Awarded to Mastek (UK) Ltd

Start date: Tuesday 1 October 2019
Value: £2,900,000
Company size: large
NHS Improvement - NHS Trust Development Authority is the contracting authority.

NHS Improvement Data & Analytics Platform; Operations, Enhancement and Development.

37 Incomplete applications

25 SME, 12 large

7 Completed applications

0 SME, 7 large

Important dates

Wednesday 17 April 2019
Deadline for asking questions
Wednesday 24 April 2019 at 11:59pm GMT
Closing date for applications
Wednesday 1 May 2019 at 11:59pm GMT


Summary of the work
Information and analytics are critical components for delivery of a wide-range of outcomes within the NHS Long-Term Plan. Working with NHSE, it is essential that the core NHS Improvement SIP platform is supported & developed to provide consistent and timely information, underpinning analytics and digital products. Supplier Briefing Teleconference 24/04/19@15:30.
Latest start date
Monday 15 July 2019
Expected contract length
2 years
Organisation the work is for
NHS Improvement - NHS Trust Development Authority is the contracting authority.
Budget range
Up to £2,900,000 inclusive of expenses and excluding VAT.

The business case for this requirement is approved.

About the work

Why the work is being done
Information and analytics are critical in delivering the NHS Long-Term Plan. Staff within NHS Improvement and the wider health and care service require relevant, timely, robust and accessible insight to drive decision-making, improvement and strategy development. The analytical insights must be data-driven and locally, regionally and nationally actionable, with best practice and support to assist end-users. NHS Improvement delivers essential, data driven programmes that cover, as examples, performance and quality, finance and costing, benchmarking and population health. These will come together with NHS England analysis and be supported by the existing data and development platforms as they evolve.
Problem to be solved
It is essential that NHS Improvement’s platform is suitably supported in its operations and in response to the continued development of analysis, products and services. This opportunity is to run, support and improve the range of components that comprise the platform, including the data, using agile methodologies and continuous integration and delivery. NHS Improvement requires a supplier that can offer key skills to deliver operational outcomes in conjunction with internal staff and other suppliers working to develop products and deliver analytics. NHS Improvement requires highly competent, specialised resources to rapidly and continuously run, support, improve and automate the platform.
Who the users are and what they need to do
As Senior Responsible Officer (SRO), I need highly competent teams to run, automate and enhance the data and development platform/framework, improving its performance, security, resilience and scalability. I need a reliable partner to provide responsive operational support to deliver common capabilities and common data that underpin analytics and strategic initiatives such as GIRFT, A&E reporting, Financial Monitoring and Patient Level Costing. I need a flexible resource offering to enable scalable operations and platform change to enable a roadmap of products to deliver measurable business benefit at pace whilst continuously improving.
Early market engagement
A Market Alert Notice was emailed to all suppliers registered on DOS3 Outcomes.

A Suppliers' Briefing Teleconference is scheduled for Wednesday 24 April, 15:30. Details on how to register your interest in attending is provided in the Market Alert and on this portal (log in required).
Any work that’s already been done
The data and development platform is a live service of components underpinning several verticals such as Model Hospital, Provider Finance Monitoring, GIRFT and A&E Dashboard. The core infrastructure is on-premise with varying degrees of automation and use of cloud technologies. The platform comprises the Microsoft Analytics Platform System, utilities such as Alteryx & Tableau, SAML based identity management, Microsoft Azure components (DW, Cosmos DB, APIM & Data Factory), BIML MIST, .NET applications and Python/Django CMS. The platform is expected to evolve as it is integrated with NHS England data services and will adopt further Cloud architecture and Robotic Process Automation.
Existing team
Product and operations teams in NHSI are comprised of both permanent employees and supplier staff. NHSI has approximately 60 internal technical staff working to deliver and support data drive products and analytics. At any one time, there are an approximately similar number of supplier-based staff working on projects across 3-5 key suppliers. As the supplier working to support, maintain and improve the core framework the operational support partner would be expected to work in rainbow teams will all other suppliers and internal staff. Teams are cross-functional and blended, enabling agile product development and knowledge-sharing while minimising single points of failure.
Current phase

Work setup

Address where the work will take place
The customer is central London based and there is a requirement to work on site. Aspects of the work may also be delivered in Leeds.

NHSI requires a supplier who can provide a high quality and cost-effective delivery model. Such a model may include a blend of off shore resources in addition to the onsite presence (to ensure strong business understanding of critical services and effective engagement).
Working arrangements
Continuous improvement and agility through the application of agile tools and techniques in an environment where Quality Assurance is embedded in all processes from requirements gathering to development and delivery. Team members will be expected to work with and play a key role in implementing continuous integration and delivery pipelines and automate the repetitive operations of data ingestion, testing, management and monitoring. The supplier must ordinarily operate with agile business analysis and QA through the application of techniques such as BDD. Agile ceremonies and processes will be adhered to and continuously improved through retrospectives. See Cultural Fit also.
Security clearance
Clearance is not required.

