Intelligence Management Support Services Ltd (IMSL)

Intelligence Analysis Software Training, Mentoring and Support Services

A broad ranging resource based service to support organisations in the implementation of intelligence specific software and tools; from initial definition of the capability requirement to operational training and enduring mentor support. The service also provides data integration support to ensure an organisation fully capitalises on its proprietary data sources.


  • Intelligence Analysis Software Platform Operational Training
  • Analyst Practitioner Training
  • Analyst Mentoring Support Services
  • Data Integration Support Services
  • Intelligence Cycle Management Training
  • Capability Requirements Definition Support


  • Highly relevant, contextualised and user focused training, mentoring and support.
  • Delivered by experienced intelligence practitioners and analysts.
  • Supported by professional data integration specialists.
  • A flexible, platform agnostic or platform specific approach.
  • Ensures maximum utility and efficiency from intelligence related software.


£450 to £1200 per person per day

  • Minimum contract period: Day
  • Excluding VAT

Service documents

G-Cloud 8


Intelligence Management Support Services Ltd (IMSL)

Martin Medcalf

01793 784579


Support service type
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Onsite
Support accessible to any third-party suppliers Yes
Support availability The default support level is 9 to 5 Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays, but flexible subject to contract specifics.
Standard support response times 1 hour to 24 hours depending on the nature of the support required and the actual contracted service level.
Incident escalation process available Yes
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