London Borough of Lewisham

Discovery - M365 Implementation and Adoption of New Working Practices - Option 1 (S.I Delivery)

22 Incomplete applications

16 SME, 6 large

1 Completed application

1 SME, 0 large

Important dates

Wednesday 14 October 2020
Deadline for asking questions
Wednesday 21 October 2020 at 11:59pm GMT
Closing date for applications
Wednesday 28 October 2020 at 11:59pm GMT


Summary of the work
Discovery works to deliver a Microsoft M365 Migration for Lewisham Council (1. Cleanse and Migration of on-premise Active Directory to Microsoft Azure, 2. Migration of all Mailboxes, 3. Delivery of O635 Applications to desktop)
Latest start date
Tuesday 1 December 2020
Expected contract length
4-6 Weeks
Organisation the work is for
London Borough of Lewisham
Budget range

About the work

Why the work is being done
Lewisham Councils response to Covid-19, to facilitate employees, officers and members to work from home, to increase productivity, improve resilience and to take advantage of opportunities offered by cloud based solutions - by February 2021
Problem to be solved
Lewisham Council has a small IT Team that doesn't have the capacity to undertake a programme of this size and complexity without external support. LBL require a Technical Delivery partner who will work in conjunction with the in-house team to fully implement and rollout to the workforce all components of Microsoft 365.

Lewisham Council recognises the need to ensure that the technical changes are supported throughout the implementation stage and in particular, that any associated business change and user adoption is maximised, either directly by the supplier or in conjunction with an alternate partner.
Who the users are and what they need to do
All Lewisham council employees, officers and members (approximately 2700 in total)
Early market engagement
Internal project team liaising with the Microsoft FastTrack team around technical installation
Any work that’s already been done
Work with internal and Microsoft FastTrack team around technical installation. In progress roll-out of Microsoft Teams and Sharepoint Online.
Existing team
Project Manager, Enterprise Architect
Current phase

Work setup

Address where the work will take place
Laurence House, 1 Catford Rd, Catford, London SE6 4RU - or Remotely where possible
Working arrangements
Remote, using MS Teams for communications. There will be some element of flexible working, but some meetings will require standard hours working
Security clearance
None - however standard business confidentiality agreements and non-disclaimer agreements will need to be signed where appropriate

Additional information

Additional terms and conditions
Right to cancel or vary the competition:-

Lewisham Council reserves the right:

To amend, clarify, add to or withdraw all or any part of the Invitation to Tender at any time during the tender process

To split the award for the Technical Enablement requirement and the Adoption requirement between 2 short-listed companies

To vary any timetable or deadlines set out in the Invitation to Tender;

Not to conclude a contract for some or all of the services for which tenders are invited; and

To cancel all or part of the tender process at any stage at any time.

Skills and experience

Buyers will use the essential and nice-to-have skills and experience to help them evaluate suppliers’ technical competence.

Essential skills and experience
  • Develop a detailed analysis of an organisation’s technical architecture relating to the M365 products and the production of detailed proposal to shape the implementation plan and future architecture decisions
  • Have experience Implementing M365 products including: Identity, Tenancy and Exchange; Intune; Teams; SharePoint; OneDrive; W10 Modern Deployment; Planner; Stream; Yammer; Flow; and SCP
  • Develop detailed implementation plans for M365 tailored to a similar sized organisation; which included detailed activities, key milestones, resource and skills requirements, communications plan and risks management
  • Have successfully deliver a discovery phase on similar sized implementations. Covering governance design / information security architecture; technical and non-technical prerequisites; solution design and implementation
  • Develop an analysis of an organisation’s change readiness and current state and the production of detailed proposal to shape the implementation training & adoption plans
  • Have successfully delivered a discovery phase on training & adoption in a similar sized organisation. Covering policy, training, communications, readiness and measures
  • Evidence how well the proposed training & adoption solution meets requirements
Nice-to-have skills and experience
  • Evidence experience of working with a Microsoft technical Team to deliver:-
  • Active Directory Rationalisation
  • Exchange Mailbox Migration
  • Migration of user home drives to Microsoft OneDrive
  • Experience of configuring Yammer

How suppliers will be evaluated

All suppliers will be asked to provide a written proposal.