Supplier should have a satisfactory clearance (Level 2+) against NHS IG Toolkit, and be ICO registered.

Supplier resources are required to complete NHS Improvement IG training to a satisfactory standard and may need to sign specific DSA/NDA.

IS027001 & experience of handling sensitive data is desirable.

Additional information

Additional terms and conditions
All IPR will be retained by NHS Improvement.

No license or permission to use the artefacts delivered by the Supplier is granted except insofar as to deliver the requirements of this Agreement.

The successful Supplier is required to enable effective transition from the existing service. This transition period is anticipated to be approximately 3 months.

Skills and experience

Buyers will use the essential and nice-to-have skills and experience to help them evaluate suppliers’ technical competence.

Essential skills and experience
  • Demonstrate a minimum of 3 years experience managing and developing on Microsoft APS platform and associated SQL Server development in production setting (including security, role-based access, TSQL & SSIS.
  • Demonstrate a minimum of 2 years experience in Azure development and support for data platform and web services.
  • Additional Information for above: Data components/pipeline (CosmosDB, AzureDW, Alteryx, Blob Storage, IOTEvent Hub, data factory): Web Services (Web & logic apps, API Manager, Azure Functions): Azure infrastructure services (Traffic manager).
  • Demonstrate a minimum of 2 years experience supporting, extending and developing digital applications utilising the following components: Okta identity and access management; Single Page Applications and; Open source CMS wagtail.
  • Additional Information for above; Okta identity and access management (open ID connect, SAML2): Single Page Applications (AngularJS & ReactJS), .Net Core, .Net API: Open source CMS wagtail (Python and Django).
  • Demonstrate significant experience in supporting live services to agreed SLAs (including service credit regime), with appropriate monitoring, reporting, and proactive management for continuously improving core platforms.
  • Demonstrate a minimum of 2 years supporting automation of quality assurance in a CI/CD and devOps model using the following tools: Azure DevOps CI/CD, Powershell, ARM Templates, Selenium, JMeter.
  • Demonstrate a minimum of 2 years managing data warehouses hosting NHS datasets with demonstrable experience in understanding the content and governance requirements of NHS data.
  • Demonstrate significant experience in architecting, managing and optimising data loaded into a Data Vault architecture.
  • Demonstrate a minimum of 2 years experience in using BIML frameworks in a production setting.
  • Demonstrate significant experience managing BI visualization tools e.g. Tableau.
  • Demonstrable mature Offshore/Nearshore capability at scale as part of a standard offering.
  • Demonstrable the ability to offer extended support (7 days a week) and 24 hour for key initiatives.
  • Demonstrate a minimum of 2 years experience of of SharePoint development and administration.
  • Demonstrate a minimum of 2 years experience of VBA development on the Microsoft Office stack, in particular Excel.
Nice-to-have skills and experience
  • The product roadmap will necessitate support and maintenance of new systems which MAY include; Enterprise application visualisation and management tool(s); Data Virtualisation Platform(s). Summarise your experience.
  • Also, the product roadmap is LIKELY to include; Azure Data Bricks/similar; Data science platforms/systems e.g. Azure ML & R; Big Data platforms/services; Data process automation tool(s). Summarise your experience.

How suppliers will be evaluated

How many suppliers to evaluate
Proposal criteria
  • Demonstration of depth of understanding of our platform operations requirement. (20 points).
  • Demonstration of depth of understanding of our platform enhancement and development requirements. (10 points).
  • Detail you proposed technical solution for our platform operations requirement. (40 points).
  • Detail you proposed technical solution for our platform enhancement and development requirement. (20 points).
  • Detail you approach and methodology to delivery for our platform operations requirement. (40 points).
  • Detail you approach and methodology to delivery for our platform enhancement and development requirement. (20 points).
  • Provide your team details including roles, key personnel and example CVs of proposed resources for our platform operations requirement. (40 points).
  • Provide your team details including roles, key personnel and example CVs of proposed resources for our enhancement and development requirement. (20 points).
  • For our platform operations requirement, identify risks and dependencies and proposed mitigations to manage them. (20 points).
  • For our platform enhancement and development requirement, identify risks and dependencies and proposed mitigations to manage them. (10 points).
  • Provide your high-level transition approach from the current service to the new service. Including timescales and key milestones. (30 points).
  • When responding to the Proposal Criteria, shortlisted suppliers must address the technical requirements and other relevent information provided throughout this notice and within supporting materials / Q&A (N/A Points).
Cultural fit criteria
  • Work in rainbow teams supporting product development initiatives and integration work alongside other suppliers.
  • Manage delivery in an Agile environment (using DevOps and Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment approaches). Commercial and legal governance must support agile delivery.
  • Share knowledge, experience and skills with other team members so as to build sustainable capability.
Payment approach
Capped time and materials
Assessment methods
  • Written proposal
  • Case study
  • Work history
  • Reference
  • Presentation
Evaluation weighting

