications portal, which must integrate with the existing Salesforce CRM.

Senior DevOps Engineer (Network Specialist)

Working within the Infrastructure Product Group which consists of other DevOps Lead, DevOps engineers, team manager, and SecOps engineers. Support and maintain a cloud estate (AWS) and drive infrastructure optimisation and automation. Implement best practice and scripted management of cloud based networks and manage the on-premise termination points

Planning Inspectorate Digital Public Services Development

Build first Digital Public Service for Planning Inspectorate for appellants/agents to submit appeals on self-service portal which integrates with Casework Management System. Iterative work may be required to bring new services into live subject to business requirements and supplier performance. Must be compliant with GDS Design Service and Technology-Code-of-Practice.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Analysis Platform

The Home Office requires the development of an innovative and cutting edge Natural Language Processing (NLP) analysis platform that enables the ingest, indexing and analysis of large text-based data sets of terrorist and extremist propaganda.

NHS Digital Website Evolution

Improving digital experiences across the NHS Digital web estate using full stack agile teams to iteratively build upon the existing CMS platform and connected web applications, extranets and portals.

Cyber Vulnerability Investigations as a Service (CVIaaS) – Military Joint Domain

CVI Programme services including: • Domain Cyber Vulnerability and Risk Analysis • Programme management • ToI Scoping • CVI Delivery • Specialist CVI activities which may include but are not limited to: Technical Testing, concept demonstrators, code analysis • Cross Domain information sharing, CVI good practice and lessons learned

GLA Development Information Database

Creation of a minimum viable product for a digital service to enable the monitoring of development in London (in the first instance covering 35 Local Planning Authorities (LPAs), and Plymouth, South Hams and West Devon (in another single instance). RfP can be viewed here (info only at this stage):

Cyber Risk Tooling - Design Phase

Designing of a tool base that ingests and Analyses all cyber risk data, aligned with the Joint User vision. Production of a Stakeholder Map. Understand User Requirements/available data. Analysis of existing capability. Creation of costed options for the Development Phase. Outline of Skills and experience required for the next phase.

Design Services

To access the proposed high level solution with chosen Network supplier and ourselves. Identify any security concerns of the proposal which would lead to a successful test of a Network penetration test.

PTL Validation

Mid Essex Hospital Service NHS Trust has a requirement for a suitably skilled and experienced team to provide RTT validation/audit/training for their return to reporting in September 2019. This programme of works will commence late March 2019 to completed by 30 June 2019.

Energy Technology List: Online Services Discovery

The aim is to provide an improved service to Energy Technology List website users in line with the GDS Digital Service Standard.

Home Office - Her Majesty’s Passport Office - Java Developer

Java developer required to work in the data migration team to identify source data requirements, assess data quality, map and specify the required transformations from the source to the target data, validate and perform trial data migration in production, cleanse data, conduct a post implementation review of the data migration.

Core Systems Finance System Development

We are looking for a delivery partner to continue to deliver / develop our Core Financial Services. This will be a mix of continuous improvement to existing systems, identification and delivery of new systems and service delivery on in flight finance projects.

Get into Teaching Information Service (GiTiS) CRM: Live Public Beta - maintenance and development

Live Public Beta phase: a multi-disciplinary, co-located agile team required to develop and maintain a CRM service, which will be used to offer support and encouragement, to people considering getting into the teaching profession.

Nutrient Profiling Model (NPM) Tool

To undertake Discovery and potentially other phases of development in order to explore the needs of users if the proposed UK NPM 2019 is adopted. The NPM regulates the advertising of food and drinks products to children via either broadcast or non-broadcast media

Sitecore - Support Services

To support an in-house development team to accelerate programme to migrate existing websites to Sitecore and support a new integration of Sitecore and Salesforce CRM.

SharePoint Technical Specialist

• Support resolution of Enterprise Sharepoint Issues. • Review current Sharepoint 2010 Service Pack2 installation and identify root cause issue with performance. • Review network configuration including authentication services, firewalls, domain controllers etc. • Provide support to resolve and document recommendations for improvements and efficiencies to align with best practise.

Agile Delivery Services

TfL are looking for a team of Agile practitioners to work with the Technology Development team to support and optimise the Agile delivery for key technology programmes to deliver solutions to help the traveling public.

