ZIVVER Secure Communication Platform (Email Data Protection & Compliance, File Transfer, Video)

The ZIVVER platform currently offers four distinct propositions. ZIVVER Mail, email data protection for egress email communications. ZIVVER Mailbox Retention Compliance enforces retention policies for sensitive email information. ZIVVER Secure File Transfer securely sends files up to 5TB. ZIVVER Meet is a secure tool for video calling/conferences.


  • Encryption of all data in transit and at rest
  • Fully accessible through modern web browsers
  • Real time scanning & user alerting for risks and errors
  • Enhanced authentication for all communication partners (including 2FA)
  • Integrations availablee: Outlook Desktop (2013-19; O365), OWA, GSuite
  • Free iOS and Android mobile app
  • Free usage for private individuals
  • Full audit and reporting logs
  • Send secure emails directly from source systems (CRM, DMS)
  • White label customizations (logos, colours, notifications)


  • Alerting, encryption, authentication protect against real causes of data leaks
  • Increase employee awareness when working with sensitive information
  • Limit impact of mistakes by revoking messages and audit reports
  • Detects unusual recipients and advise and apply appropriate measures
  • Prevent access by unauthorized parties
  • Reduce costs of sending communications via post/fax
  • Help organizations comply with legislations such as GDPR
  • Limited maintenance for organizations as full SaaS solution
  • Interoperability with existing systems to improve workflows
  • Increase efficiency and lower costs by digitalising communications


£6.46 a user a year

Service documents

Request an accessible format
If you use assistive technology (such as a screen reader) and need versions of these documents in a more accessible format, email the supplier at publicsector@zivver.com. Tell them what format you need. It will help if you say what assistive technology you use.


G-Cloud 12

Service ID

8 7 9 6 5 1 3 2 8 9 7 2 4 3 7


ZIVVER Public Sector Team
Telephone: 07775 434264
Email: publicsector@zivver.com

Service scope

Software add-on or extension
Yes, but can also be used as a standalone service
What software services is the service an extension to
Microsoft Outlook (full client/OWA) via a plug-in, Gmail via a Chrome extension and Chromium-based Edge. Also integrates with Microsoft Exchange via SDX Transport Agent or SMTP connectors. Connections with all systems with SMTP or API capabilities. Integration into workflow support tools is possible through inbound direct delivery of secured messages.
Cloud deployment model
  • Public cloud
  • Private cloud
  • Hybrid cloud
Service constraints
Each ZIVVER product has a number of technical requirements that a customers infrastructure has to meet in order for the product to be able to function properly. ZIVVER's Minimal technical Requirements document lists in detail what these are, and key requirements can be found below
System requirements
  • Microsoft Windows 7/8/10
  • Microsoft Outlook 2010/2013/2016/2019 or Office 365
  • Microsoft .NET 4.5 or higher
  • HTTPS-connection (via port 443) with TLS v1.2 or higher
  • Latest stable version of browsers (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
  • For SSO an IdP must support SAML v2.0 or higher

User support

Email or online ticketing support
Email or online ticketing
Support response times
Depending on SLA:
P1 = Within 1 hour.
P2 = Within 1 working day.
P3 = Within 2 working days.
User can manage status and priority of support tickets
Online ticketing support accessibility
WCAG 2.1 AA or EN 301 549
Phone support
Phone support availability
9 to 5 (UK time), 7 days a week
Web chat support
Onsite support
Yes, at extra cost
Support levels
Standard Business Hours (Monday – Friday, from 08:30 – 17:30 GMT+1).

P1 Incident:
(1 Hour response - 24/7 Availability);
Incidents whereby app.zivver.com is not responsive and there are no workarounds possible. Notification of zivver.info counts as a response in this case.

P2 Incident:
(Best Effort Norm 1 business day - Standard Business Hours);
Incidents whereby parts of the ZIVVER SaaS platform are not responsive, and working is difficult but still possible.

P3 Incident:
(Best Effort Norm 2 business day - Standard Business Hours);
Questions or incidents whereby the end user experiences slight inconvenience but can continue working with ZIVVER secure email.
Support available to third parties

Onboarding and offboarding

Getting started
ZIVVER's implementation process is based on our best practices with clients and provide tailored advice during the process:

1. Intake:
Discuss the project with your dedicated ZIVVER project manager;
2. Kick-off:
A workshop where we draft a policy on secure communication;
3. Configuration:
Test and configure ZIVVER in your organization;
Train the superusers so they can inform and help their colleagues;
5.Go Live:
Roll out ZIVVER to users so they can start sending secure emails;
Evaluate the process with your project manager and conclude the project.
Service documentation
Documentation formats
  • HTML
  • PDF
  • Other
Other documentation formats
  • Pre recorded video
  • Word Document
End-of-contract data extraction
Email encryption and File transfer Data and any stored Video meetings can be extracted into an appropriate format as required. All policies and notifications in any front end will be cancelled. No further data at all will be shared with the ZIVVER Platform.
End-of-contract process
When a customers comes to the end of their ZIVVER contract, at the request of the customer, ZIVVER will destroy or supply all information that is still present in the ZIVVER service.
The customer also has the functionality to export all data unencrypted themselves and have the ability to do this upto 60 days after the contract has ended.

