Suppliers starting with F

Full Control Networks

Full Control Networks are a leading independent provider of network products and services.

FullProxy Ltd

Scotland's premier Cyber Security Integrator providing kit, Cloud Services, professional/managed services and training in a number of technologies, including - F5, Palo Alto Networks (Prisma/Cortex/Strata), Fortinet, nCipher, Juniper, Cisco plus others. Unrivalled reputation for delivering consistently excellent service.

Funnelback UK Ltd

Funnelback is a search platform that combines a powerful machine learning algorithm with a comprehensive insight engine to empower your customers and colleagues. Offering search solutions for any business and used by organisations every day to find information on websites, portals, intranets, shared drives, databases and many other data sources.

Fusion Business Solutions

Fusion delivers market leading ITIL-compliant Service Management solutions focused on BMC and integrated AI software, on client sites and as secure cloud services. With a customer base of over 200, Fusion offers security cleared resources combined with industry best practice from all major markets including financial services, telecommunications and retail.

FusionExperience Ltd

With the main theme around cyber security and Digital Trust areas, FusionExperience brings considerable experience of handling real world situations, bringing results previously considered impossible.

Futr AI Limited

Futr. is a conversation-as-a-service platform that makes any public-facing or internal service available through natural language conversation. With over 30 million people in the UK regularly using messaging apps, Futr’s tech delivers services to all chat and voice channels, 24/7 and in over 100 languages - no training required.


FutureGov is a change agency, on a mission to design public services fit for the 21st century. Using digital tools and design approaches, we support health and public sector organisations through digital transformation and service design, to deliver the highest quality, citizen-centred services that have a lasting impact for all.


Offering Cloud support services to the genome programmes systems, e-Prescribing and ePMA implementations. Clinical Safety consultancy assures DCB 0129 and 0160 standards. OpenEHR tools enable integration and interoperability, essential to deploying advanced analytics, clinical decision support and AI. Consultancy helps advanced analytics buyers develop relevant Vision, Strategy and Change/Benefits Programmes.


FutureProof are a technology consulting company who work with mid- and large-sized organisations operating in complex or regulated environments. We help organisations plan and execute application transformation or migration to modern platforms through expert services backed by our unique in-house developed tools.


Permanent Futures "Futures" offers interim, contract, consultancy & permanent recruitment solutions. Core areas of expertise include public sector transformation. We work through a number of frameworks & contracts to provide innovative, cost effective resourcing solutions across social care, IT, Housing, Education, NHS & wider public sector digital transformation projects.


Futurescaper helps organisations who need to make sense of complex, uncertain, fast-moving issues, implementing foresight techniques such as horizon scanning. Our cloud-based collective intelligence platform crowdsources strategic conversations quickly, cheaply, and effectively. Futurescaper’s advanced visualisations then help analyse thousands of qualitative concepts in minutes.

Fuzzlab Ltd

AI and chatbots to improve customer experience, improve business processes and deliver digital transformation