How many suppliers to evaluate
Proposal criteria
  • Critical experience implementing Microsoft 365 within a Local Authority
  • Critical experience of Microsoft M365 Adoption (New Working Practices) within a similar sized Local Authority
  • Experience of working with the Microsoft technical Team
Cultural fit criteria
  • Share knowledge and experience with other team members and commitment to building Council employees’ capability and skills
  • Have the flexibility to source resources and specialist skills from within your organisations within tight timescales to meet programme milestone
  • Work collaboratively as part of a multi-disciplinary team with our organisation and with another partner (preferably a business change/user adoption partner) on a joint M365 implementation
  • Have the ability to effectively engage with staff and stakeholders at all levels to progress outcomes while understanding other demands on their time and other priorities
  • Have the ability to challenge and question existing behaviour or perspectives while maintaining good working relationship
  • Evidence of working within a Local Authority Culture
  • Have the ability to work remotely and in an Agile manner
  • Have experience of working with a champions network to deliver training & adoption
  • Evidence experience of delivering training & adoption in a local government environment
Payment approach
Capped time and materials
Additional assessment methods
  • Reference
  • Presentation
Evaluation weighting

Technical competence


Cultural fit




Questions asked by suppliers

1. What does S.I stand for?
System Integrator
2. please could we ask the below questions;
1. Number of user mailboxes ?
2.Average size of mailboxes (in MB/GB)?
3.Have retention policies already been decided/built?
4.Is the SCCM version up to date and has the image already been built to support office 365 roll out?
5.Are you working with an incumbent (other than Microsoft)?
1) Approx 2500, but exact number would be discovered during discovery
2) To be discovered during discovery
3) Being Decided
4)Will Be Handled by SICTS
3. Is there a requirement to follow the Microsoft recommended approach or will this be a customised approach?
If the supplier recommended an approach that was contrary to the Microsoft recommendation, then we would want to know why.
4. Is cloud/o365 adoption completely scoped or is that part of the requirement?
That is part of the requirement
5. As part of the rationalisation will there be a parallel/on-premise remediation phase? Does that require full remediation on Active Directory or enough to fulfil the project objectives?
This is a discovery piece of work
6. What are the Identity Management requirements?
This is a discovery piece of work
7. What’s the scope of the EUC component?
This is a discovery piece of work
8. Is there a BYOD requirement?
This is a discovery piece of work
9. How many endpoint devices are there?
This is a discovery piece of work
10. What is the scope of mobility?
The Project Team do not understand the context of this question
11. How many W10 endpoints are there? There are 2700 staff but are there any non-W10 devices ?
This is a discovery piece of work, but there are a small number of non-W10 devices.
12. Is there an image deployment and patching tool in situ?
Yes, but this is a discovery piece of work.
13. What version of Exchange are you currently running?

What version of Exchange do you wish to migrate to?

What version domain controllers are being used on each site?

What is the DFL/FFL of the forest?
Are there any RODC in any of the sites?

Does each site proposed to have Exchange installed have a domain controller present?
Is there a Global Catalog present in each site?

How many Exchange servers are in the current environment?

How are the roles distributed across these servers?

How many sites are the servers distributed across?

What type of namespace is being used split brain/disjointed/bound/unbound?
All these questions would form part of the discovery, which is the purpose of this tender
14. Do you have any DAG's configured?

Are you using any frontend high availability options (Load Balancers)?

How many mailboxes are included within the current environment?

What is the current total database/s size in the environment?

Are mailbox quotas currently set?

How many databases are in the current environment?

Where are these databases stored and what type of storage is this (Local, JBOD, SAN)?

Are you using Public Folders?

If so, how big is the Public Folder database?

Approximately how many folders are currently in use?