Technical competence


Cultural fit




Questions asked by suppliers

1. Can we view a list of suppliers who have expressed and interest (1 of 3)
Accenture (UK) Limited
adappt Ltd
Agile Solutions (GB) Ltd
Agilisys Ltd
Aha Analytics Ltd
Alscient Ltd
Altis Global Ltd
Atos IT Solutions UK Limited
Automation Logic Limited
Badenoch and Clark Ltd
BAE Systems (Operations) Limited
Borough IT Ltd
Bramble Hub Limited
Brickendon Consulting Limited
Shri GuruDev Dutta Ltd
Capgemini UK PLC
Certus Advisory Ltd
Cognizant Worldwide Limited
Compass Informatics Ltd
Computer Rock
Cora Systems
DataArt Technologies UK Ltd
Digital First Solutions Ltd
Digital Gurus
Elastacloud Ltd
ENE Business Strategies LTD
Enjoy Digital Communications Ltd
Equal Experts UK Limited
Equiniti ICS Ltd
2. Can we view a list of suppliers who have expressed and interest (2 of 3)
eSynergy Solutions Limited
Eyecademy Ltd
Gate One
Geeks Ltd
Gibbs Hybrid
Glue Reply a Trading name of Reply Ltd
Gravitas Recruitment Group Limited
Health Pathways Limited
Hiberus Ltd
Hitachi Consulting UK Limited
Holley Holland Limited
Identity Methods Ltd
Incorvus Ltd.
Infinity Works
Informed Solutions Ltd
Intergence Systems Ltd
Investigo Limited
JGM Marketing Ltd.
Keep IT Simple Ltd
Lane Changers Ltd
Lucid Support Services Ltd
Mastek (UK) Limited
Mastodon C
Maximise IT Solutions Ltd
Mozaic-Services Limited
NashTech Limited
New Company Services Ltd
New Signature UK Limited
3. Can we view a list of suppliers who have expressed and interest (3 of 3)
Not Binary Limited
Ogilvy & Mather Group (Holdings) Ltd
PA Consulting Services Limited
Prederi Limited
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC)
Redweb Ltd
Redwing Business Intelligence Ltd
risual Limited
Shaping Cloud
NHS South, Central and West Commissioning Support Unit
Stanton House Limited
Talent International (UK) Ltd
Tata Consultancy Services Limited
Shed Data Services Limited
The IT Health Partnership LLP
The Server Labs Ltd.
Torchbox Ltd
Triad Group Plc
UST Global Pvt Ltd
Visionist Limited
Wallscope Limited
Xpertex Ltd
4. Are you expecting a blend of on shore and near/off shore?
If suppliers can provide a competitive rate card with onshore resources this will be considered, however our anticipation is a blended solution.
5. Please confirm security clearance isn’t required.
It is not required.
6. Can we bid for individual elements?
We encourage consortium and supply chain bids however one supplier needs to take the lead and submit the shortlist response on behalf of the consortium / supply chain.
7. What infrastructure do you have?
1 of 2.
The analytics platform consists of a hybrid architecture combining on premise Microsoft’s Analytics Platform System warehousing appliance and Azure cloud services. Data is ingested through automated ELT (using the BIML MIST framework), Alteryx and real-time streaming. The analytics platform provides the common data service which underpins all analytical and digital products.

The products are delivered leveraging a combination of Tableau and Digital Products based on Python / Django, React JS, and wagtail open source CMS system. Identity and access management leverages OKTA.
8. What infrastructure do you have?
2 of 2:
The chosen Supplier (and its delivery partners) must be able to offer a high-level of expertise across the range of components forming the architecture. NHSI’s digital services leverage numerous Azure services including containers, web apps, event hub, traffic manager, Azure functions, cosmosDB and API manager.