Customer Registration Services - Discovery Phase

Complete discovery work: + review current solutions and recommend changes and improvements + identify all relevant user needs around identity and verification, including user account management, organisation verification + provide Full Business Case + provide Solution Outline Document including service design

UK SBS DDaT19040 BEIS Ongoing Development of OPSS EU Exit and Product Safety Digital Services

OPSS requires a supplier of technical/developer support during 2019/20 to complete beta development of services mitigating the potential loss of access to EU services following EU-exit and help build UK national capacity for product safety. They will also help OPSS to support and iterate these services further in public beta.

Data Science - Avon and Somerset Constabulary - Office for Data Analytics

Provide Data Science support for the ODA and act as a delivery partner in the development of ODA Technical Output for a period of two years. Additionally the ODA will commission statements of work during the course of the Contract to define specific requirements on project work and deliverables.

Business Intelligence - Avon and Somerset Constabulary - Office for Data Analytics

Provide Business Intelligence development support for the ODA and act as a delivery partner in the development of ODA Technical Output for a period of two years. The ODA will commission statements of work during the course of the Contract to define specific requirements on project work and deliverables.

NLEDP 124 Senior Mainframe Technology and Software Specialist

The role will involve analysing and assessing the feasibility for various upgrade options for software such as OSD v9, UTM v6.3, Natural v427, Adabas v825 and related or interfacing components. And then, potentially, leading as a technical consultant any agreed changes for implementation

Transport Operator Fares Data Capture, Build, Conversion and Publishing Tool – Alpha / Beta

To design, build, support and operate an online Fares Data Build Tool into Beta Public that captures, converts and combines transport fares and schedule data, and publishes it in an open API output in accordance with the UK NeTEx format. The initial contract SOW will be for Alpha requirements only.

Supporting and cloud hosting digital services whilst teaching devops practices

Supporting and cloud hosting digital services whilst teaching devops practices

STA Digital Assessment Platform Service (Beta)

Complete remaining development work, Item bank submission/administration, Test creation service/administration, Pupil registration, Test authorisation/delivery services Marking/Validation, Reporting services, User administration, Self-service, Audit, Maladministration. Ensure system security, prepared for penetration tests. Provide knowledge handover when service is reprocured. Create proof of concept for platform delivering multiple assessments.

Online Assessment - Beta

Beta phase: co-located agile team required to build and implement an online/onscreen assessment. The service must meet the digital service standards including compatibility with STA's planned assessment service platform.

Teaching job share matching discovery

We require a supplier with experience delivering digital services that meet users' needs in line with the GDS Digital Service Standard to complete a discovery exploring how a job share matching service could help teachers get the flexible roles they need.


IAS currently exploits many Software AG products which enable Application Programming Interface (API) Management, Enterprise Architecture Modelling, IT portfolio management, and an integrated development environment. Provide SQEP resource to exploit the SAG Integration stack of software. A COPY OF THE STATEMENT OF REQUIREMENT CAN BE OBTAINED FROM

Advice on integrated finance, HR and payroll systems

(a) produce process maps for finance, HR and payroll systems, documenting how each system is used, and how and when data is transferred from one system to another, highlighting where integration would be useful; (b) propose options for integrated systems, taking into account the relatively small size of our organisation;

Cyber Vulnerability Investigations as a Service (CVIaaS) – Military Maritime Domain

CVI Programme services including: • Domain Cyber Vulnerability and Risk Analysis • Programme management • ToI Scoping • CVI Delivery • Specialist CVI activities which may include but are not limited to: Technical Testing, concept demonstrators, code analysis • Cross Domain information sharing, CVI good practice and lessons learned

Discovery for the Office of Civil Society Safeguarding Referral Decision Tool

Discovery activity, focusing on user research to gain an understanding of referral processes and challenges users face with decision making. We anticipate this phase will include content design activity, reviewing existing policy and guidance around safeguarding decision making. Conclusions from discovery should form a basis for a subsequent alpha phase.

Accessibility Directive Audit

Audit our public facing digital estate against WCAG 2.1 AA and produce a report detailing which sites and pages are not meeting this standard.

Supporting local authorities to deliver local energy initiatives

o Outcome for a multi-disciplinary team to conduct a discovery to understand how we can support local authorities to deliver local energy projects. o This discovery phase will need to be completed by the end of March 2019.

