Awarded to Cyber-Duck

Start date: Monday 14 December 2020
Value: £300,000
Company size: SME
College of Policing Ltd

Transformation of the Oscar Kilo website for the National Police Wellbeing Service (NPWS)

14 Incomplete applications

10 SME, 4 large

38 Completed applications

36 SME, 2 large

Important dates

Wednesday 9 September 2020
Deadline for asking questions
Wednesday 16 September 2020 at 11:59pm GMT
Closing date for applications
Wednesday 23 September 2020 at 11:59pm GMT


Summary of the work
The College of Policing is aiming to build a user friendly website to improve accessibility and ease of use to deliver online services through a single interface for the NPWS and its Users.

The existing Oscar Kilo website needs to be modernised and utilise modern technology to deliver the NPWS
Latest start date
Monday 16 November 2020
Expected contract length
18 months – 2 years
No specific location, for example they can work remotely
Organisation the work is for
College of Policing Ltd
Budget range
We may spend between £120,000 to £300,000 over the lifetime of this contract. The initial value of the required work however must not exceed £120k as this is the only budget that has been formally signed off. The remaining value of the contract is to cover future support and development work if required, but this can be in no way guaranteed.

About the work

Why the work is being done
The objective of the Digital Transformation Project (DTP) is to change how the NPWS operates, processes and delivers Psychological Health & Wellbeing and Special Support capability.
Identified objectives are to:

1. Optimise existing business process;
2. Create more efficient workflow;
3. Automate and digitise manual processes;
4. Develop better user focus;
5. Integrate suppliers into the NPWS, Oscar Kilo brand.
Problem to be solved
The following problem statements need to be addressed and resolves:

1. User Availability - How might we better deliver our services in order to be more available and accessible to our users so that the impact on their normal duties and work is minimised.

2. Scaling-up Delivery - How might we move to an operational model in order to increase delivery tempo so that more officers and staff can access services and training.

3. Course Tracking - How might we implement a process to automatically track attendees and trained officers and staff in order to collate, co-ordinate and communicate with so that course refreshes, updates and evaluation follow ups can be administered.

4. GDPR - How might we transform our digital services to individuals in order to improve user experience and breadth and depth of NOWS offer so personal data is protected.

5. Digital Navigation and Access - How might we create a dynamic online service in order to deliver a professional online offering so that users can search, navigate to and access material.
Who the users are and what they need to do
The NPWS has the following categories and user types:
1. NPWS Team:
a. Communication & Engagement Team;
b. Capability Delivery Team.
2. Police landscape:
a. Officers;
b. Staff;
c. Police Forces (organisation/specialists e.g. Occupational Health).

• The NPWS team need to be able to use the website to communicate and engage with policing, and also to deliver specific wellbeing guidance, course and training material.

• Police officers, staff and forces need to be able to access the OK website as the central digital home of the NPWS in order to find the latest evidence-based guidance or information pertaining to wellbeing courses/services on offer.
Early market engagement
Any work that’s already been done
Existing team
The internal project team currently consists of a Product Owner, Communications & Engagements Team, Project Manager, Digital Transformation Lead and Senior User.
Current phase

Work setup

Address where the work will take place
The project team is based nationally. The supplier will be permitted to work remotely but will be expected to attend site if required for meetings and other activities such as user research sessions.
Working arrangements
Working largely off-site at supplier's location with meetings with the whole team. We require a team who will fully integrate with our team, sharing their knowledge and insight; working in the open and demonstrating good agile product delivery practice.
Security clearance
NPPV or CTC vetting is not required. When the supplier visits a site they will be issued an Escorted Pass and managed appropriately.

Additional information

Additional terms and conditions

Skills and experience

Buyers will use the essential and nice-to-have skills and experience to help them evaluate suppliers’ technical competence.

Essential skills and experience
  • Strong evidenced of website content design and architecture against a complex structure including contributing to the content management strategy and will require working with the internal project team;
  • Demonstrable evidence of transforming websites through good design. This project will require wireframes to be created and UX designs completed from user stories;
  • Strong understanding of user needs, good use of innovation and good design skills are required to complete this task to deliver the user experience we are looking for;
  • Strong Experience of undertaking workshops and facilitate where required;
  • Strong Experience of close working with the internal teams;
  • A strong record of innovation and creativity to modernise and transform sites to provide a good user experience and build brand value
  • Experience of recommending the best CMS for delivery, preferably open-source where possible;
  • Experience of integration of search
  • Demonstrable experience of implementing sites that meet WCAG 2.1 and Accessibility standards;
  • A strong record of providing support and advice throughout the project on design, delivery and implementation.
Nice-to-have skills and experience
  • Experience of design and developing responsive (mobile friendly) web applications
  • Experience of provisioning, and providing ongoing monitoring and proactive support, of production web applications in a cloud environment

How suppliers will be evaluated

All suppliers will be asked to provide a written proposal.

