Awarded to Tata Consultancy Services Limited

Start date: Monday 1 October 2018
Value: £36,000,000
Company size: large
Department for Work & Pensions

DOS_012: Development and Live Support of the DWP Digital Children’s Platform and other systems

7 Incomplete applications

2 SME, 5 large

6 Completed applications

1 SME, 5 large

Important dates

Tuesday 20 March 2018
Deadline for asking questions
Tuesday 27 March 2018 at 11:59pm GMT
Closing date for applications
Tuesday 3 April 2018 at 11:59pm GMT


Summary of the work
Primarily Digital Teams for the Development and Live Support of the Children Platform technology estate, primarily the Child Maintenance Scheme (CMS) 2012 System. Digital Teams will support the delivery of outcomes for required regular releases of changes, repairs and Live Support to remain current with legislation and optimised for performance/service.
Latest start date
Monday 16 July 2018
Expected contract length
2 years
North East England
Organisation the work is for
Department for Work & Pensions
Budget range
The DWP’s maximum combined expenditure for all SoWs agreed under this proposed Call-Off Contract is up to £36,000,000 (thirty six million pounds).

However this does not represent a commitment to spend up to that value.

About the work

Why the work is being done
DWP has existing IT services contracts coming to an end in 2018-19 which provide Development and Live Support of Core Business Systems for the DWP Children’s Platform, including the Child Maintenance Services 2012 (CMS 2012) System.

In accordance with its strategic objective DWP intends to operate with a mixed delivery model, consisting of both a core team which will be supplemented by supplier Digital teams and also a service outcome delivery model. A Call-Off Contract is required to provide flexible capacity and capability to support DWP by providing Digital teams that comprise of technical specialists that can deliver desired outcomes.
Problem to be solved
A Supplier is required to provide flexible capacity and capability to support DWP by providing Digital Teams that can deliver outcomes in the areas of development activities necessary to satisfy the requirements for development/change/repair across a series of releases, and Live Support necessary to satisfy the requirements for a stable performance application/system.

Key technologies are Siebel (which includes Siebel CTI integration using third party Genesys Adaptor), BPM, OBIEE, Adobe and Documentum.

DWP may also request the supplier to deliver outcomes based on a wider set of technologies which are utilised across DWP. This will be managed as the need arises.
Who the users are and what they need to do
As a DWP Technology Function I need to be able to supplement my development and live support teams to ensure they have the capability and capacity to deliver necessary change and system stability for the Child Maintenance Group (CMG) and its clients.
Early market engagement
Not applicable
Any work that’s already been done
Applications have been developed on the Children Platform technology estate in support of various child maintenance schemes, including the CMS 2012 system that was developed for the latest scheme, which went live in 2012. Development work is ongoing to deliver against a range of additional business and technical requirements. Support of the production system continues to be required within a complex multi-application, multi-supplier environment.
Existing team
The successful supplier will provide resource to supplement a number of DWP Technology Development and Live Support teams. Working in this environment will require collaboration with multiple suppliers, product vendors and other DWP and Other Government Department (OGD) teams.
Current phase
Not applicable

Work setup

Address where the work will take place
The Supplier will be expected to be Primarily co-located with the Customer on DWP sites based within Newcastle Upon Tyne and Leeds with the ability to deliver using a remote model.
Working arrangements
The new supplier will need to gain an understanding of the existing solution to be able to provide support and to deliver future developments with minimal disruption. DWP retains the right to place resources into a team from other suppliers where a supplier or resource has a particular strength.

Typically Digital Teams resource will be required to work a minimum of 7.5 hours/day, 5 days/week.

NB: Some weekend work will be required for discrete project work and support resource will be required to cover 24/7 on an on call basis.
Security clearance
All resources must be BPSS (Baseline Personnel Security Standard) compliant or equivalent (or prepared to undergo clearance process prior to commencement of work). DWP would support an application however any associated costs are to be met by the supplier.

Additional information

Additional terms and conditions
The Call-Off Contract will be supplemented by additional T&C's, a copy of which can be downloaded from Bravo using the hyperlink provided in the Q&A session details below.

DWP is not seeking for Bidders to propose changes to the Supplementary T&Cs as part of the bid process, because DWP is not seeking to negotiate or deviate from these terms.

Furthermore, in reference to pricing, suppliers must provide a Rate Card for all of the defined roles. Bids must be on a T&M basis, however different pricing models ranging from Fixed Price, T&M and Capped T&M may be used for SoW's.