Environment Agency - Data Profiling and Data Quality Testing Project

We want to undertake data profiling, data quality analysis and reporting work to: 1. Understand the data and potential quality issues 2. Identify potential quality rules and standards 3. Time allowing create a process to guide future data quality analysis work with external suppliers

DWP One Service

Supplier to work with a small in house team and stakeholders to implement and iterate a transformative design that delivers a comprehensive data and information solution to support and enhance the One Service. The One Service represents an end-to-end service and way of working delivering exceptional service to our customers.

NHS Improvement Junior Technology Talent

Supplier Briefing Teleconference: 11/02/19 @ 16:30. Provision of Junior Consultants to deliver digital outcomes for national projects to improve productivity and patient care. Contributing to Data&Analytical product and services delivery, covering full product development lifecycle. Disciplines include; BA, development, data analytics, technical infrastructure, operations. Option to transfer to permanent required.

PS/19/42 Integration Specialist

Produce conceptual designs for Identity, Authentication and Authorisation taking into account DVLA’s future direction around Customer and communicate these across the Agency to ensure they are understood and agreed. Work with the Architecture/Engineering teams to ensure that these core building blocks are designed/implemented in accordance to the architectural strategy.

Home Office - Her Majesty’s Passport Office (HMPO) - Developer 1

Specialist is required to work across HMPO's Digital Transformation Projects, develop the user stories that the BA defines based on the project. The developer will develop the User screens, micro services to interact with a locally installed database & APIs. Required to work within security architecture guidelines.

Home Office - Her Majesty’s Passport Office (HMPO) - Developer

Specialist is required to work across HMPO's Digital Transformation Projects, develop the user stories that the BA defines based on the project. The developer will develop the User screens, micro services to interact with a locally installed database & APIs. Required to work within security architecture guidelines.

Digital Transformation Lead - IM&T

Review and prioritisation of digital work programmes to ensure synergy with UHB digital SoP and the National digital strategy. Structured and phased Digital Transformation plan aligned to our “Turning the Curve” transformation priorities. Methodology to capture benefits both systems and financial efficiencies.

Card-sorting research for the Information Architecture of the OfS website

Qualitative card-sorting research with representatives of the Office for Students website user personas. This work will aim to identify an information architecture that works better for all the Office for Students' audiences, including specialists and generalists.

Networking, Information and Community Service for new National Leadership Centre (Cabinet Office)

The service will enable users to find information about the new Leadership Centre serving the most senior leaders in the public services. This will include enabling the leaders to connect with each other and to provide a simple route for applications for the programme (low volume).

Cyber Vulnerability Investigations as a Service (CVIaaS) – Military Land Domain

CVI Programme services including: • Domain Cyber Vulnerability and Risk Analysis • Programme management • ToI Scoping • CVI Delivery • Specialist CVI activities which may include but are not limited to: Technical Testing, concept demonstrators, code analysis • Cross Domain information sharing, CVI good practice and lessons learned

Road Freight Electronic data - Discovery

The supplier will deliver a Discovery Phase in line with GDS criteria (, DfT Architecture Standards & Principles including, not limited to: • discovery sessions with relevant stakeholders • user researchers to fully identify&scope out user needs • GDS Discovery documentation • recommendations/options for Alpha/Beta phases including solution design suggestions

PS-19-22 Provision of a Delivery Manager

Manage discovery to produce a strategic investment case for Enterprise Management tooling focussed on cloud-based services. Outputs must include: - High Level Strategic Case - Business and Technical requirements - Business case including High Level technical design, indicative BOM, cost model, benefits case and high level plan.

NU/1434 Supply of Website Development Services

Newcastle University Web Development Services Roll out and implementation of new design framework to We require a team who can provide, delivery management, content design, business analyst and integration development skills. Plus measurement and analysis.

Lead Solutions Architect - Future Theory Test Services (FTTS)

Operating client-side within project team, as technical lead for project. You define, realise and manage all functional, non-functional requirements, manage emerging technical debt, ensure prioritisation of solutions technical requirements. You own technical solution, including solutions technical components, code and infrastructure, and third party licenses/services, ensuring the solution's resilience and performance.

User research and prototype development of a Competence Assessment Generator App

A supplier is required to conduct a thorough series of user research activities to understand the needs and expectations around digitising competence frameworks, to enable users to assess skills and report on this at individual and group levels. This may lead to development of a competence assessment generator tool app.

Trade Remedies digital product: live maintenance and development

To undertake further development work on the trade remedies digital platform developing unmet user needs from existing research; resolve and improve data tracking and workflow; integrate with new capability from DIT or OGD after it has gone live.