How many suppliers to evaluate
Proposal criteria
  • Technical Solution
  • Approach and Methodology
  • Team Structure
  • Risk, Dependencies and Mitigation
Cultural fit criteria
  • Demonstrate how you have worked collaboratively in a multi-disciplinary team with other organisations, e.g. other government organisations to deliver a project.
  • Demonstrate how you will work with the NPWS Team to collaborate and share your approach with the project team and wider user community to seek actionable feedback.
Payment approach
Capped time and materials
Additional assessment methods
  • Case study
  • Reference
Evaluation weighting

Technical competence


Cultural fit




Questions asked by suppliers

1. Do you have a preference of CMS? I notice the current site is built in WordPress. Would you be happy to continue using that?
We don’t have a preference and are looking for the supplier to advise on most appropriate CMS.
2. We would like to understand if there is a current incumbent supplier who will be bidding for this project. If so, will they be eligible to bid for this opportunity?
There is an incumbent supplier of Digital Marketing and Web services, we believe they may be submitting a bid.
3. Will the website be purely public facing, or is there an extranet capability required?
The website is public facing, but there is a requirement to control, monitor and follow up users who attend specific training courses (online and physical).
4. Can you please confirm the current phase is Discovery and that is what you're planning to procure via this opportunity? Or is this opportunity intended to cover Discovery & launch of this digital service?
This phase of the opportunity is intended to cover all development phases up to and including launch.
5. You note "the initial value of the required work however must not exceed £120k." Is this intended to include Discovery and the launch of this digital service?
Yes, correct.
6. This opportunity has a focus on ensuring digital supports the end-to-end service you provide. Can you tell us anything about the existing business processes / manual processes that you hope digital can improve as part of this project?
Shortlisted providers will be provided this information.
7. When was the current Oscar Kilo website launched?
8. If the current phase is Discovery, will you advertise a second opportunity for the beta or production phase?
This phase of the opportunity is intended to cover all development phases up to and including launch.
9. Have you done any user research work for this project? If so, can you share this?
We will provide analytic data and website usage data at the next stage of the procurement. We do not have recent research from user focus groups, so will not be sharing.
10. Is your intention to replace and redesign your current website as part of this project? Or do you expect this project to enhance / update the current site?
We are open to suggestions on the best way forward.
11. What agile phases to do you anticipate to be covered by the initial £120k budget?
This phase of the opportunity is intended to cover all development phases up to and including launch.
12. What are your envisaged timescales for the phases, including going live?
This work has to be complete and the site live by February 2021.
13. Would the scope include redeveloping the Wellbeing Framework? Could you describe the key features of that, and would it be possible to obtain a log-in?
14. Would the course tracking feature involve integration with another system, and is that something you envisage in the MVP or as a later addition?
15. Is hosting part of the requirement?
Currently the site is hosted on AWS. Our preference at present would be to explore transitioning to the GOV.UK Paas Solution
16. Are there any technical constraints or preferences to be aware of?
17. Is there an existing CRM-type solution for user management, if so can you describe it?
18. Will the new site need to support a Welsh version?
Not planned at the moment but would not want it to design it out.
19. What user research has been undertaken so far?
Research undertaken by the core team and will be shared at the next stage of the procurement.
20. Where is the current system running?
Currently hosted / running on AWS
21. Is the Transformed system to be hosted in the cloud – is there a preferred cloud to use?
Our preference at present would be to explore transitioning to the GOV.UK Paas Solution
22. Based on the current C-19 restrictions, is it safe to assume that it's suitable to plan for delivering workshops remotely through secure web-based collaboration tools?
23. Is the expected contract length of 18-24 months an indicator of the expected project timeline for delivery, or an indicator of the expected period for delivery & ongoing maintenance? (E.g. 6 months delivery, 18 months ongoing maintenance.)
The initial work has to be complete and the site live by February 2021. The remaining time is to cover any required support, maintenance and development work if required.
24. You indicate that the project is currently in Discovery. Is a full discovery process underway/finished and, if so, who is this being completed by?
An initial discovery process has been completed by the Programme Team
25. Do you require this project to be delivered in line with Government Digital Standards guidance? If so, are you expecting an Alpha, Beta and Live phase to be delivered for the initial £120,000 budget?
Yes and yes.
26. Are you considering separate providers for the implementation and for the ongoing monitoring support and maintenance?
27. What is the data management product used in the current system?
The data is saved in MYSQL database which Wordpress writes to and retrieves from. The database isn’t Wordpress but the site does not store data any differently that any other Wordpress site does.
28. Is MindFit Cop interactive e.g. can users record their progress?
