Awarded to MCR Global UK Ltd

Start date: Monday 2 November 2020
Value: £54,000
Company size: SME
Defence Equipment and Support

Business Analyst to support SharePoint 2019 Delivery

6 Incomplete applications

6 SME, 0 large

17 Completed applications

16 SME, 1 large

Important dates

Wednesday 16 September 2020
Deadline for asking questions
Wednesday 23 September 2020 at 11:59pm GMT
Closing date for applications
Wednesday 30 September 2020 at 11:59pm GMT


Specialist role
Business analyst
Summary of the work
BA to run discovery phase to understand/inform User requirements and technology enabled process improvements for a transition between SharePoint2010 and SharePoint2019.  
User Cases and User Stories for all Users of SP19
Produce a validated SRD for infrastructure (to complement HLD) and business layer requirements in the form of a specification.
Latest start date
Monday 2 November 2020
Expected contract length
90 Days with a 90 Days option (subject to financial approval).
West Midlands
Organisation the work is for
Defence Equipment and Support
Maximum day rate
Up to £600 a day (inclusive of T&S and all fees)

About the work

Early market engagement
Who the specialist will work with
The specialist will work alongside the SPISN Requirement Manager, SPISN Project Manager, Design Authority and the System Operating Authority (SOA).
What the specialist will work on
Working alongside the Requirements Manager, the Specialist will be able to use their expert level technical understanding to educate Users on the increased functionality available in SharePoint19 and work on understanding the User and system requirements for infrastructure and Business layers for the SharePoint 2019 delivery. The Business Analyst will assemble the requirements into a coherent data set suitable for use on a Defence Competition.

Work setup

Address where the work will take place
West Midlands
Working arrangements
5 Days a week (Mon – Fri), normal working hours
Security clearance
Must be at least SC and a UK national only (no dual nationality)

Additional information

Additional terms and conditions
Please send a copy of the candidates CV to

In the event that the post is vacated the Supplier shall ensure that it is filled within one working week by a candidate who meets the criteria of this competition with prior approval of the Buyer.

The Supplier and their representatives shall abide by:
DEFCON 5J(Edn 18/11/16)-Unique Identifiers
DEFCON 76(Edn 12/06)-Contractor’s Personnel at Government Sites
DEFCON 501(Edn 11/17)-Definitions and Interpretations
DEFCON 522(Edn 11/17)-Payment and Recovery of Sums Due
DEFCON 658(Edn 10/17)-Cyber
DEFCON 659A(Edn 02/17)-Security Measures
DEFCON 660(Edn 12/15)-Official-Sensitive Security Requirements
DEFCON 703(Edn 08/13)-Intellectual Property Rights - Vesting in the Authority

Skills and experience

Buyers will use the essential and nice-to-have skills and experience to help them evaluate suppliers’ technical competence.

Essential skills and experience
  • MOD SC clearance required on day one of the appointment due to the sensitivity of the role.
  • Experience of implementing SharePoint 2016
  • Expert level user
  • Proven experience of Analyst roles preferably in Government Roles
  • Experience of modelling business processes.
  • Experience of developing user stories and business requirements
  • Stakeholder relationship management - influence stakeholders and manage relationships effectively, build long-term strategic relationships and communicate clearly and regularly with stakeholders at all levels.
  • Effective communication skills including verbal, written and presentation skills
  • Experience of working in an environment that handles sensitive data
Nice-to-have skills and experience
  • Understanding of the MOD working environment
  • BCS Diploma in Business Analysis
  • Experience in Agile Business Analysis
  • Data Analysis
  • Experience of implementing SharePoint 2019

How suppliers will be evaluated

All suppliers will be asked to provide a work history.

How many specialists to evaluate
Cultural fit criteria
  • Work as a team with our organisation and other suppliers
  • Transparent and collaborative when making decisions
  • Have a no-blame culture and encourage people to learn from their mistakes
  • An effective communicator (in written work, in meetings and in presentations)
  • Focuses on quality outputs
  • Respectful, loyal, disciplined and professional
Additional assessment methods
Evaluation weighting

Technical competence


Cultural fit




Questions asked by suppliers

1. Please can you clarify the bullet point -Expert level user. Is this expert Level user of SharePoint 2019?
The Authority require expert level user of SharePoint 2016 with knowledge of SharePoint 2019. Expert level of SharePoint 2019 is a nice to have.
2. Is there a current incumbent?
There is no current incumbent.
3. Is there a current or preferred incumbent for this role?
There is no current incumbent for this role.
4. Is there any chance of remote working?
Due to the users being on site, the successful candidate will be required on site to start with to gather user requirements etc. The candidate will be able to WFH depending on what classification the work is to be completed at home.
5. Are you able to transfer SC clearance from another Government department or list x company please?
Clearance would need to be held by the company/agency of the candidate.
6. Can you please confirm if this role has been deemed to be outside of IR35?
An IR35 assessment questionnaire has been completed, on this occasion IR35 does not apply, but that doesn't guarantee that it would apply in the future.
7. Can you please confirm what initial period you will require the Business Analyst on-site for in a full-time capacity? For example, we have an excellent candidate who is able to be on-site Monday to Friday for the first two weeks, although after will be unable to commit to more than two days per week in the office with the rest of week remote.
Until the successful candidate is in role we will be unable to make this decision. The Authority will discuss with the successful candidate their working arrangements.
8. Is this outside IR35?
An IR35 assessment questionnaire has been completed, on this occasion IR35 does not apply, but that doesn't guarantee that it would apply in the future.
9. If the agency / company is not registered to transfer the SC to themselves then will you be able to transfer to you or the agency /company can't work on this role?
Can the supplier please submit the question again with a more detailed explanation to allow the Authority to respond to the question.
10. Acknowledge the advert states 'dual nationality only'. However, would you consider a dual national (British/Kenyan) who has served 6 years in the The Royal Signals (also served on Operations) and thereafter as a IT BA contractor working on various UK Govt projects, including the Home Office and MoD? He holds a MoD SC clearance.
As per the advert, applicants must be at least SC cleared and a UK national (not dual Nationality)" applicants who are dual nationality will not be considered for this role.
11. Our consultant is SC cleared, can this clearance be transferred to sit with DES for this role?
As per the advert, the role requires for the candidate to be at least SC cleared. The candidate will need to be SC cleared for Day 1 of role. The Authority will not be able to transfer the clearance. For information regarding Security Clearance, please check the United Kingdom Security Vetting Government Website:
12. Could the Authority please confirm that a CV is required as the submission for phase 1?
A CV is required as submission for this role.
Please send a copy of the candidates CV to
13. In response to question 12 regards cv submission, do we also complete the evidence or simply submit our cv to the customer?
All Suppliers will still need to complete the evidence as well as submitting their Candidates CV to the Authority.
Please send a copy of the candidates CV to