Skills and experience

Buyers will use the essential and nice-to-have skills and experience to help them evaluate suppliers’ technical competence.

Essential skills and experience
  • A1: Experience of delivering development capability using a wide range of methodologies including agile and waterfall across five or more concurrent projects with teams of 50-100 development resources. 2.00%
  • A2: Experience of aligning development activities with other parallel work streams across split sites, ensuring quality standards are maintained 2.00%
  • A3: Experience of delivering ITIL v3 live support capability across two or more concurrent applications with a team of 15 to 30 live support resources 2.00%
  • A4: Have immediate capacity to supply technical skills (3-5 years experience) in Siebel Public Sector, Siebel Sales, detailed technical knowledge of Siebel architecture, deployment model and data model 2.00%
  • A5: Have immediate capacity to supply technical skills (3-5 years experience) in Telephony Solution Implementation and Call-Centre Setup, SiebelCTI integration using third-party Genesys Adaptors, third-party Adaptor Administration&Integration, CTIdef.File Development&Administration 1.25%
  • A6: Have immediate capacity to supply technical skills (3-5 years experience) for IBMWebSphere suite of products including: WebSphereApplicationServer, BusinessProcessManager, WebSphereService Registry&Repository, WebSphere MQ, IBM WebSphereDataPowerAppliance, ProAtria 1.25%
  • A7: Have immediate capacity to supply technical skills (3-5 years experience) for AdobeLive-Cycle[LC] Designer&Workbench ES4, FlashBuilderPremium, LCBarcodedForms, CMSA, EMCDocumentum Connector, LCDigital Signatures, LCReader Extensions, LCProcessMgt, LCForms, LCOutput, LCConten Services 1.25%
  • A8: Have immediate capacity to supply technical skills (3-5 years experience) for Documentum Administrator, Documentum Content Server, Documentum Retention Policy Services, Documentum Webtop client 1.25%
  • A9: Have immediate capacity to supply technical skills (3-5 years experience) for development&support of web&mobile portals using Java and IBMWebSphereExperience FactoryProducts, including: IBMHTTPServer, IBMWebSphereExperienceFactory, JQueryMobile, HTML5, CSS3, Java1.7, Javascript. 2.00%
  • A10: Have immediate capacity to supply technical skills (3-5 years’ experience) for IBMTivoliMonitoringAgent, ITCAM for AppsAgent, ITCAM for Transactions, Tivoli WorkloadScheduler, Tivoli DirectoryServer, Tivoli FederatedIdentityManager, Tivoli AccessManager, Tivoli IdentityManager 1.00%
  • A11: Have immediate capacity to supply technical skills (3-5 years experience) in Informatica Power Centre ETL, Datawarehouse Application Console, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 1.00%
  • A12: Have immediate capacity to supply technical skills (3-5 years experience) for Database AdministrationforOracle11g&12c, DB2, SQLserver, OperatingSystemAdministration for AIX6.x, AIX7.x, RHEL5.x, RHEL6.x, Windows2008, & CiscoFirewalls, routers, switches and LoadBalancers 1.00%
  • A13: Have immediate access to a resource pool to undertake the following roles; Project Manager, Architect, Functional/Technical Designer, Developer, Quality Assurance Analyst, WebOps Engineer 3.00%
  • A14: Have experience of working with incumbent suppliers to transition knowledge of legacy systems and takeover responsibilities within demanding timescales (~2 months) 1.00%
  • A15: Have Experience in functional, non-functional and automated testing. ISTQB certified test professionals. Prior testing experience on CMS 2012 technologies (Siebel, BPM, WebSphere, Adobe, Documentum) 1.00%
  • A16: Have capability to suppliment resources using a remote model (i.e. not at a DWP location), and have capability to deliver with compliance to ISO27001 standards 1.00%
Nice-to-have skills and experience
  • B1: Have experience of working within DWP or a comparable organisation within the last 3 years 0.50%
  • B2: Have experience of ServiceNow 0.50%