29. Is MindFit Cop just for Police and the Fire Service, or is it open to all users?
Technically it is open but we only really advertise it / encourage Police and Fire to use.
30. Some other content is passworded (e.g. Peer support online training page) – is this connected to the Framework login, MindFit Cop login or something else?
No - this is training that we normally deliver in person but because of Covid were unable to so we just had to find a way to allow people to access this online. It is only available to invited parties which is why we created the password page.
31. If you cannot provide a login, could you describe the content of MindFit Cop?
It is an eight week online course. Each week is split into between 7 and 9 steps. These vary between copy to read, videos or audio to listen to.
32. Is the Framework interactive, for example used to record results of the audit?
It is interactive in that forces work through each section and record their answers to each question. They can also upload evidence to each question in the form of an excel doc, PDF etc. The system also has completion circles which update as they work through the framework. The circles show progress in the overall completion of the framework and how many questions they consider themselves fully developed in.
33. Who would provide content for any e-learning (e.g. Framework and MindFit Cop)?
The content for the Framework is developed by Dr Ian Hesketh. We have recently created a second version of the framework so this is unlikely to change for some time. MindFit Cop is a fully developed course and no new content is required or will be added.
34. Is the Blue Light Framework in scope? If it is, could you provide a login (or failing that a description of what it is, how it works)?
Answer provided re how it works in 32 above
35. What platform / plugins are you currently using for the Wellbeing Van booking?
Booking Calendar Wordpress Plugin
36. What platform / plugins are you currently using for e-learning (if any)?
The MindFit Cop training is it's own Wordpress Site which is embedded into the main Oscar Kilo website.
37. What other suppliers would you like to integrate, and how?
Would like the ability to enable third party suppliers of online webinars through the website
38. Is the content in the online framework the same as the Blue Light Wellbeing Framework PDF? If not, please could you broadly describe the content.
Yes - it is the same - as above, new version has just been released - a PDF of the new version will be being made available on website in the next day or two.
39. Does the £120k budget include hosting, support, maintenance? Is anything else included in this which may not be obvious?
No, the budget excludes this.
40. Is the MIndFit Cop online course in scope? If in scope, please can you provide a login? (We were unable to complete registration).
No requirement to change /update this course. The content and process is set. It needs to remain part of our offering so if the way in which it is made accessible needs to change we can consider this.
41. Will you provide content (copy, images, videos etc.) for the open website (or does this need to be provided by the supplier)?
We will remain in control of the content.
42. Our understanding is that this initial phase is for a Discovery to include user research, workshops, developing IA and Wireframes, with technical recommendations. There is also reference to branding and content design which implies creative design and content strategy. Some of the essential experience required seems to imply there is a requirement for technical integrations – integration of search and WCAG 2.1 and Accessibility standards. Please can you clarify the scope of this initial phase and whether the focus of these questions is the actual technical implementation or designing for technical teams to implement with these things in mind?
There is no requirement to assist on rebranding the website. This opportunity is to contract for a partner to provide the technical, software skills required to develop and launch an updated website.
43. In regards to the required skills and experience item; “A strong record of providing support and advice throughout the project on design, delivery and implementation” Please confirm if you are planning to implement the designs and IA yourselves of if another development agency may be appointed? Or are you looking for a single agency to carry out Discovery, Design and Technical Build?
This opportunity is to contract for a partner to provide the technical, software skills required to develop and launch an updated website.
44. What will the next stage of the selection process be? Is there a proposal stage next and how many agencies will be taken through? Will there be a requirement for a creative pitch?
This is specified in the DOS Advert
45. In regards to the nice to have skills and experience item; “Experience of provisioning, and providing ongoing monitoring and proactive support, of production web applications in a cloud environment” please clarify if you mean web analytics monitoring, ongoing technical support to a separate development team or ongoing BAU support? Please clarify how this question relates to Discovery activities? Is this more about technical support after the website has been built or recommendations for backend infrastructure and dependent production applications?
This is about technical skills to support the website in the future.
46. Are there requirements to use a specific identity provider for user authentication?
47. Are there requirements for integration with external or 3rd party systems such as a CRM or MDM?
Possibly - Information will be made available at the next stage
48. Please could you elaborate on what's prompted this project, and what do you hope to achieve?
Believe this is covered in the "Problem Statements" in the invitation. In essence a desire to move automate process/workflow and deliver more capability digitally.