Using the service

Web browser interface
Supported browsers
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari 9+
  • Opera
Application to install
Compatible operating systems
  • Android
  • IOS
  • Linux or Unix
  • MacOS
  • Windows
  • Windows Phone
Designed for use on mobile devices
Differences between the mobile and desktop service
Desktop, Web and Mobile apps all offer the same functionalities and web interfaces are fully responsive. Apps are available for mobile and desktop support (MS Windows, Mac OSX, IOS, Android).
Service interface
Description of service interface
Via our webapplication on app.zivver.com, admins can set-up and manage their organization account, see logs, activities, reports etc
Accessibility standards
WCAG 2.1 AA or EN 301 549
Accessibility testing
ZIVVER follows WCAG 2.1 standards. Some of our clients are healthcare organizations for partially sighted or blind patients. We actively test current and new versions of ZIVVER with these customers to ensure ZIVVER works with assistive technology.
What users can and can't do using the API
ZIVVER is fully API-based. If properly authenticated, users can operate every function of ZIVVER via the API.

Examples include:
1. Send e-mail messages to the ZIVVER platform;
2. Upload encrypted files;
3.Real-time scanning of content;
4. Create/modify/delete accounts;
5. Send encrypted messages using third party applications;
6. Retrieve policies applicable to the user.
API documentation
API documentation formats
API sandbox or test environment
Customisation available
Description of customisation
ZIVVER can be configured to meet your data handling requirements:
- Custom branding of notification emails (logos and texts)
- Domain set-up (including SPF/DKIM)
- Sub user groups with own branding
- Custom error prevention rules
- Domain whitelists/blacklists
- Audit Logs
- Add-In organization forced settings
- Conversation starters for external users to initiate sending secure messages to the organization


Independence of resources
ZIVVER is a full SaaS solution with auto scaling capabilities which is able to increase/decrease server resources based on user demand. All traffic/requests are load balanced and divided amongst multiple virtual servers


Service usage metrics
Metrics types
Metrics and reports are available to customers directly from within the ZIVVER service admin panel. Additional customisable reports can be requested if required.
Reporting types
  • API access
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Reports on request


Supplier type
Not a reseller

Staff security

Staff security clearance
Other security clearance
Government security clearance
Up to Developed Vetting (DV)

Asset protection

Knowledge of data storage and processing locations
Data storage and processing locations
  • United Kingdom
  • European Economic Area (EEA)
User control over data storage and processing locations
Datacentre security standards
Complies with a recognised standard (for example CSA CCM version 3.0)
Penetration testing frequency
At least every 6 months
Penetration testing approach
Another external penetration testing organisation
Protecting data at rest
Other data at rest protection approach
Messages are encrypted with best practice AES Encryption. Subsequently the AES Symmetric key is asymmetrically encrypted using RSA 2048. The (RSA) key to decrypt messages is derived from a secret provided by the user, which is either their password or a secret provided via a Single Sign On call by the users organization. ZIVVER does not store the secret, nor the decryption (private) key. This means that nobody but the sender and the recipient of the message can decrypt the message and read its content. Read the details of our encryption approach in our white paper found here. https://www.zivver.eu/en/encryption-privacy-by-design
Data sanitisation process
Data sanitisation type
Explicit overwriting of storage before reallocation
Equipment disposal approach
In-house destruction process

Data importing and exporting

Data export approach
It is possible to download unencrypted copies of ZIVVER messages via an explicit TLS SFTP connection as .EML files.

Admins can optionally enable a feature to allow users to save an unencrypted copy of sent/received/opened ZIVVER messages to Outlook for archiving and indexing purposes
Data export formats
Other data export formats
  • ZIP
  • EML
Data import formats
  • CSV
  • Other
Other data import formats
  • CSV can be imported into system configurations
  • All formats are supported when attaching to a ZIVVER message

Data-in-transit protection

Data protection between buyer and supplier networks
TLS (version 1.2 or above)
Data protection within supplier network
  • TLS (version 1.2 or above)
  • IPsec or TLS VPN gateway

Availability and resilience

Guaranteed availability
Guaranteed uptime of 99.8%
Approach to resilience
At ZIVVER we work continuously to guarantee the availability of user data. Our databases are structured in a redundant setup over two availability zones. This means if, in the unlikely event, one availability zone becomes unavailable, we can instantly switch to the other zone and ensure continuity. We have point in time recovery for 30 days, which means we can recover our data to any point in time in the last 30 days. This mitigates the risk of unintended data loss.
The virtual machines also have a redundant setup in 3 availability zones. Furthermore, changes to the services are managed by a strict change management process.
Outage reporting
Where relevant, email alerts are used and or the emergency contact would be directly informed by telephone. This is supported by the public dashboard at www.zivver.info.