How suppliers will be evaluated

How many suppliers to evaluate
Proposal criteria
  • Q1.1a: A summary of conceptual understanding of the requirement, identify risks or issues in meeting the requirements, detail any assumptions/dependencies. 4.375%
  • Q1.1b: Capability of standing-up a team from contract-award date, managing resource scaling with related timeframes, managing staff rotation, attrition, under-performance, execute on-boarding knowledge from DWP incumbent into their organisation. 4.375%
  • Q1.1c: Whether the available supplier resource pool, including subcontractors/partners. In instances of sub-contractor and/or partnered resources then evidence to demonstrate the structure of the relationship and how it's governed. 4.375%
  • Q1.1d: Ability to deploy, a working arrangements solution for providing out of hours support and how security clearance up to BaselinePersonnelSecurityStandard (BPSS), or equivalent, is managed including related timescales. 4.375%
  • Q1.2: Ability to gain, at pace, a detailed understanding of the solution to allow ongoing support and further development. 4.375%
  • Q1.3: Inclusion of value for money proposals associated with provision of resources. 4.375%
  • Q1.4: Experience of your resources delivering major change via Development of concurrent releases and Live Support services for a comparable customer. 4.375%
  • Q1.4: Evidence of adoption and alignment to customer methodology and approach for offering suggestions for improvement. 4.375%
Cultural fit criteria
  • 2.1a: Work as a blended team with our organisation and other suppliers, able to take direction within a DWP team. 1.25%
  • 2.1b: Experience of successful collaborative working as part of a multi-supplier delivery team sharing knowledge within the team. 1.25%
  • 2.1c: Evidence of a culture of continuous improvement where individuals learn from past mistakes and offer improvement opportunities. 1.25%
  • 2.1d: Approach to recruitment and retention, training, and on-boarding which enables DWP to have continued access to a highly effective resource pool through the course of the contract. 1.25%
Payment approach
Time and materials
Assessment methods
  • Written proposal
  • Case study
  • Reference
  • Presentation
Evaluation weighting

Technical competence


Cultural fit




Questions asked by suppliers

1. Additional information provide by DWP to support this requirement.
DWP has provided answers to some potential questions you may have in relation to this requirement and the procurement process. You can access these by downloading 5) Bidder Q&A Publication 01 from:

To supplement the information published on the Digital Marketplace the opportunity notice also contains the following additional documents for interested Suppliers to download:
1) DOS_012 Request for Proposal - FINAL.pdf
2) DOS_012 Pricing Response Template.xls
3) DOS_012 Call-Off Agreement Supplementary Terms 1of2.pdf
4) DOS_012 Call-Off Agreement Supplementary Terms 2of2 (Offshoring Policy).pdf
2. Q&A7: Can you please clarify who the current incumbent is for the supply of the CMS system?
The current incumbent for the supply of the CMS system is Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS).
3. Q&A9: How are you going to structure and manage this procurement and the subsequent project delivery to ensure that SMEs are not excluded from this work by virtue of its size?
SME’s are not excluded from this procurement. A core part of the solution comprises of Siebel with interfaces into a range of other technologies as described in the requirement. The architecture of the core application is constructed in such a way that the outcomes required to deliver the live service and development are constrained from complete disaggregation.

In line with the Departments SME agenda we are aware many organisations incorporate complementary SME agendas in their business plans. We encourage suppliers bidding for this work to leverage SMEs within their supply chain to assist them with the deliver of the outcomes.
4. Q&A10: How will you implement your plan for a "mixed delivery model" given that this opportunity can only result in the appointment of a single supplier, and that it covers "five or more concurrent projects" which is likely the whole or the majority of the programme of work?
The successful supplier will be expected to organise their teams to deliver the outcomes of this requirement whilst working alongside the Department's multiple partners. The model will consist of multi-skilled teams to perform both Development and Live Support services. The mixed delivery model consists of agile, waterfall and a blend of both. The Department requires a supplier to have the capability to adapt to the appropriate method to support successful delivery of the project whilst being considerate of the architecture described.
5. Q&A11: The "user need" section of this opportunity describe's DWP's needs, but does not explain any user needs. What are the user needs for this programme of work?
The outcomes of this is a Call-Off Contract will serve the needs of both operational users (client) and end users (customers) of the Children's platform. The user need is a performant system to enable them to financially transact between separated families.

The delivery of the outcomes under this contract will be focused on meeting the detailed user needs through Statements of Work according to the demands of the programme.
6. Q&A12: Given the large size of this opportunity and the importance of engaging with the market early to understand the strengths and capabilities of suppliers, why has DWP chosen not to carry out any early market engagement?
The DOS framework is an established route to publishing requirements to market. The short listing stage is specifically designed to provide the market with the opportunity to respond and demonstrate their experience and capabilities.

The Department took the decision to test capabilities of the market via this method in order to assess the market in a balanced way.
7. Q&A13: Would DWP consider a consortium of suppliers to assist with resource capability across the areas specified?
Yes, the Department would consider a consortium, though it’s important for the consortium to demonstrate at each relevant stage of the evaluation how they are/would be organised in an effective way in order to deliver the requirements.