How many replicas are currently in place?
All these questions would form part of the discovery, which is the purpose of this tender
15. 1. Are all the sites with Exchange servers internet connected?
2. Are there any smarthosts in use/message hygiene products used? Mimecast/Symantec/EOP
3. How is incoming mail routed? (Single site, multi-site LB, Geo aware routing)
4. Are there any internal SMTP relays and if so how many? (Printers/Applications)
All these questions would form part of the discovery, which is the purpose of this tender
16. 1. Do you use any form of journaling either on-premises or in the cloud?
2. Are you using any form of archiving either on-premises or in the cloud?
3. Are you using any form of DLP?
All these questions would form part of the discovery, which is the purpose of this tender
17. 3rd Party Tools
1. What AV is currently used?
2. Are there any 3rd party disclaimer products in use? (Exclaimer/Mimecast)
3. What monitoring tools are in use, if any?
4. What backup tools are in use?
5. What Anti-Spam tools are in use?
All these questions would form part of the discovery, which is the purpose of this tender
18. 1. Do you require failover HA testing as part of the deployment? (OOH)
2. Do you require failover DR testing as part of the deployment? (Separate offering/OOH)
19. What is the purpose of the AADC deployment

Is there an Microsoft 365 tenancy in place?

Do you have global administrative privileges to the tenancy

How many forests / domains do you require to sync identities from?
All these questions would form part of the discovery, which is the purpose of this tender
20. What is the DFL/FFL of the forest?

Which form of authentication do you require

Do you require Self Service Password Reset

Are the relevant UPNs configured within Active Directory

Do you already have cloud only accounts that you wish to hard match

Do you require password or group writeback

Do you require a secondary staging server for HA

Do you have any reason not to synchronise default specified attributes from Microsoft

Where do you wish the server to reside?

Does this form part of an Exchange Hybrid deployment

Do you wish AADC to auto update (MS support N-2)
All these questions would form part of the discovery, which is the purpose of this tender
21. Do you have one AD forest, multiple, or none?

How many Azure AD directories will you be synchronizing to?

Are you using filtering?

Do you have multiple Azure AD Connect servers planned?

Do you currently have a synchronization tool on-premises?

If yes, does your users if users have a virtual directory/integration of identities?

Do you have any other directory on-premises that you want to synchronize (e.g. LDAP Directory, HR database, etc)?

Are you going to be doing any GALSync?

What is the current state of UPNs in your organization?

Do you have a different directory that users authenticate against?
All these questions would form part of the discovery, which is the purpose of this tender
22. Does your company use Microsoft Exchange?

Do they plan of having a hybrid exchange deployment?
All these questions would form part of the discovery, which is the purpose of this tender
23. • Will these applications be moved to the cloud and use the directory?
• Are there special attributes that need to be synchronized to the cloud so these applications can use them successfully?
• Will these applications need to be re-written to take advantage of cloud auth?
• Will these applications continue to live on-premises while users access them using the cloud identity?
All these questions would form part of the discovery, which is the purpose of this tender
24. • Where will the synchronization server be located?
• Will it be domain joined?
• Will the server be located on a restricted network behind a firewall?
• Will you be able to open the required firewall ports to support synchronization?
All these questions would form part of the discovery, which is the purpose of this tender
25. • Do you have a disaster recovery plan for the synchronization server?
• Do you have an account with the correct permissions for all forests you want to synch with?
• If your company doesn’t know the answer for this question, review the section “Permissions for password synchronization” in the article Install the Azure Active Directory Sync Service and determine if you already have an account with these permissions or if you need to create one.
• If you have mutli-forest sync is the sync server able to get to each forest?
All these questions would form part of the discovery, which is the purpose of this tender
26. What version of Office is currently installed cross the estate?
Mostly 2013 but this would be part of discovery.
27. What version of Windows is the estate running and if Windows 10, what build and deployment method is used for it and is it evergreen or static build?
Part of discovery, which is the purpose of this tender
28. What is the status of the applications estate regarding windows 10 and Office 365 compatibility?
Part of discovery, which is the purpose of this tender
29. Is or has MS Teams been rolled out as just a chat and calling service for now?
Yes, but there is a project underway currently (that will run in parallel to this discovery) to rollout the other features of Teams.
30. Q1) Please confirm this is a discovery piece of work – to discover what is required for the Active Directory Migration, Mailbox Migration and what applications are needed. It is not to do the cleansing and migration at this point.
Q2) Please confirm that completing the discovery work will not exclude us from bidding to support the changes and implementation required for Lewisham to fully adopt and reap the benefits of MSO365.
Q1, Yes, confirmed.
Q2. Confirmed.
The deadline for asking questions about this opportunity was Wednesday 21 October 2020.