Delivery of live messaging Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Delivery of online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) by BABCP accredited therapists directly in patient homes through a technological solution through online web browser, at home, via live, one-to-one, written communication. Performance data to be supplied monthly based on recognized clinical outcomes.

NHS / DWP data-sharing technical proof of concept

Requirement for technically viable proposals to integrate DWP requests for medical information into a new digital service for administering DWP Health-related benefits. We're building a digital service to gather information from citizens and present this to DWP processing agents and seeking a tangible deliverable through a condensed 'Alpha / pre-Beta'.

C15037 Home Office Network Architect/Engineering Support Service

Networking Technical Architects (rough weighting 25%) and Network Engineering (rough weighting 75%) support services are required to support a range of projects within the Digital, Data and Technology area.


"Provide a secure, auditable, electronic safeguarding referral system that is capable of processing referrals from fax, paper, computer and mobile devices that are both online and offline. The referrals need to be able to be delivered automatically to predefined recipients based on the patients address and provide confirmation of delivery.

Business Analyst to support multiple project under a programme

The Business Analyst will support multiple projects under one Programme, the main activities will revolve around Transformation, high-level training support, testing and high level configuration activities. We are looking for an all-rounder business analyst who is a self-starter and has an attention for detail.

Data Science Testing Service for Digital Service Delivery

A flexible team of multiskilled QAs (5-10) to work in fast-paced agile delivery teams, delivering Government Digital Services. The successful supplier will be able to demonstrate that the individuals they put forward for work have the essential experience, knowledge and technical skills set out in this proposal.

Data Science - Data Centric Testing Service

Data Centric Testing Services to work in fast-paced agile delivery teams in a Data Science environment. Assuring the end-to-end dataflows, for MSDT BI Stack development (DWH design/development/ETL/OLTP/OLAP). The individuals put forward for work must have the essential experience, knowledge and technical skills set out in this proposal.

Data/information collections using online forms - for education providers and the general public

A flexible team of Business Analysts, User Researchers, Interaction Designers, Content Designers, Delivery Managers and programme support staff, to work across multiple projects in fast-paced agile delivery teams. The individuals put forward for work must have the essential experience, knowledge and technical skills set out in this proposal.

Data Science agile development - Development, Architecture and DevOps Services

We are looking for developer, technical architect and devops engineer roles to help to continue to deliver our Data Science Digital Transformation Programme. This will be a mix of continuous improvement to existing systems and delivery of new systems though GDS phases. The supplier will work alongside in-house digital teams

Cyber Security Operations Centre Technical Specialist copy

Performing monitoring, analysis and recovery procedures of security technologies. Performing deep-dive incident analysis by correlating data from various sources. Undertaking targeted cyber-attack analysis and response, and coordinating incident response processes.

Defence Logistics - Virtual Reality Defence Support Network

The Defence Logistics Directorate of the Ministry of Defence would like to create a Virtual Reality demonstrator programme which advertises the Defence Support Network of the future (10-30 years). It is intended to highlight the benefits of additive manufacture, artificial intelligence and robotics to the Defence logistics enterprise.

Designing the digital front door for adult services

Provision of a multi-disciplinary service design team to carry out research, design and prototyping for the 'digital front door' to community, health and adult services. This will include (but is not limited to) working with our existing website supplier to redesign information architecture, content and user experiences.

Invitation to tender - Ravensbourne University London, website redevelopment project

We are inviting tenders for a partner agency with demonstrable experience of building and developing large, consumer facing responsive websites (either on WordPress, Drupal or Umbraco CMS platforms) to redevelop Ravensbourne University’s website. You will need to work with our existing digital team and deliver the website in April 2020.

Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information (EESSI) Programme: Accessibility Features

To make a DWP user application (RINA) WCAG2.0 AA accessibility compliant and thus meet the accessibility standards required by UK Government. During initial Proof of Concept, develop costed options relating to (i) alignment with Government Digital Service standards and (ii) enhanced usability.

CCT690 - ISS Risk Development Programme Co-ordinator

Lead community of practice, provide coaching/mentoring, on-the-job training and to ground the learned theory in context of ISS. Including delivery of local "... in the context of ISS" training, development and delivery of quantitative risk analysis classroom training, supervision and coaching risk facilitation and quantitative risk analysis activities.