In addition to expertise in the components above, Operational support is required to cover areas including: data management, data load, mart support, DBA services, performance monitoring, infrastructure monitoring (physical and cloud), quality assurance, test automation, build pipe support, ELT development, framework support.
9. How does this call off align with the Social Value Act?
The Act does not apply to services contracts awarded by calling off from a framework. In line with PCR 2015 and the DOS 3 framework the award basis for the contract (Proposal Stage) is Most Economically Advantageous Tender (the combination of Technical Competence, Cultural Fit and Price) captured under the “Evaluation weighting” heading above.
10. What is the size of the data on the platform
We operate on a circa 40TB capacity given varying requirements to maintain patient data sets for between 7-11 years. Other data sets are purely statistical and therefore smaller.
11. Are you expecting the successful supplier to fix defects, e.g. in the data pipelines?
We have approximately 400 datasets underpinned by a common data framework leveraging automation. Were defects are identified in the framework, the appointed supplier will be required to fix. A Statement of Work(s) will be provided to govern this.
12. Are any of your data sources external and where this is the case are these under contract?
Yes, for example NHS Digital provides patient data and this is governed by a data sharing agreement in conjunction with respective information governance teams.
13. Do you have cloud migration requirements?
We have plans for migration as part of the roadmap however this will be balanced against emerging operational priorities, IG considerations and cost.

We will seek to develop the roadmap with the Successful supplier.
14. Please summarise your data sets
These are a mixture of patient administrative, clinical and financial and include, SUS, HES, Mental Health, aggregate statistics and provider financial data.

An understanding of NHS data is essential as this will help underpin quality when loading.
15. At the briefing meeting, you discussed an example SOW (Support Model for Data Services) but the indicative cost is very low, please can you provide more detail?
This SOW was for designing the support model needed and not the data support model delivery.
16. You have not indicated a SOW length in the example SOWs but the value suggests these are not annual or for the full 24 months?
Correct. For ongoing and other services, we will use timebound SOWs that are renewed/augmented as required, to ensure they are optimal to the outcome. This provides requisite flexibility and risk profile commensurate with agile. We require supplier commercial and legal governance to support SOW iteration and sign off in days rather than weeks.

We require a core resource offering from the successful supplier, covering both operational delivery and development. It is essential that this can be flexed within the roadmap but given the live services environment, there will also be SOWs to deploy solutions at short notice.
17. Will live services be required to be managed against service levels?
Yes. Service levels will be agreed in the relevant SOW(s).
18. What SOWs are required at the outset?
There will be an implementation/transition SOW at the outset for a minimum of three months. Other SOWs will follow. We anticipate spending the £2.9m ex VAT budget within the two year period.
19. What is stakeholder satisfaction currently?
This platform is delivered using and Enterprise Architecture approach as a core service for the delivery of many products. Product Managers and analysts are the primary users of the platform. They feed in directly to the design and delivery in accordance with their needs. Product teams work actively with end users through user research to define and deliver products iteratively based on feedback and satisfaction.
20. The briefing mentions working from Leeds, would an entire team be able to work from this location (both onsite and offsite), or is the location SOW dependent?
As per the requirement above:

"Aspects of the work may also be delivered in Leeds."

There is a requirement to work onsite at our central London offices. Onsite working in Leeds may be a requirement also.
21. Is a multi-supplier model under consideration?
We encourage consortium and supply chain bids however one supplier needs to take the lead and submit the shortlist response on behalf of the consortium / supply chain.
22. How are the SOW outcomes measured?
Within the SOW template (see DOS 3 call-off contract) there is a section for Acceptance Criteria.
23. Is there any technical perquisites for any proposed SOW team?
Supplier skills and experience is assesses at the shortlist stage. See also the requirement above and the answer to questions 7 & 8.
24. What would a lead time be on a SOW?
This is anticipated to be days from initial drafting to sign off, but this will be dependant on complexity.
25. Transition is noted, how long has the incumbent been in place? Is TUPE in scope?
The previous contract award was for 24 months. Transition arrangments may necessitate a limited extension to this.

Please see clause 28. Staff Transfer at

This clause in DOS 3 is the same as the previous DOS 2 call off contract.
26. For the question of experience of providing data warehouses hosting NHS datasets – in addition to our NHS experience, would health data management experience from other countries be equally scored?
NHS data experience is essential. Other data set experience could augment an answer but would not replace NHS experience.
27. We recognise each SoWs may require different roles but can you confirm what typical roles will be required to deliver the core outcomes?
This will be confirmed at Proposal stage.
28. Can you confirm if TUPE will apply for any components of this procurement?
See the answer to question 25.

For clarity the existing service was based on DOS 2 call off terms.
29. The data is downstream from NHS Digital, are some of the services in scope to be managed by NHS Digital?
30. The data is downstream from NHS Digital, are some of the services in scope to be managed by NHS Digital?
No, NHS Digital don't provide services required under this procurement.

NHS Digita pseudonymise the patient data provided and in some cases provide us with subsets of data and in a specific format.