Identity and authentication

User authentication needed
User authentication
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Identity federation with existing provider (for example Google Apps)
  • Username or password
  • Other
Other user authentication
To keep user data secure, ZIVVER enforces strong authentication for account access. Users login to their account using their password and an SMS code or time-based one time password (eg using Google Authenticator).
Also, managing user accounts and keeping control over user access is simplified through SCIM and the so-called Sync tool, through which accounts in ZIVVER are automatically kept in sync with accounts in the customer’s Active Directory.
The ZIVVER product can be integrated with the customers organisation’s Single-Sign-On solution through the SAML 2.0 protocol. This makes user login experience easier and eliminating the need to remember another password.
Access restrictions in management interfaces and support channels
ZIVVER administrative accounts are only allocated to key personnel.
ZIVVER employees or suppliers never have access to messages or attachments sent via ZIVVER by our users. Access to other user and customer data, like the email address and name, is limited on a need-to-know basis. Access is always approved by a member of the leadership team and the Information Security Officer (ISO). The access is reviewed on a monthly basis.
Access restriction testing frequency
At least every 6 months
Management access authentication
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Identity federation with existing provider (for example Google Apps)
  • Username or password
  • Other
Description of management access authentication
Management access to the service back end for ZIVVER employees is restricted. Internal controls are in place (2FA, VPN) to access the management portal.

Audit information for users

Access to user activity audit information
Users have access to real-time audit information
How long user audit data is stored for
At least 12 months
Access to supplier activity audit information
Users have access to real-time audit information
How long supplier audit data is stored for
At least 12 months
How long system logs are stored for
At least 12 months

Standards and certifications

ISO/IEC 27001 certification
Who accredited the ISO/IEC 27001
EY Certify Point
ISO/IEC 27001 accreditation date
June 2020
What the ISO/IEC 27001 doesn’t cover
A.11.1.5 Working in secure areas and A.11.1.6 Delivery and loading areas as these are not applicable for ZIVVER
ISO 28000:2007 certification
CSA STAR certification
PCI certification
Other security certifications
Any other security certifications
  • NEN 7510:2017
  • NTA 7516:2019

Security governance

Named board-level person responsible for service security
Security governance certified
Security governance standards
  • ISO/IEC 27001
  • Other
Other security governance standards
NTA 7516;
NEN 7510;
Privacy Verified.
Information security policies and processes
At ZIVVER we want to do our utmost to ensure our entire organisation is as secure as it can get. As an important step, ZIVVER has already for many years a fully operational Information Security Management System (ISMS) that covers all information security risks and controls. This system includes a standardized ‘plan, do, check, act cycle’ that guarantees continuous improvement.

Operational security

Configuration and change management standard
Supplier-defined controls
Configuration and change management approach
ZIVVER has defined processes and procedures for Change and Configuration Management. The Platform team is responsible for coordinating and scheduling of changes. Configuration Management is managed by automation tools that track the states of desired configurations and report on deviations, in addition with audit logs.
Changes are either authorized by the product manager or senior members of the tech team. All changes are subject to a peer review and a test before they are released to production. ZIVVER is working towards SOC2 - Type 1 and Type 2.
Vulnerability management type
Supplier-defined controls
Vulnerability management approach
Multiple times per year our product and infrastructure is tested by independent, world class, researchers, who perform black box, grey box and white box testing. Collaborating with the Hacking as a Service team of Deloitte. They challenge us if we have taken appropriate measures to mitigate risks found in our product/infrastructure.
Additionally, security researchers from around the world participate in our active vulnerability disclosure program to identify and report any potential security issues or other security weaknesses in our product and platform. This challenges us and our security team to continuously look at improving the security of our product.
Protective monitoring type
Supplier-defined controls
Protective monitoring approach
All ZIVVER services are continuously monitored to ensure that abnormalities are quickly investigated and can be acted upon. Additionally, logging is in place and configuration changes are kept for version control. For the monitoring ZIVVER uses Zabbix, AWS GuardWatch and Grafana.
We monitor several security events such as failed logins, failed API requests, changes of security groups or infrastructure, rate limiting and network traffic that is exceptional or denied by the firewall.
Incident management type
Supplier-defined controls
Incident management approach
ZIVVER has standard and tested security incident response procedures. The procedures make sure we take the required steps. For every incident we identify the root cause and possible improvement actions, such as changing/updating policies and procedures or adding additional checks.

Secure development

Approach to secure software development best practice
Independent review of processes (for example CESG CPA Build Standard, ISO/IEC 27034, ISO/IEC 27001 or CSA CCM v3.0)

Public sector networks

Connection to public sector networks


£6.46 a user a year
Discount for educational organisations
Free trial available
Description of free trial
Free guest accounts are available, based on a single user. Free demo trials are also available on request
Link to free trial

Service documents

Request an accessible format
If you use assistive technology (such as a screen reader) and need versions of these documents in a more accessible format, email the supplier at publicsector@zivver.com. Tell them what format you need. It will help if you say what assistive technology you use.