FSAC Multimedia Assessment Delivery Website Development CCIS19A01

Provide an online website that delivers automated exercise administration of exercises to enable the running of Fast-Stream-Assessment-Centres involving circa5000 candidates p.a. Continued support during the testing/implementation phase if changes are required. Low-level support may be needed during the contract, where technical changes cannot be resolved by FSET-staff with administrator rights.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Analytics Expert Discovery Partner

Firstly, validate HMLR’s CRM and analytics needs. Present options for delivery, estimated costs and timescales for CRM/Analytics solutions that meet these needs, based on best practice and practical experience of implementing similar solutions. Finally, recommend an optimal CRM/Analytics solution for HMLR and set out the steps necessary to implement this.

Discovery Phase – new Passenger Demand Forecasting System

The Discovery will explore the user needs for the creation of a new model. The Discovery will identify the users, explore their needs and identify potential solutions to meet those needs to take forward into the Alpha stage.

Provision of a Replacement for PHE's Poisons Information Database (UKPID) Web Portal

Public Health England (PHE) requires a replacement database for information held in current NPIS UKPID database. The current system is outdated and no longer meets user needs for web based accessibility therefore a new database and migration of current / historical data is needed.

Service Designer

Skills for Care (delivery partner for Department of Health and Social Care) are looking for a Service Designer to join their multidisciplinary team to produce designs and write content for the Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set service.

Developer for Cabinet Office's Media Monitoring Unit (Content Management System)

The developer will build the new Media Monitoring Unit content management and delivery system. It will allow writers to compose and save briefings, then display a feed a media briefings to Government communicators who sign up. It will also deliver briefings by email based on their subscription.

DevOps support (focused on DBA)

Support and maintain a collection of database technologies in the cloud estate (AWS). Take personal responsibility for driving cloud database usage optimisation and administration automation aligned to best practices.

ITHC Requirement - Cloud/SIEM

Undertake an ITHC on a planned cloud based (AWS) SIEM collector and forwarding service including some limited Windows based on-premise fixed servers. The SIEM toolset used will be based on a SPLUNK SaaS service with the AWS instance acting as the aggregation point for a number of enterprise wide feeds.

WP1740 Recruitment of User Research Participants for GOV.UK Verify

Providing research participants for user research for GOV.UK Verify

Bi-Borough IT Strategy Acceleration

Work with the Bi-Boroughs to deliver a IT strategy and roadmap to help us deliver value to our frontline teams and citizens.

Pipeline tool to support local government collaboration on projects and provide portfolio management

A cross-sector project to iterate and produce the next version of Pipeline (, a tool to support local government collaboration. The supplier will undertake further user research, create the next version of Pipeline and establish the value proposition for local authorities to more formally adopt the use of Pipeline.

Accessibility audit for website and intranet

Review external website and internal intranet for compliance against WCAG 2.1 (level AA). Provide a report of the work required to address any areas of non-compliance, including an assessment of where corrections would constitute a “disproportionate burden”. Reassess once corrective action taken.

HM Land Registry Service Improve Programme Partner

We are looking for a development partner to work on the delivery of new systems and services as part of HM Land Registry's Service Improve Programme. The supplier will work alongside HM Land Registry’s in-house teams covering all roles in agile multi-disciplinary teams.

CAID Web Image Metadata Matching Capability

The Home Office are looking to purchase a Web Image Metadata Matching Capability to enable matching of images (using their metadata) against a datastore of image metadata sourced from publicly available internet images.

SecOps Engineer

SecOps Platform improvement and optimisation, incident management, Change Management, and working to best practice security principles to manage risk.

Home Office - Her Majesty's Passport Office - Senior Developer 1

Experienced specialist developer to work with agile development team building out Node powered appointment booking service.Microservices architecture backed by Redis data store for session management, and dependencies on third party APIs – such as payment and notification providers. The platform is also migrating to container-based deployments using docker/kubernetes.

IT Project Manager

• To initiate and deliver the Careflow in the Community PID for the all participating trusts within the Kent & Medway • Utilise excellent stakeholder management capability to mobilise the project and drive it forwards toward implementation.

IT Project Manager

• To initiate and deliver the Kent Ophthalmology Record PID for the all participating trusts within the Kent & Medway • Utilise excellent stakeholder management capability to mobilise the project and drive it forwards toward implementation.

Microsoft skills

Investigate performance issues with newly deployed application developed using Visual Studio and running on Microsoft SQL Enterprise Server and Windows. Make recommendations for resolution. Provide support to the supplier in further performance monitoring and tuning.

MHCLG need a senior business analyst to assist with development of an Outline Business Case

MHCLG needs an experienced senior business analyst to undertake a number of business, technical, analytical and project management related activities to support the re-procurement of the new Energy Performance of Buildings Register service.

Home Office- Her Majesty's Passport Office - Business Analyst

Analyse user /business needs ensuring outcomes align with strategy ,delivering to the business architecture. Collaborate, communicate effectively, support design, build and delivery. Responsible for Requirement gathering, Gap Analysis, Impact Analysis, Stakeholder management, Traceability, Business Solution Design, Users Stories (BDD), contribute to agile ceremonies, backlog grooming and sprint planning.

Digital No Wrong Door Consultation and Development

We require an overhaul of GP practice websites and the development of a new open standards health information platform that can be interfaced to the new websites, the NHS App and any digital system to allow citizens to engage with any NHS service from any digital means.

CAID Digital Media Examiner (DME)

The DME will compare the images against current known images. Unknown images will be run through a UKLE auto-categoriser algorithm. All legal images will then be run through image-similarity software. These will need to be integrated into the DME. Images will be exported into the Child Abuse Image Database (CAID).

Rail Portfolio Data Discovery

The winning supplier will be required to: • Deliver a Discovery presentation with analysis and supporting evidence, where relevant • Deliver clear recommendations within the Discovery, and a plan for how to proceed with the recommendations

Lead User Researcher

Lead the user research work to understand how people working in the field of equality and human rights might use the EHRC’s Measurement Framework and other research reports. Please see the following links:

HM Land Registry Digital & Data Programme Partner

We are looking for a delivery partner to work with HM Land Registry on the delivery of digital services, technology platforms and a new digital register, as part of HM Land Registry's digital and data programmes. The supplier will work alongside HMLR's in-house digital teams covering digital service development roles.

Senior DevOps Support (Network Engineer/Architect Background)

To review AWS cloud network architecture to ensure alignment to best practices. Hands-on support of coding AWS resource orchestration with a focus on network resources (Transit Hub, SFTP, ELB, NACL, NATs, EIP, etc.). Manage 3rd parties that provide WAN services (Direct Connect, MPLS, VPN) and manage on-premise termination points.

Microsoft365 Transformation Partner

Falmouth University and its delivery partner FXPlus have a requirement for a single Microsoft Gold partner to provide a large-scale programme of works around the migration of current on-premise services to Microsoft365. The Microsoft Gold Partner should have expertise in planning, user adoption and business change management.

Business Relationship Manager

Based within the Project Teams and working with the Programme Directors at EKHUFT and MTW to establish and facilitate the buddy arrangement between KCH and EKHUFT & MTW.

Architecture Service Call -Off Contract for DVSA

Provider creates and maintains an enterprise architecture capability providing a function promoting the creation of coherent solutions. Function will deliver a range of architecture services, software/business/data/ technology/solutions/security/service/infrastructure, and supporting governance frameworks that enable DVSA to enhance its frontline services though delivery of strategic digital solutions.

Teachers' Payment Service - Beta

Beta phase: co-located agile team required to build and implement a Teachers' Payment Service. This will allow eligible teachers to apply for and receive payments and involve admin staff in schools verifying data. The service must meet the digital service standard including the reuse of common platforms.

Agile Innovation and Transformation

FCO Services have identified the need to engage with an “agile partner” to support us in our ongoing development and transformation, enhancing the continued drive to deliver value through the work we do with other Government departments.

Home Office – Her Majesty’s Passport Office - End User Compute Architect

Technical Lead for the End User Compute project, which aims to replace all existing EUC services (e.g to Win10, O365). Technical lead advising on legacy system changes either to address critical business issues or enable smoother migration to new services Assuring alignment with transformation plans (e.g networks, LoB application transformation)

MOJ Cybersecurity scanning and open data intelligence platform

Jointly with the MOJ devise architecture and component set of the platform, and then autonomous implementation, documentation and quality assurance prior to joint user-acceptance-testing with the MOJ. This may involve a market assessment of open source / free open source intelligence (OSINT) and other public domain analytical tooling (such-as

UK Export Finance Intranet Change Project

UK Export Finance (UKEF) requires a supplier to carry out a Discovery phase (as defined by GDS) for an intranet change, with the possibility of progressing to Alpha and Beta (subject to further approvals).